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Once you’ve used a product for a while, you notice little things that you would personally want to change to improve it. This is why there are so, so many different products available for just about everything you could think of. When it comes time to buy a new set of headphones, you not only have to decide how much you’re willing to spend, but what sort of functionality you’re looking for. Do you want over-the-ear, ear hooks, ear buds, something tiny, something HUGE? If you like working out and need something that will accommodate all the time you spend in the gym sweating it up, but can also function for everyday use, you might want to look into the Aircom A3 Headphones.

There are 4 versions of this product available, ranging in price from $29.99-59.99, named the A1, A3, A5, and JM Stereo Headphones. The A1 is for everyday music lovers, while the A3, the pair we’re looking at today, have a better seals and fitting options for those who like to be active. The A5 has wood components for better sound, and the JM are stereo, take on aspects from the A3, and are a bit flashier.


The cable is a matte rubber casing to help prevent tangling, and measures about 4.5 feet long. The top two feet of the cable separate off to lead to the left and right ear buds. Beneath the point of separation is a metal band with Aircom written in white on the side. On the left line, there’s an in-line microphone with an on/off switch for answering or ending calls and pausing or playing music. Just above this on both sides are the drivers which are encased in plastic with a silver band of metal around its center. Leading to the ear buds are air-filled hollow tubes which let the sound travel up to the ear buds. The buds are primarily plastic, except for the backing which is metal with the diamond-shaped Aircom logo on the back.


What it does:

The big selling point of these headphones are the hollow tubes with the speakers not being in the actual earbud as the space it travels through will give you more of a “live” sound. Not only does this mean you can sweat up a storm, but also that you can submerse the ear buds in a cleaning solution to get all of that disgusting wax out after a run. Don’t lie, we’ve all almost had a candle in there at some point. The backs of the buds are magnetic, and will click together so you can wear them around your neck when you need your ear holes to be open.


These headphones are meant for those with an active lifestyle, and don’t want the hum of the world around them to get in the way of their hulk session. Since I was using these with the intent of reviewing them, I tried my best to get them to knock out while exercising, but to no avail. I used the smallest of their ear bud sizing options, and was happy to find that they not only had options for the bud, but for the ring seal as well. Thankfully it wasn’t an absolute nightmare to change them out too.

Since I personally don’t like to hang my headphone cables around my neck, the magnetic feature wasn’t useful in the intended way for me. However, it provided me mindless entertainment clicking and unclicking them together because I take joy in the small things in life. The other big pull for these headphones was the air tube, and while the quality of the music came through just fine, they brought on an unexpected surprise sound-wise.


I scared myself silly a time or two by touching the air tube at random, since that’s where the sound is coming through, any bump or brush against them came through a bit louder than I was expecting, much like a stethoscope. Since I sometimes fiddle with my cables when sitting at my desk, I also found that pressing the tube cuts off the sound (hi-ho logic). The air tubes actually made wrapping them a bit strange as well due to the change in cable size and the speakers being in a different place, but it wasn’t an impossible task, just less visually satisfying. None of these are complaints, it’s more of letting you know that these are things that will happen. The sound was quite “roomy”, as I believe that’s the best way I can describe it. While the bass could’ve given a bit more in my opinion, it’s not a deal breaker.


They do their job, and they do it well. There were a few new aspects for me with the air tubes, but after the first few uses I didn’t notice them anymore. They’re priced at $49.99, and it’s not unwarranted for the quality both in build and sound. The fact that you can also wash the earbuds after use is a huge plus in my book. Just make sure to give them a little time to dry out after you wash them or you will definitely be surprised by a gush of water in your ear.

Available for purchase on Aircom
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Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp Review Wed, 09 Mar 2016 18:30:54 +0000 Tomons Lamp use

You never realize how important your lamps, flashlights, and other light-up gadgets are until you find yourself in great need of them. There are more than a few options out there to choose from though. Nowadays it’s really just about finding the cross-section of cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. If you have more of an eclectic style that doesn’t want monochrome plastic or something insanely decorative, you’re going to have to do a little more hunting for what you want.

If you like the natural look of wood with a bit of a modern touch, then the Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp is going to be your new favorite. It’s made of solid wood and metal, with each section being held together by thumb screws. Trailing out of the head of the lamp is a braided cable that weaves in and out of the two arms. The on/off switch is on a black box on the 6 foot cable, which is surprisingly thick.

