Snow Ball Maker

by Edwin

In a snowball fight, accuracy is not everything as you also need to have an abundant amount of ammunition to wear down the opposing team. With the Sno-Baller, things could turn the tide in your favor pretty soon. The Sno-Baller turns out huge numbers of snowballs in seconds, so gloves stay drier and hands warmer, and you can fire away without running out — crucial in family and neighborhood snowball …

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Bittersweets for the Anti-Valentine

by Carolyn


Unless you’re under a rock, you know Valentine’s Day is coming up. You can’t go into a store without seeing the acres of red and pink and hearts and all the other things that go along with this sappy holiday designed to sell boxes of candy and keep the greeting card industry afloat. But what if you could give a crap about Valentine’s Day? Is there a “Bah Humbug” phrase …

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USB Moo Moo

by Mark R

USB Moo Moo

Some of you might be thinking that this some antiquated attire, but that is actually the USB Muumuu. Allow me to explain what the USB is, with an antiquated communication that lovers on a budget used to use. When I was in college, I had a friend who had a boyfriend who lived far away. Well, it wasn’t too far away, but it was far enough to be long distance. …

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Coolest Gadgets in National Treasure: Book of Secrets

by Mark R

NT logo

Recent weekend stats have shown that National Treasure: Book of Secrets has surpassed its predecessor. As a gadget blogger, I was amazed at the amount of cool gadgets displayed in this film, and would like to review several of them at once. None of these contain any spoilers to the film.

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Bowling Game for boring Mondays

by Edwin


Fancy going out for a bowling game with your mates, but have yet to get permission from the missus? The Bowling Game could help stave off your itch temporarily. This bowling game allows you to roll strikes, spares, and gutter balls on a desk or table. Players use the ramp to aim and hurl the steel ball down the lane; the ramp slides across the width of the lane to …

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Sneezing Tissue Box

by Edwin


Getting into a non-stop sneezing bout is no fun, but thankfully for positive folks, there is always reason to laugh with the Sneezing Tissue Box. Good thing the tissues are handy cause this guy might startle the snot out of you if you’re not paying attention! Motion-activated tissue box cover will make one of six funny noises, such as the sound of a nose being blown, one loooong sneeze, or …

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24 in 1994

by James

Oh, how far we’ve come … back in 1994 the state of the art was America Online 3.0, pagers, dot matrix printers and 56K modems. Thanks to College Humor, here’s how Jack Bauer would’ve fought terrorism in 1994. Enjoy. Dammit George, you picked up the phone again!

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