Flower Power Tools

by Al

If you think DIY tools are a bit too masculine an alternative is at hand, courtesy of Flowerpower tools. If I’d found these before Christmas it would of saved a lot of head scratching choosing presents for those awkward women in my life :). Various essential tools are available including: Flowerpower 5-in-1 English Rose Design Hammer with Built in 4-Part Interchangeable Screwdriver Flowerpower English Rose Design Tape Measure 10 Metres …

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Homer Head Jigsaw

by Al

Home jigsaw

My daughter and I tend to get a fair few joint Christmas presents (one of us is old for their age though some would argue that I’m a bit childish), the coolest joint present so far is the Homer sculpture puzzle. To make your own Homer bust you need to solve 150 individual jigsaw puzzles and then slot them together in order (they are numbered fortunately) to build your 3D …

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So what’d you get?! What’d you give?

by Fred

thanks corporate gifts @ easy to source!

Come on, we’re all gadget, and thereby gift nuts. So bring it on, what’d you go out and get for your loved ones? Also, what’d you get?! Come on, you’re dying to share,, do you get to Wii? Is there a new PS3 in the family? Do you have new socks that for some reason smell different from your old ones,, maybe due to the fact that your feet have …

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Wristease helps prevent RSI

by Edwin


Here are the cold hard facts – did you know that repetitive strain injuries constitute of the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem? It is by far and large the fastest growing category of work-related illness, and more than 66% of all reported occupational illnesses resulted from prolonged exposure to repeated trauma on the upper body, and the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ranks high on that list. We …

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Look Mom! I’m a cameraman!!! Also I can make this jump!! probably,,,

by Fred

Sure, you mountain bike, snowboard, rock climb, fish, play chess, and drive formula 1, (this means you Coulthard!) I’m sure you always wanted to bring back those living images of greatness when you jumped, landed, caught, or checkmated all your opponents in living color. Now it’s possible for a reasonable sum of money! (that’s different than paying for the lipstick cameras that adorn F1 cars that cost a tad more …

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2 Cool Christmas Gifts For Your Kids

by Tiago

Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Christmas is already around the corner next week and if you haven’t bought any presents (or gifts) for your kids, I will present 2 cool suggestions that can be purchased online. Not only are they good quality wise, but they also have a nice price and kids will most likely love them. The best part is that the toys teach something but in a fun (not boring) way, so instead …

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Monkeys working behind the scenes

by Edwin


Have you ever had a really bad experience while using your computer? Are you frustrated with the dearth of blue screens that pop up all the time? Spam and malware got your goat? As much as you would like to take a hammer out from the toolbox in the shed, you simply cannot bring yourself to smash the monitor to smithereens as there just isn’t enough money in the coffers …

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Heated Vest to keep you warm and toasty

by Edwin


It would be an understatement to say that things get extremely chilly around this time of the year, which is why it is all the more important for you to keep yourself warm and toasty each time you step out of your house lest you fall sick and fail to enjoy a Christmas season that is full of fun and joy. With technology moving at an ever faster pace than …

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