I did put the word review in the title, so let’s get on to judging its every flaw or praising it emphatically, shall we? This is a lamp, and you can only say so many things about it, however, this one is really well-built, does its job a bit better than most thanks to the adjustable hinge points, and looks eclectically awesome. The wood and braided cable give it a rustic feel while the colored matte metal gives a stark modern contrast to the natural materials.

Tomons Classic Wood Lamp

I opted for the black finish since it can go with most any interior decorum, and also won’t show dirt or dust buildup as easily. To get it out of the way, this lamp is pretty awesome. It’s sturdy, has real, weighted materials, and is the type of household appliance that will get more character as it ages thanks to the wood. The thumb screws are nice and big so that even those of us with large hands or sausage fingers won’t be forced to fetch a pair of pliers just to adjust it.

One thing you have to be wary of is making sure you tighten all three hinges a little more than you think is necessary. For the first day or two the lamp kept sagging downwards until I figured out that it needs to be screwed really, really tightly in place. The braided cable is thick and awesome, but the first time setting up, just know you’ll be annoyed at adjusting it since its rigidity is a bit troubling to move in and out of the holes in the arms. The pictures make it look smooth, but it comes out of the box a bit crinkly and awkward. Once it’s set though, you can bet that it will not move without your say-so, and the wire will relax a bit more over time. The pivot points on the lamp are perfect for creatives that use their desk for everything from working on a computer to doing detailed crafts that need light very close to the table’s surface. All in all this is a neat lamp that will cost you anywhere from $32.99-34.99 depending on whether you want a black, white, or mint green color to accent the wood. It’s worth the price as it’s going to last you a good long while, and hasn’t had any noticeable problems in the two weeks I’ve been using it.

Available for purchase on Amazon, more information on Inateck
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Snap Power Charger Review Tue, 08 Dec 2015 18:30:22 +0000 Snap Power Charger

If you like having gadgets and gizmos galore, chances are you’re always struggling to find outlet space for everything. While you may have a power strip next to your bed for everything, it doesn’t mean you’re not still going to need one or two more. If you’re always looking for one more plug for your devices, the Snap Power Charger is a sleek and simple way to do just that. This was a Kickstarter project we looked at before! They grow up so fast.

I had the pleasure of getting to test these puppies out, and let me tell you, it is easy, breezy, beautiful, and wonderfully convenient. These are outlet coverplates that have a USB charger hiding on the side of them. The only thing that makes them look any different from the coverplate you already have is that a little rounded-edge rectangle juts out of the bottom that has a USB port for charging on the side. They do take a little bit of finagling to install, as you’ll need shut off power to the area of the house you want to put them in, unscrew the current coverplate, and put this one on, but that’s as tough as it gets.

It is infinitely useful to have this in the living room or by your bed so you can keep your laptop going, lamp and clock on, USB fan, headphones, and mouse plugged in while your phone is charging, all without having to compromise which one takes precedence. Don’t tell me you don’t play LoL on your laptop while sitting in bed, because I won’t believe you. These come in two styles, duplex and decorum, which only changes the look of the coverplate slightly, with color options of white, light almond, and ivory so you can match the interior decorum you’ve already got going on. The plastic does feel a teensy, tiny bit less solid than the coverplates I already had on at home, but looking the part and having the extra functionality makes it all ok. Getting a pack of 5 of these one-port coverplates to go all over your home is going to cost you $100, or if you only need one you can pay $20 for a single Charger. It is pricey for what it does, but it’s aesthetic and convenience based, so it’s not terribly surprising. They’re currently on sale for the holiday rush, so these could be a good gift for family, friends, and yourself.

Available for purchase on SnapPower
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Inateck Marsbox Speaker Review – Drop the bass Fri, 02 Oct 2015 21:27:36 +0000 Inateck 1

At this point I’ve reviewed enough speakers to know what Inateck might be tossing out there. Most of the time they’ve done their job fairly well, but there’s usually one or two points of contention to take into account. There have been finicky buttons, and their Bluetooth speakers haven’t been able to handle heavy bass, which a myriad of musical genres have. They’re trying to correct this with the Inateck Marsbox Wireless Speaker.


