Batman Begins 3D Sculpture

by Edwin

Puzzle lovers will definitely want to have a go at the Batman Begins 3D Sculpture. This is no ordinary 3D puzzle as it features a grand total of 152 different puzzles for you to crack your head over, with these puzzles taking up anywhere between 150 to 750 pieces to complete. Just make sure you stack them up correctly and you’re good to go, but woe to you should little …

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Rowd Ascrmbel (can you guess what it is yet?)

by Al


Ok, so you may not have heard of the “Rowd Ascrmbel”, so how about the “Word Scamble” hand held puzzle, the concept being that you unscamble letters for form words. This’ll keep you and your friends busy for quite a time me thinks.

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One for the smokers: a cool vintage lighter!

by Andi

A few weeks ago, when ordering some motorcycle gear, I took a random look at the ‘Presents&co.’ section. There I found a lighter that caught my eye. Made of first-grade but vintage-looking brass, it’s a replica of those used by French soldiers in the first World War. It’s an inexpensive gadget which is always a pleasure to look at. You’ll see a bigger picture and a video after the break.

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Jobsnote wrap-around: in Apple’s words, REVOLUTIONARY. actually, meh..

by Andi


The big keynote has just ended. We’ll get ‘fabulous’ iPhone ringtone for a huge price, and the iPod line’s been refreshed, with a new member born, the iPhone touch. Apple fanboys, read no further. The rational analysis and non-reverence to Steve Jobs and his cohorts will utterly shock you. It might even pose a danger to your health. uSheep… Thinkers everywhere, please read on and share your opinions. As usual, …

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The ramen emergency kit!

by Andi

ramen kit

True, traditional Ramen is a pretty tasty dish, originating from China. Instant, industrial Ramen has become the student’s typical ‘home-cooked’ soup. The reasons are obvious, as it’s easy and quick to prepare, tastes good and fills the stomach. Now for those who’d like to have some in the outdoors, or as an emergency supply, comes the ramen energency kit.

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Syringe Pen gives life to writings

by Edwin


Give your teacher a heart attack as he/she sees you with this Syringe Pen that uses red liquid to resemble human blood, swishing around whenever you write. Great for “injecting” some life into otherwise what is interpreted as boring texts. Definitely a great “back to school” gift, and I predict this would be extremely popular among the juveniles. It’s the novelty factor that made me buy the idea – what …

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Space Putty for restless hands

by Edwin


If you’re one to fiddle with the telephone line or doodle during a conversation, the Space Putty would definitely offer more fun. It’s squidgy, bouncy, runny and yet hard, this Space putty is an un-put-downable liquid lava goo. What once used to be silly, and occasional potty, has now become spacey. These iridescent pots of putty could not be more addictive to play with. It’s a ‘love at first squeeze’ …

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Outdoor Fun for Big Kids – The Video Recording Rocket

by Al

Video Rocket

As cool toys go this has got to be right up there, literally. The digital video rocket is capable of soaring 500 feet into the air and filming at the same time. This rocket, made by Estes, makers of model rockets for nearly 50 years, provides enthusiasts a view of the rockets liftoff and flight from the rockets point of view thanks to the impact-resistant digital camera in the nose …

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