Keep your cool with the Mini Cooling Fan Pen

by Edwin

This unique writing instrument comes with an added advantage – a fan located on the opposite end of the writing side. Now as you ponder over just exactly what to put down in your appraisal form, you can keep a cool lid on things without getting all heated up about how management has overworked you while paying out peanuts. The Cooling Fan Pen is powered by a M5 RIP 1.5V …

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Spin n Shot for fun drinking sessions

by Edwin


Go into any casino and chances are you’ll be given free alcoholic drinks in order to dull your senses when you gamble away you annual salary, letting the house gain back much more than it has lost via it’s initial investment – a margarita. The Spin n Shot Drinking Game lets you have some drunken fun with your friends without losing your shirt, whereby the “winner” is often on the …

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UBFunkeys – Real Collectibles in a Virtual World?

by Al


If my daughter ever sees one of these I’m going to be broke, the UBFunkeys, a vinyl doll thing with it’s own virtual world. Yes, we know they look like highly collectable designer art toys – and they are. But these cute little vinyl creatures are not only collectable, they’re connectable. And by that we mean they can be connected to a computer where they can explore Funkeytown, the virtual …

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8-bit Belmont is 2-bit toy

by Edwin


Castlevania has been a fan favorite for many over the years, and to commemorate the launch of the Castlevania line of figures, NECA’s booth at the Comic Con in San Diego this year will be putting up this 3″ tall Belmont as an exclusive promotion. There will only be a thousand of these pieces available, so you can be sure that supply will be scarce. For those who cannot make …

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Crazy Cat Lady for your desk

by Edwin


Stereotypes abound in this world – Muslim militants think that America is the Great Satan, effeminate men are looked upon as gay, and single ladies who end up as old maids seem to have an unnatural attraction to cats, being some sort of patron saint for our feline friends. Is this what our viewpoints are that they cannot be changed? Well, there is now a desktop toy available that enforces …

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Liveboard bring baseball scores in retro manner

by Edwin


Baseball fans, unite! There is now a device that displays the latest game scores on a retro-looking stadium scoreboard smack right in front of you. You no longer need to have an Internet Explorer/Firefox window open at all times, waiting for’s website to upload those scores. No sir, the Liveboard from Vroop does all that for you, giving you one of the quickest and most efficient methods when it …

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Really Cool Animated Book

by Al

Magic Moving Images

This is one of the coolest low tech gadgets I’ve ever seen, the animated optical illusions book, a paper back book full of animated pictures, watch the video to see what I mean. Can’t see the video? Click here. You can get the book “Magic Moving Images” from for $10.40 or for £3.79 Thanks to the author Colin Ord for the tip.

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Get rid of flies, in style: the electronic Venus Flytrap

by Andi

fly catcher

I don’t think there’s anyone that can stand the incessant buzzing of flies, whether we’re trying to sleep or doing any other activity. There’s an assortment of ways of getting rid of them. The most popular is the bug spray: toxic, smelly stuff. There are also various electric devices, but they all look like boring bluish lamps. Here’s an electronic device that will add style to the fly killer. It’s …

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