This is what a bicolor abstract geometric painting would look like in 3D. The body is mainly made up of a slanted black rectangle that sits about a quarter of an inch off the ground, as a red slanted rectangle juts out of the face, bottom, and side of it, both having a matte rubberized finish to them. The front is covered in a neatly arranged horde of dots for sound to escape from, and a singular hole is on the top for a microphone. Also on the top is a multifunction key, plus sign, minus sign, and play/pause button. On the back you’ll find a power button, teeny hole for resetting, DC-IN, and AUX ports.

Let me just take a moment to say how awesome the charging and audio jack cables look. The audio cable has the look and feel of a nice red braided guitar cable, and the charging cable is also braided, both having an air of professionalism about them. They obviously do their jobs well enough, but aesthetically, they’re pretty swell. It’s just nice to see something beyond a cheaply made plastic cable once in a while.

inateck 2


Of course, the biggest question in buying something new is how well it does its job. Since the biggest selling point on this speaker is how great its bass is, I obviously needed to put it to the test. After some quality time playing dubstep, orchestral pieces, EDM, and 8bit music much to the dismay of my neighbors, it really does hold to its claim. The last speaker I reviewed could get to be pretty loud, but it basically started destroying itself since it couldn’t handle the beats it put out.

This was easy to pair and easy to use. I can’t really understand why they added a radio feature, though it’s not unwelcome as we all like listening to the same 10 pop songs or NPR from time to time. The only unpleasant aspect of that feature was accidentally hitting the multifunction key to switch it from speaker to radio mode and having the horrifying screech of a non-channel blaring on occasion. It was nice to be able to answer calls by pressing the same button though.

The volume buttons having multiple purposes was a combination of nice and annoying, but mainly infuriating. Since they are giant plus and minus buttons, you generally only think of volume control, so you press it once when you want the volume to go up or down. However, on this device a short click means next or previous track, and the long presses are volume control. These are also what help you move between channels on radio mode, but that just means you’ll have the same issue in either mode.



This speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0, and has a 33 foot range. It uses two 5-watt drivers and measures around 7.3 x 2.4 x 2.4”, weighing in at 2.2 pounds. This uses a 2200mAh battery, which should give you anywhere from 10-15 hours of jam time. It’ll work with anything that uses Bluetooth or can hook in through the audio cable. In the box you’ll get the Marsbox, a charging cable, audio cable, and manual.


Inateck is certainly getting better at its speaker game, but still has a bit of a ways to go. I still worry when it gets to be too loud, as I fear it will shake itself to death like the BTSP-10 Plus did. The quality has vastly improved, but the buttons are still a point of contention for me. It’s great for indoors, though you loose quite a bit of its boom outside. If you’re looking for a speaker with decent bass at your home or work office this will do the trick, and you don’t have to empty out your bank account to get one as it costs $49.99.

More information on Inateck
Available for purchase on Amazon
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Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review Fri, 26 Jun 2015 21:46:51 +0000 Inateck BTSP-10 Plus

While the idea of having a full sound system at home is a great concept, you can really only enjoy the full effect in one room. The sound is not going to magically follow you through the house, and for those that are often on the go, you hardly get to enjoy it at all. If you want to have better quality audio than your smartphone or tablet is capable of, a Bluetooth speaker can be an awesome way to pump up your jams without taking up a lot of space in your bag. Of course, finding a good one for a variety of situations is hard to come by. We’ve looked at such a speaker from Inateck before, but now they’re trying to do one better with the BTSP-10 Plus.

The Look:

This speaker looks pretty sharp with its matte black rubber finish and red accents for the button labels and speaker grill. The actual shape of the speaker is an octagon, though it features a hexagon pattern on the front, sides, top, and bottom. The designs on the top, bottom, and sides are cut in, while the front has 3D hexagons that are layered to appear as if they are coming closer and further back in space. The logo is featured in the bottom right corner on the front and on a sticker on the back with all the normal tech spec information. There are hexagon rubber feet on the bottom, and the right side bottom has the aux port, on/off switch, and charging port. It certainly has an overall honeycomb feel to it and looks “edgy” thanks to to color palate, however you’d prefer to interpret that.

