Gift Ideas for the Golf Enthusiast

by Al

Continuing with our coolest gadgets gift guide here we have a load of gifts to buy for the golf enthusiast (mainly gadgety but some may even be useful).

Golf for Dummies

This is nice gift for the beginner or big headed accomplished golfer.

If you don’t know the difference between a lob wedge and a lemon wedge, check out Golf for Dummies, by CBS commentator Gary McCord, one of the game’s most colorful–and knowledgeable–characters. It’s a wonderful, often hilarious, never boring introduction to the game.

The book is available from Amazon for $7.99 at the time of writing.

Joke Golf Balls

Joke Golf Ball Set

One for the golfer with a sense of humor.

set of four Prank Golf Balls which include our Exploder – which disintegrates into a white cloud of smoke when hit, Jet-Streamer – When hit, The Jet Streamer ejects 15 feet of streaming red ribbon., The Phantom – it implodes in to a giant wall of water when hit., and finally the Unputtaball – This will wiggle, go everyway but straight when hit.

Cost: $12.89 at Amazon.


Remote Control Toys Gift Guide

by Al

Following on from yesterdays gift guide of robot toys, we now have a guide for the big kid who loves remote control toys, suitable for all ages (especially 36 year olds), if anybody is looking at buying me a Christmas present, I’d be very happy with anything from this list, especially those near the bottom *hint, hint*. With a lot of the remote control toys this year there seems to …

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Robot Toys Gift Guide

by Edwin

This is our first article in our Christmas 2007 Gift Guide, lets get that Christmas shopping done early. The holidays normally mean lots of joy for kids (or disappointment if they received a paltry Rubik’s Cube instead of that shiny new Wii) and pain for parents, particularly their pockets as they attempt to alleviate their guilt of not spending enough time with the little ones through the year by picking …

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Gadget Gift Guides for Christmas 2007

by Al

geeky wrapping paper

Gift guides so far: Educational Toys Digital Picture Frames Robot Toys Remote Control Toys Golfer Gifts Handyman Office Worker Excerise Nut New Home Owner The Prankster The Gamer Stocking Fillers Great Outdoors Gift ideas for the drinker Retro Toys and Stuff Don’t forget the cat Drinking Gifts High Tech Kids I’m trying to be a bit more organised with my Christmas shopping this year and have set myself two objectives: …

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USB Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

by Edwin


Get into the Christmas spirit with this USB Fibre Optic Christmas Tree. Best of all is, there aren’t pesky wires to wrestle with once the holiday season is over as you can simply unplug it and tuck it away in your desk drawer till Christmas rolls round once again. Simply plug it into an available USB port on your computer or laptop and experience a warm glow as the tips …

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PayPal runs survey for shoppers

by Edwin


PayPal has just run a Holiday Survey and found out some pretty interesting figures. Here they are for your perusal. The survey found discrepancies between men and women when it came to who tops their shopping lists. While both men and women agree that their significant other is the most difficult person to shop for during the holiday season, 34 percent of males said they actually enjoyed shopping for their …

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Movin’ and Groovin’ Flowers

by Edwin


Looks like the Movin’ and Groovin’ Snakes have some company, and it comes in a less mobile form of flowers in a pot. Here’s the skinny on these Movin’ and Groovin’ Flowers. No water is required for these groovy chaps, all you have to do is plug in the 3.5 mm jack connector to your multimedia device, crank up the volume and enjoy the show as they move and groove …

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Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock

by Edwin


Most alarm clocks are just that – ordinary looking timepieces that blend in with the rest of your home and do not leave any lasting impression on anyone who drops by. The Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock is different though, as it offers a fun, futuristic and scientifically stimulating method to tell the time. In short, it projects both time and space images on a ceiling or wall. Choose from …

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