Crayola goes back to school with more than just Crayons

by James

Crayola has been diversifying for quite some time now. The Crayon maker initially branched out into other art supplies like Activity poster kits, glue and even modeling clay. But now, Crayola is looking beyond the simple joyeous world of coloring and into HiTech tools and toys for kids. Their “Total Tools” line features an Audio ruler, which measures in 1/4″ increments and then recites the distance audibly; a staple free …

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Talking CD Case

by Al

Talking CD Box

A great idea to add that little personal touch to the gift you’ve lovingly chosen – be it a music CD, DVD or pictures of the kids at Christmas. By using the Talking CD Case you can record your own message, or get the kids to record their own little intro (they love this – and so do the recipients!) Perfect for gifts for Granny/Grandpa or people you don’t see …

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World’s Smallest Mini Fishing Fish Rod Pen Reel Pole

by Edwin


Going fishing can be therapeutic, but carrying your own rod is definitely a hassle. If you aren’t a serious fisherman, the World’s Smallest Mini Fishing Fish Rod Pen Reel Pole would definitely be a great purchase before your next fishing trip. Made of high quality stainless steel and polished aluminum. This fishing rod is small but can catch fish up to 4lbs. When closed: 8 inches and fully extends to …

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Fonies to keep cellphone clean

by Edwin


How often do you find your cellphone screen coated with oil from your face as well as dust from your surroundings? My answer would be too often, and I tend to use a tissue or my shirt (when I’m lazy) for a quick cleaning session. The Fonies from Firebox could help you out in this aspect. Does your mobile phone look ever so slightly dull? If the answer is yes, …

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Music Games allow kids to Jam

by James

Hannah Montana Music Jam

Last year it was Dance Dance Revolution – a game that allowed users to get a work out while they did the two step to fast paced megahit. Then came Guitar Hero – which allowed axe wielding wannabes to follow hard core riffs and get high scores. Now, it’s all about the Jam as new games go into interactive, yet social gaming. Witness Disney’s latest video game for Nintendo DS …

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Jacuzzing anywhere with Lay-Z-Spa

by James

LayZSpa Portable Hot Tub

It’s portable, it’s hot, and it’s British. The Lay-Z-Spa is perfect for the on the go swinger who wants to take a soak anywhere. The 240 gallon spa has enough room for 4 to 5 people, can inflate in about 10 minutes and fill in about an hour and a half. The uniquely designed pumping system combines a 2,000 watt heater with a a 600 watt blower, to raise the …

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The Hand Grenade Watch

by Nick

Vestal’s grenade watch

If you were looking for a different kind of watch, you must check the Vestal Grenade, one of the coolest and most original wrist watches I’ve seen. With its stainless steel case and a band made from leather and canvas, this watch is not for the average person, and it could make pacifists really angry, with its design inspired by a hand grenade.

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Cool your butt no matter where you are

by Edwin


Don’t you just hate it when you enter a room full of people, and somebody gets off his seat and offers it to you while he goes off to get a brand new seat for himself? The extremely warm feeling your rear end is treated to definitely heats you up the wrong way, as you’ll probably end up with steam coming out from your ears at such treatment. The Self …

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