Inateck BTSP-10 Plus 2

The Specifics:

This uses a 2100 mAh rechargeable battery, which should give users 9-15 hours of play time. When it drains down to nothing, you can recharge it through the included USB cable. It is two inches tall, a little over two inches wide, and 6.5 inches long. Weighing a little under a pound, this makes it the perfect travel companion, especially since it comes with a travel bag. It also comes with an audio cable in case you don’t want to rely on what may not be a strong wireless connection to pump out music through what the site specifically says is “double 3-watt precision-tuned drivers, multi-band compressors built with a high performance composite diaphragm 40 mm Rotunded 16-core NdFeB 3W magnetic driver”, but we’ll say two 3-watt speakers for short.

Inateck cool factor



This speaker is pretty decent, depending on what your situation is. If you want a speaker that you can bring with you all through the house, the office, at a hotel, or a small gathering with friends, this does its job surprisingly well. However, if you’re trying to do a pool party, full-on party with more than 5 people, or listen to it out in a noisy public space, you might be disappointed.

At home, the quality was pretty spot on, and even when it was fairly loud it still played its part well. When I got to be too far away with my phone though, it would start to go a bit fuzzy or disconnect even though I was well within the 33 foot range. In a public space with lots of people there would be connectivity issues galore, and it just wasn’t loud enough to be heard. That being said, this isn’t really meant to be a full-on sound system for more than a few people. It does do well for a Bluetooth speaker, though if you try and put the volume up too much with bass-heavy songs, the speaker tries too hard and starts distorting itself. It has the ability to go super loud, but this tiny box wasn’t meant to hold that much boom.

In regards to the battery, Inateck seemed to be true to their word with having better battery life, as I have only charged this speaker a few times with a fair amount of frequent use. It has crossed many state borders with me in an assortment of backpacks, purses, and suitcases without so much as a scratch thanks to the travel bag and the rubber coating all over it. It really is perfect for people who live a fast-paced life but want music louder than their smartphone is capable of.



While I was a bit bummed about connection issues for busier areas and it not dealing too well with my phone being far away (one of which can be solved with the cable, but it’s an easy thing to forget), I really enjoyed this speaker. It’s loud enough to provide music for when I’m cooking, taking a shower, or hanging out with a few friends, and I had little to no issue with pairing my phone. The battery lasts for quite a long amount of time, and it looks super cool. It is a touch expensive at $45.99 considering it can’t handle the bass at full volume, but I wouldn’t persuade you away from it as few people who are looking for a Bluetooth speaker are going to be blasting their music that loud anyway. It does a great job, holds its charge, and looks as good as it can perform.

Available for purchase on Amazon

More information on Inateck
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K-Vape Micro DX Review Tue, 23 Jun 2015 18:30:00 +0000 K-Vape Micro DX

When you ingest a specific food or drink enough, you become accustomed to what good and bad flavor profiles are for each item. The same holds true with things like alcohol and tobacco. We know neither are a good habit to keep, but that doesn’t stop people from pursuing it. There has been an uprising of vaporizers lately, some of which are touted to be a better experience than smoking a pipe or rolled cigarettes. As we all have at least one friend who has a palate for this sort of thing, I employed the help of my own loose leaf connoisseur to help me review the K-Vape Micro DX to make sure flavor profiles are as they should be (keeping in mind that everyone’s preferences are opinions rather than fact).

How does it look:

This has “micro” in the name for a reason. It measures a little over 5 inches tall and is a tad over an inch wide. The body of the vaporizer is a matte black with a smoother heat-pressed logo and symbol on the top and bottom front of the device. The battery-shaped digital OLED display is glossy clear plastic, and south of that are power and temperature control buttons in black glossy plastic.

It’s smooth to the touch as if it has an exceedingly thin layer of rubber over it with an overall plastic feel that doesn’t seem cheap. When turned on, a bright blue LED behind the power button blinks, providing enough light for the plus and minus buttons just beneath it. The OLED display also uses blue, but it is a more ambient than glaring light that has a slightly more green tinge. The mouth piece on the top is removable, featuring a solid black glossy plastic, and once removed reveals a deep anodized aluminum chamber that has a .5 gram capacity.

How did it do:

This vaporizer was not only good at its job, but fun to play with as well! Once you’ve popped off the top and put your loose leaf of choice in the chamber, you only needed to click the power button five times to get things rolling. As soon as the lights come on, the temperature starts climbing at an insane pace, and while your temperature options range from 350-430, you can choose to change it by a single degree to get things to your exact specifications. Even if you turn it off, it will remember what temperature you last had it at so you won’t have to reset it.

