Google Maps for Symbian Review

by Andi

Google have recently released a native version of Google Maps, for Symbian. Compared to the older Java version of the program, this has lots of advantages, the most obvious being start-up speed and runtime speed. Every animation is smooth, loading times are blazing if you have a good connection. An added feature would be the GPS support. This is really cool as long as you have an always-on connection, especially …

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Digital Picture Frame Reviews and Comparisons

by Al

Digital picture frames have really taken off this year. Here we compare some of the cheapest and best digital picture frames that are currently available with regards to both features and value for money. We’ll also provide an explanation of all the features that the various digital photo frames have to offer.

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Pandigital Kodak eStarling Phillips Portable USA
Screen Size 8″ 10″ 8″ 6.5″ 10.4″
Resolution 800 x 600 800x 480 800 x 600 720 x 480 640 x 480
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:9 16:9 4:3 16:9
Frame Style Acrylic and black wood Black Gloss Black Piano Finish Interchangeable Cherry finish
Remote Control Yes Yes No No Yes
Wi-Fi Not yet Yes Yes No No
Memory Cards 6 in 1 card Reader MMC SD MS CF MMC SD MS CF USB MMC SD MS CF
Internal Memory 128MB 128MB
Sound Yes Yes No No Yes
Plays Video Yes Yes No No Yes
Optional Batteries Optional N N N N
Special Features Built in clock, calendar and alarm Print directly to any PictBridge enabled printers turn-off automatically at night, email photos to the frame, text Messaging to Frame Interchangable frames
Price $179.99 $199.31 $169.99 $136.93 $175.95
Price Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

You can see an explanation of all comparison points here.


Google Presentation is live!. And kicking (ass) too! (review)

by Andi

Google Presentations

Upon looking in my Google Docs page today, I discovered some new thing: Google Presentations. Of course, the first thing to do was test it. And I did. And it’s cool!.. Even if there are no fancy transitions or animations, you can still create decent, good-looking presentations, and there are some pretty nice features to it too. Best of all, the presentations are always online and you can access them …

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iPod Touch Review

by Mike


For the unknowing, Apple started shipping its new iPod Touch late last week. This is the new iPod that’s essentially the iPhone sans the phone; prices start at $300 for 8GB and go up to $400 for 16GB. While they’re usually sold out as quickly as they come in, I managed to grab one and made a nice little review, at least I hope it’s nice. I’ll be covering the …

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One for the smokers: a cool vintage lighter!

by Andi

A few weeks ago, when ordering some motorcycle gear, I took a random look at the ‘Presents&co.’ section. There I found a lighter that caught my eye. Made of first-grade but vintage-looking brass, it’s a replica of those used by French soldiers in the first World War. It’s an inexpensive gadget which is always a pleasure to look at. You’ll see a bigger picture and a video after the break.

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse Review

by Al


We wrote about the Vertical Mouse back in January, one of my friends has been suffering from R.S.I. so decided to buy one of these to see if it helped, so here’s his review of the Vertical Mouse, cheers Scott. Working from home on my PC has been a pleasure & a blessing for the last few years until around June when I developed a sharp R.S.I. pain from using …

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it’S A GUY thiNg

by Al

It’s a Guy Thing by Scott Seegert

I was recently approached by Scott Seegert and asked if I’d like to review his new book, it’S A GUY thiNg. It’s the first time I’ve ever been contacted by a published author and as I’m not renowned for saying no to freebies I was more than happy to accept. I received my signed copy of it’S A GUY thiNg last week and have flicking through it and giggling to …

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Megatron is angry you haven’t seen his movie yet!!

by Fred

See My Movie!!!!

So maybe you’re thinking that Transformers is a dumb toy commercial. While it is based on the toys made in the early 80’s by Hasbro (Thank you Hasbro!) However the writing crew did a great job binding together a story that parallels the atmosphere of the original Gen I Transformers, while bringing new, and clearly up to date ideas to the big screen and introduce a whole new generation to …

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