Japanese Novel Written on Toilet Paper

by Mark R

With the many e-book readers that flood the market today, it isn’t hard to believe that we will be a paperless society in the next few decades. Pretty soon, the only paper we will be using regularly is toilet paper. So I guess it is no surprise that Japanese novelist Koji Suzuki has chosen to print his novel on toilet paper. Actually, I’m not certain whether Mr. Suzuki made the …

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Superheroes need gadgets too

by Edwin

We all know about superheroes and how they have abilities that we’d love to own, although as at this point of time, it is still physically impossible for homo sapiens to be anything more than…human. There is no homo superior in sight, and none of us will be able to read another person’s mind anytime soon, while being exposed to gamma radiation will probably send us six feet under before …

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George Bush Toilet Brush

by Edwin

George Bush has certainly been the butt of many a joke throughout his tenure as President of the USA, and there has been no shortage of collectibles depicting his presidency as well. Here’s one of them – the George Bush Toilet Brush that, according to the product description, “the build up from the rest of his reign might be impossible to clean up.” This is one funny political gag collectible …

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The Simpsons Poke Fun at Apple

by Mark R

For almost twenty years, The Simpsons has been poking fun at American culture. Last Sunday, they satirized three things that are a long time coming: Apple, iPods, and Steve Jobs. To protect themselves from copyrights, The Simpsons called the Apple store a “Mapple store”, substituted “My” for every “i” on the most well-known Apple products, and even had an appearance by Steve Mobs (do I need to explain the joke …

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T-Sketch adds geekiness to everyday wear

by Edwin

T-shirts have gotten more geeky these days thanks to advancements in the world of miniaturized electronics, and here we have yet another interesting piece of casual wear that will definitely attract attention of everyone no matter where you go. This t-shirt was clearly designed for people who feel their undiscovered artistic talent needed showing off to the world. Whilst wearing this may make you feel like a walking billboard, it …

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“Gadget Or The Girl” Seems Like An Easy Choice

by Mark R

Set your TiVo for the Playboy channel on Monday, September 1st, at 7:30 PM EDT. Let this be known that I’m not prescribing a recipe for a cheap soft-porn thrill, but a new reality show called Gadget or The Girl. The premise of this show is exactly what the title suggests. The rules of the show is that a contestant is given his choice of three beautiful women, and he …

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“I am Cuckoo for Cocoa Touch” T-Shirt

by AndrewD

When Apple announced Cocoa Touch, a special set of API’s for building iPhone and iPod Touch applications, at their special SDK event earlier this year, developers were instantly bitten by the iPhone dev bug. You could literally watch the drool run down their lips in anticipation of their chance to play around with the iPhone SDK (software development kit.) The iPhone has the software development community all up in arms …

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Shocking Pen

by Edwin

April 1st might be done and over with, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to put up a sour demeanor for the rest of the year. With this Shocking Pen, you can definitely get a few laughs in as you see curious colleagues pick up a pen that doesn’t belong to them only to receive a shock of their life! The victim will then pick up the pen, and, without …

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