Stocking stuffers from Restoration Hardware

by Mike

All the fun is over for the year. You’ve opened up those spectacular presents from Santa, but, you almost forgot, there’s still the stocking to foray! If you’re looking for some cool little trinkets to pop into the stockings this year, look no further; in this post I’ll go over some nifty stocking stuffers from Restoration Hardware.

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USA Gadget Stores

by Al

Following on from our list of gadget shops in the UK, heres one for all of our readers on the other side of the pond, Gadget shops in the USA.

Hammacher Schlemmer Hammacher Schlemmer

We’ve written about numerous gadgets and gizmos that we found first on Hammacher, their catalogue is an absolute treasure trove for all gadget lovers (especially those with thick wallets).

hobbytron1.gif HobbyTron

This is a store for the “Big Kid” gadget lover, it’s packed with remote control toys and things to make, great stuff!

ThinkGeek ThinkGeek

Possible the most well known gadget store in the world, Think Geek as a must for all geeks and gizmo addicts.

Save 5% off your order at firstSTREET

First Street

“Innovation & Technology : See it here first” and I must admit some of the stuff they have is very unique to them (and with a 5% discount :)).
The Lighter Side

More novelty and fun gadgets here

Entertainment Earth. Have Fun, Be Fun!
Entertainment Earth

More collectibles rather than gadgets but still some pretty cool stuff

Circuit City

Full of consumer electronics, cool stuff
Things You Never Knew Existed

If you’re looking for the obscure this is the site you’ll find it on, some very strange stuff indeed

That’s all for now folks, happy shopping (just remember you’re meant to be buying gifts for other people).

Livin’ the pimpin’ lifestyle, yo!

by Edwin


So you think your $500 silk shirt looks spiffy on your Versace jeans and Hugo Boss shoes, but that look just ain’t complete without a watch that makes you outpimp even the high rollers at Vegas. Touted to be the first high quality LED watch in the world that makes use of 72 LED lights to tell the time, the Pimp Ain’t Easy LED watch from PIMP comes in a …

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Gadget Shops in the UK

by Al


This year I’m trying to do all of my Christmas shopping online (I hate queues) and as I’m a bit of a gadget fiend I thought it would be cool idea to get all my family and friend gadgets of some sort. I just spent the last couple of hours looking at what gadget shops there are in the UK and I am absolutely amazed that there are that many, …

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Sink that Star Destroyer!

by Edwin


The world is divided into two types of people – those who absolutely love Star Wars and all of its nuances and those who loathe this piece of fantasy science fiction with a touch of mythology and hokey religion. Thankfully, there are way more of the latter that keeps the Star Wars merchandise machine going for decades ever since Luke Skywalker graced the silver screen almost 30 years ago. Hammacher …

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Gift Ideas for the Spy in your Life

by Al

USB GPS Tracker

It may not be the wisest of moves buying other people spy equipment but hey if you’re married to 007 and are stuck for a gift then check these out: GPS Tracker We wrote about this exceptionally cool GPS tracker earlier in the year and it became our first ever Digg front page (which meant lots of traffic and new readers (thank you digg)). Once the tracker has done it’s …

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Gift Ideas for the Golfer

by Al

present ideas

I love this time of year as I can spend ages shopping around and browsing the web looking for present ideas. Which is one of the reasons we’ve just added the gadget gift ideas section to Coolest Gadgets. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be making various about the different gadget gift we’ve found for all walks of life. So if you’re after a bit of inspiration of what …

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