Boxing kangaroo attached to pen

by Edwin

Ever wonder why kangaroos in cartoons are often depicted adorning a pair of boxing gloves? Is it because of the extra spring in their steps that make them such effective pugilists? In any case, this pen that comes with a flashing, functional boxing kangaroo looks set to be a great addition in your stationary collection as you and your mates will be able to hold a slug fest during those …

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Shaving simplified by Philips

by Edwin


Philips has collaborated with Nivea for Men to unveil a spanking new moisturizing shaving system, bringing the latest technology in men’s razors with the added advantage of an integrated shaving conditioner which applies moisturizer as you do away with that 5 o’clock shadow. This waterproof unit is perfect, letting you shave without going through the hassle of applying shaving cream all over your face. Each shaver comes with a refill …

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Find One Find All reduces time spent looking for things

by James

Find One Find All

With everything the modern gadget freak has on their mind these days, is it any wonder that it’s easy to lose keys, wallets, remote controls, or just about anything else? According to recent statistics, the average person spends hours every year looking for lost things. That’s valuable time that can be spent doing more productive things, like reading! The people at Melbourne Design in Australia have invented the Find …

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Rubik’s Cube takes a new twist

by Edwin


Looks like the humble Rubik’s Cube puzzle has evolved into this – EastsheenCubes has taken a few mini-cubes, joining them together to form one zany puzzle that is guaranteed to keep you awake all night long once you’re done with your daily dose of Sudoku. Since the cubes intersect one another, you can’t use the traditional solving method but chances are you’ll see a YouTube tutorial not long after. Japan’s …

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Desktop Trebuchet spells trouble

by Edwin


Our medieval forefathers certainly had a swinging good time in the fields, and I don’t mean sitting down idly while watching the different constellations with a horn of wine in one hand. No sir, they loved swinging their weapons around – ranging from a heavy two-handed battle axe to a huge sword. Casualties on the battlefield back then were really high, and there was no CNN in those days to …

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Giddy up, cowboy!

by Edwin


I know that Halloween is still months away, but there’s no reason not to get prepared early. This Inflatable Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume takes the cake, letting you gallop into a social event while everyone just walks in. This is definitely a conversation starter, and it works well for the guys as well as they can show off to the ladies just what a stud they are. Meant for folks …

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For nostalgic techies: Steampunk Watches

by Andi

Title punkwatch

There are pretty many fans of Steampunk, including me. Some die-hard fans have created modern tech disguised under Steampunk masks. Also, most of today’s watches are quite boring, and follow the same design line. A clean, simple bezel with a leather or metal armband, seamlessly fit most of the time. Some are nice to look at, the others are dedicated to just being practical. A Japanese company has decided to …

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Edward Scissors desktop decoration

by Edwin


Johnny Depp was just so endearing in Edward Scissorshands, but here is a pair of Edward Scissors that will definitely spruce up your desktop in a jiffy. When placed inside its custom holder, this pair of German-crafted stainless steel scissors acts as a pair of spectacles to the pair of round, alien-like eyes. At $10.95 a pop, these would make a great gift to any newcomer to the office. It …

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