Fish finds new life in teacup

by Edwin

Everyone knows what fish lazing around inside fish bowl looks like, but how many of you have actually laid eyes on fish swimming inside a tea cup? Why not make that piece of imagination come true by picking up the Teacup Fish Bowl? This unique ‘aquarium’, if I may have the liberty of calling it so, is shaped after the traditional teacup albeit in a much bigger proportion. The inclusion …

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Beer Glass talks – I must be drunk

by Edwin


We here at Coolest Gadgets are a fun bunch, and part of that can be attributed to our healthy diet of beer and more beer. The nectar of the gods is definitely one of the best inventions since sliced bread and the wheel, offering a respite from the harsh world we live in if but for a moment. Of course, there is nothing quite like an ice cold mug of …

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Board? I’ll knee you!!! (ok, it’s about knee-boards)

by Fred

flyboys kneeboard

So, yes, I’ve already shown proof I’m a tad weird, but, here’s more proof. I think Knee-boards are cool. Yes, I’m still not quite sure why either. Maybe it is because you can use them to carry important little notes like, “If flying upside-down, do not release bombs.” or “Pay attention to the radar when flying, those other dots you see at your altitude can hit you and it’ll be …

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Choppin Broccoli!!!Black and Decker Chopper

by Fred

black and decker chopper

So you have things that need chopping. Possibly even Broccoli (Phil Hartman, we miss you still, and Dana, what have you been up to?) I actually owned an earlier Black and Decker Chopper (lost in a long ago move, I think, probably still in Montana somewhere). It was amazing. It did one thing, chop stuff. The thing is, it did it very well. There were two modes, chop, and pulverize …

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USB flash drive as means of advertising

by Edwin


What are some of the ways your company will be able to assert itself in the minds of prospects and potential customers? Other than splurging a whole bunch of money on conventional advertising means in traditional media like TV, radio, and newspapers, there are other (much) cheaper ways of doing so by targeting your preferred market in order to optimize your advertising dollar. With the digital divide being bridged slowly …

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The Heart Shaped Bucket – Get a Slap on Valentines Day

by Al

Heart Shaped Bucket

If you’re not the romantic kind (or are just plain old single) and Valentines day is more of a soppy inconvenience then this is the gift for you, the heart shaped bucket. Be warned giving this present may not result in the desired outcome that most people are after on Valentines day. The heart bucket is available from Cox & Cox for £10.

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Rmantic Talking Plastic

by Al

Talking Plastic Tape

If you want to get a “different” gift for your loved one and boy do I mean different then this is it, Valentine’s Day Talking Tapes, plastic that talks in your head! You get 5 plastic strips in the pack and to listen to their messages you need to hold one end between your teeth and then run a fingernail across the grooves down the the length of the plastic …

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Making Cash Puzzle Gifts

by Al

Money Maze Gift

I always think it’s a bit of a cop out giving people cash or gift certificates as presents (though if somebody wants to shower me with cash I won’t complain) and besides choosing the gift is half the fun. I came across a cool compromise today, the Money Maze. With the money maze the recipient has to navigate a ball bearing around a maze before they can get at the …

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