K-VApe 2

It can last for 3-4 hours at a time depending on what temperature you decide to keep it at, and it charges via Micro USB. The cable that comes with it is retractable, and as there is a logo on the top there’s no issue with remembering which device it is for. There are cleaning supplies that come with it as well, so if you can’t tap out the used up remains well enough on your own there are tools to help you make sure you’re starting fresh.

It seemed that the lower temperatures provided a smoother experience versus the higher, which border-lined on the side of ruining the taste of the loose leaf. Seeing that it would be dangerous for this to stay at 430 degrees Fahrenheit for a long period of time, the K-Vape will shut off automatically if it gets to be too hot, which also makes the lower temperatures more appealing as it will stay on longer. However, it does cool down quickly thanks to some vents on the body surrounding the heating chamber. The only noteworthy gripe is that the mouth piece is difficult to remove, and the mesh vent keeping the leaves from going directly into your mouth did not prevent a myriad of tiny pieces from escaping as you inhale.


This is a great vaporizer! It works well, gives you a lot of control over what you want the temperature (and thus flavor) to be, has no plastic taste from the start, and is easy to use. Not only does it look awesome, but it won’t overheat, has safety features in place so you don’t turn it on by accident, and doesn’t use combustion. The mouth piece is hard to remove, as it feels like you’re breaking it to take it off and rattles a bit even when it’s securely in place, but it hasn’t actually broken despite the strength it takes to be removed. This is a $199.95 purchase, but for those of you that smoke regularly, this seems to be worth it’s weight.

Available for purchase on kandypens
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Inateck Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Case Review Mon, 22 Jun 2015 18:30:56 +0000 Inateck Surface Pro Case

When you get a really nice tablet, you don’t want to keep it out in the open or tuck it under your arm when moving from place to place. Keeping it safe and secure in a bag with a specific slot for your tablet, laptop, and phone will guard it from scratches, dings, and dents. Of course, not all of us already have a bag with these pockets or slots in place. If you don’t want to spring for a new bag, then getting a protective sleeve is the next best thing. There are more options than there are tablets out there, but if you happen to have a Surface Pro, Inateck has something for you.

The Inateck Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Felt Sleeve has a crafty yet sophisticated look to it. This uses high quality grey felt for the exterior, soft flannel for the interior, and a leather accent on the front. While it is a bit minimalistic, this is going to keep everything safe and sound with just enough padding to make sure the normal rough and tumble of the day isn’t going to scratch or break your pricey device.

Inateck Surface Pro Velcro Clasp

After weeks of use, it’s still looking great with little to no pilling or fraying of the felt, even the area surrounding the Velcro that holds the sleeve closed. There is a main pocket that can accommodate a 12” Surface Pro 3, a 10.6” Surface Pro 2, or 1. There is a second pocket cut into the front, though anything you put in it that isn’t slim and flat starts to make this case bulge a bit oddly, as I’m sure you can tell from the pen pictured above. There are two pockets in the back that also fall flat against the main compartment which are designed to hold your phone and wallet, but again, that’s assuming that you don’t have a bulky case on your phone or a million things in your wallet to make this pooch out.

The great thing about this case is that it can be cleaned it if it gets dirty, however it is not as great that this is dry clean only. It does come with a little felt case with an elastic band to hold it closed which can house your mouse, but it seemed to better serve as cable storage to reduce the bulk of this case which makes it look awkward. This is not in the least expensive at only $16.99 for Prime people, but this case might be trying a bit too hard to have pockets when it should just stick to being a sleeve. The potential drawbacks are that this sort of material will start to pill eventually, and the lack of handle makes it only functional as a protective case inside of another bag rather than a standalone carry-all.

Available for purchase on Amazon
More information on Inateck
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A PerfectDraft for a PerfectView, Right from Home A Review of the Stella Artois PerfectDraft Sun, 13 Apr 2014 15:30:15 +0000 Stella Artois Perfect Draft

PerfectDraft enhancing a PerfectView of The Masters from the comfort of home

We have been fortunate to receive a sneak peak of the new Stella PerfectDraft machine, a slick countertop draft system that lets you pull a perfect pint in your own home. Being a beer fan I must say, I am impressed.


