Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp

by Edwin

All right, I know that yesterday was April Fool’s day, and we sure as heck covered our fair share of crazy gizmos that will never see the light of day (or will they? We shudder at the thought), so while we are in full swing where April 2nd is concerned, here is my last take for April Fool’s this year – with the $299.99 Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp, of …

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3D Play-Doh Printer – Modeling Magic?

by Julie

We all remember Play-Doh, and the nifty little plastic Play-Doh fun factories that let you extrude spaghetti-like worms or star shaped snakes. I could sit for hours and play, reveling in the smell, the texture. My mom never allowed me to mix the colors though, (because I would ruin the dough) somehow this seriously stifled my creativity well into in adulthood, but thats another story, probably better told in another …

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The Un-Coolest Gadget Is…

by Alison

For as many cool gadgets there are in the world there are plenty of gadget failures. We all probably invested in Betamax, Laserdisc or some other technology that didn’t take off. Sounded like a great idea at the time, right? The famous UK TV program The Gadget Show recently polled 1000 viewers to determine the biggest gadget disaster of all time. Some were good technology, but were executed poorly and …

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Creative Drug Smuggling?

by Alison

It is not every day where we report on lawbreakers and their cool gadget. We certainly don’t want to promote illegal behavior. But at the same time we love showing people’s creativity. US Border agents have recently found more and more large quantities of marijuana bundled up and sitting out in the desert. Dumb luck? Not exactly. A few years back National Guard troops in Arizona found a catapult near …

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Gifts for Darth

by Alison

Everyone needs love this holiday season, including your favorite villain, Darth Vader. Darth gets a little down this time of the year. With neither kid really wanting to spend time with him the best he can do is open his gifts, recede into his meditation chamber and give the mask a rest. I am sure he gets lonely, what with only a couple thousand clones to keep him company. If …

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Hot Gift Alert: Magic Geek Ball

by Alison

  The Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker continues to revise what is hot based on what our users select. One of the latest hot products is perfect for that upcoming office or white elephant party. The Magic Geek Ball harkens back to the magic 8 ball. Simply ask questions and get one of 20 geeky answers like “Fail, ” “Meh” and  “LOL.” Want to see more gadget-y (and geeky) gifts for …

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Air Mail Launcher

by Edwin

We do know that communication has gotten a whole lot more effective these days, especially with email and text messaging (in addition to a slew of other methods such as Whatsapp and the likes) allowing you to be able to reach another human being in a matter of seconds, but here is something that you might want to get for the office as part of a prank. The $12.99 Air …

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American Greetings says hello to the Ultimate Mustache Party

by Edwin

Do you think that with the advent of the Internet, greeting cards have become obsolete? I know that the telegram has gone the way of the dodo in most, if not all countries as a mode of communication, and the snail mail (postal service) sector is not doing too hot either. This could be because of the speed and accuracy of emails, but when it comes to greeting cards, I …

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