Fuzzy felt greeting cards

by Al

This takes me back some, fuzzy felt, the re-usable picture drawing thingy-ma-jig, is now available in greeting card format. So instead of sending a plain old static card you can send a fuzzy felt version and let the (older) recipient relive their youth and move bits around, class! Fuzzy felt greeting cards cost £2.99 (~$6) from the fuzzy felt greeting card shop, surprisingly.

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Cat’s Arse sharpens pencils

by Edwin


Just when you think you’ve seen practically every gadget imaginable on Coolest Gadgets, the Cat’s Arse Sharpener pops up to tickle your imagination. This twisted take on an everyday office object will definitely have its fair share of detractors the moment they lay their eyes on it. This white, plastic cat comes with an erect tail and a surprised look (I would too, if I were in its position) due …

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Star Wars strikes back: The Star Wars nesting dolls

by Andi

Darth Fatso

Here’s the latest Star Wars toy: a series of 6 nesting dolls, dubbed the ‘Star Wars Chubbies’. It’s already With a cartoony look, small size and apparently a high quality finish, these little toys have a pretty good potential of becoming valued collectibles. Most of the dolls depict the evolution of their respective characters, but there are also two exceptions. Just a tad larger than the RC R2-D2, they could …

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The Chocolate Calculator or is it

by David


Sounds great, a chocolate calculator but the only probem with that would be what happens when you eat some of the numbers? So of course it is not a chocolate calculator, it is however a calculator that looks like a nice bar of chocolate, it is even wrapped up similar to a real bar of chocolate, so there is bound to be a few accidents if we ever see it …

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Taste the Beer of the Sith: the Darth Vader stein

by Andi

Darth Vader Stein

The Coolest Star Wars Stuff series continues: this time you get to sip on the pure dark side (or is it stout?) directly from Darth Vader’s head. Actually, it seems that Anakin is slowly coming back and doing good things. After serving as a phone, nutcracker and even as a means of transportation, this time he’ll help you drink your beer in style and will it from spilling too.

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Momento digital photo frame goes wireless

by Edwin


i-mate has recently launched its own line of stylish Momento wireless digital photo frames. The Momento range claims to offer both form and functionality within a WiFi package, and is available in 7″ and 10″ screen sizes. The range of applications for the Momento wireless digital photo frame is pretty extensive as you can now stream photos without the hassle of wires from your PC or notebook. The presence of …

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Watto’s brother must live in North Hollywood, Norton Sales

by Fred

Sure, you remember Watto, he owned a little boy you’d later know as Darth. He sold a hyperdrive to some guynorton logo named Qui-Gon Jinn. He had hooves,, yet he could fly (umm,, no one ever mentions how oxymoronic this is,, it’s like a vegetarian with teeth like the baddies from Alien!)


Anyway, there’s a place called Norton Sales Inc. that makes Watto’s look like a dump.norton rockets yeahnorton rockets


Wait,, I mean, that it’s a dump full of old space junk.


No wait,, by old, I mean fairly old. You know, if you need a replacement X-15 XLR99, because the one you were using is all ‘sploded. Well now you’ve got the right place to go!

I’m pretty sure that the next time I head down south (probably for a wedding) I’ll be swinging by. Gadget destinations are typically pretty hard to come by, but when you find them,, well, you’ve just got to make the trip. pfft654169

One for the Girls (and Glams) Digi Makeover

by Al

Digi Makeover

This is one of those gadgets that my 9 year old daughter would absolutely love (and I wouldn’t borrow), the Girl Tech Digi Makeover, a way to test how make up looks on your face on your TV. To use you take a photo of your face using the built-in digital camera, connect it to the TV and then try out different hair and make up styles to see which …

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