The PerfectDraft machine looked complicated but actually proved very simple. First, snap the tap on top of the keg and connect a tube between the tap body and the keg. There are two doors at the front of the machine which open up (via a switch) so you can place the keg inside. Once plugged in the PerfectDraft cools the keg and its contents to the correct temperature (3°C in the case of Stella Artois), in our test it took about 3 hours to cool it by 9 degrees.

The appearance of the PerfectDraft is minimalistic but stylish, matt black with some shiny chrome details. It features an LCD display which shows you the current temperature, how much beer remains in the keg and a count of days until it expires (they recommend 30 days).

Now on to the important bit. If you’ve ever pulled a pint in a bar before the process is the same, make sure you tilt the glass at a 45° angle, pull the tap handle and pour your beer, as it approaches full adjust the angle and distance from the tap to produce your preferred head. As it is Stella, we had a chance to properly skim the top of the traditional Stella Chalice to seal the head. Taste-wise, the Stella was as good as any we’ve had in a pub. Win! Overall we were very impressed with the system, even though the system is not widely available yet.

Just think of the number of uses of a PerfectDraft system. It would be a great addition to parties, a necessity for any beer aficionado’s bar, and with the onslaught of Summer sports on TV you could enjoy Stella Artois at home while watching any event – PerfectDraft…for PerfectViewing.

Disclaimer: Stella Artois gifted me with a PerfectDraft machine for the purposes of this post. I was not paid for this post and all my thoughts are my honest opinion. PerfectDraft is not available in the UK.
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CES Unveiled – a Preview of Things to Come Tue, 12 Nov 2013 16:58:27 +0000 images

Today I’m off to the Consumer Electronics Show kick-off event in New York City. Designed to offer up a sneak peek at some of the years most innovative products in the technology arena. A full 2 months before the CES main event to be held in Las Vegas, CES Unveiled will shine the spotlight on some of the latest and greatest tech products, and award winning innovations that might just be making their way to a store near you.

From products designed to simply help you take better social media pictures, and cases set up to conveniently store your ear buds, to high tech keyboards, amazing games and an awesome sounding new portable, wireless speaker system from Korus, that DOESN’T use bluetooth or wireless, has amazing range, and is literally plug and play. Watch for a review coming later this week!

CES has a long history of introducing the world to some of our most exciting technologies. In 1970, CES was the first to showcase the video cassette recorder, and 1981 gave us the first CD player, with a myriad of innovations before and after,  I’m more than excited to see what the future has in store for us now.

Rest assured I’ll be checking out some of the “Coolest-Gadgets” I can find, and tell you everything you need to know, including purchasing and real time availability information. So check back soon, for some high tech stuff you could only dream about…until now.
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The Air Naturalizer from CritterZone – Easy Breathing in a very Small Package Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:00:31 +0000 CZ_Corded2_mediumthumb

We all love having pets, they truly are a joy, and nothing loves you as unconditionally as an animal friend. Of course nothing smells up the house, or makes your nose and eyes itch as much either. In fact, combined with some dust and a few other allergens, the air in our homes can become quite unpleasant, and with winter heading our way, the days of throwing open a window for some fresh air is quickly fading to a memory.

So check out CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer, designed to help your stale inside air, clean itself like Mother Nature intended. CritterZone’s unique unit includes a powerful ionic engine that puts energized elements to work, causing a series of oxidation and reduction reactions that essentially give these energized elements the power to clean up the air, and help get rid of odors, allergens, molds and bacteria and then maintains your fresh and delightful environment in up to 800 square feet of living space.

Now I’ve had a few loud and large air purifiers in my day, and they all helped to varying degrees, but this little guy plugs directly into any standard outlet and works it’s magic right from there, taking up no floor or counter space whatsoever. I have to admit I didn’t expect much from this tiny 2 inch deep box, but boy was I wrong. In only 24 hours my entire bedroom smells like the air after a thunderstorm and my husbands sinus issues lessened just enough for a better nights sleep. (for both of us)

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer doesn’t use chemicals, or pesky filters and it’s so small you can use it anywhere. You can take it to work and banish the odor of your neighbors lunch, put one by the kitty litter box, or take it on your next business trip for when they’re all out of non-smoking rooms. If you want one for yourself they run around 90 bucks at and they really are a breath of fresh air.
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