Spaghetti Periscope

by Edwin

Think spaghetti, and chances are you’ll have flashbacks of that lovely little Italian restaurant tucked away in a corner somewhere, with smells of fresh oven-baked pizza wafting through the air in addition to a delectable plate of spaghetti in front of you. Not with this Spaghetti Periscope though. ‘Q’ has outdone himself with this one!! A Spaghettii box that brilliantly turns in to a periscope for seeing over the tops …

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R2-D2 preps your laundry for washing

by Edwin


R2-D2 seems to be everywhere these days, and this time he even keeps you dirty laundry organized by virtue of being a laundry basket. Does your laundry have a nasty habit of piling up on your floor when you least expect it? Luckily these stylish Star Wars R2-D2 laundry baskets are imported from Japan and are here to assist. You get a set of two; One classic blue R2-D2 and …

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CableOrganizer helps geeks out this holiday season

by Edwin


CableOrganizer knows what a mess things can be in your home and office, especially where cables and wires seem to have a life of their own when it comes to getting themselves all tangled up. They have come up with a holiday season guide to help you get your life in order, and if you’re still hanging onto an archaic wired mouse, using cheap headphones for your iPod or even …

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Glowing Globe lights up room and mind

by Edwin


This Glowing Globe ain’t your grandpappy’s antique piece as it not only feature all the countries in the world along with night constellations. …this beautifully detailed globe has a fabulous trick up its sleeve. When it gets dark, a light sensor transforms the globe from a map of the world to a magical and brightly illuminated map of the night sky. It shows 88 constellations all with their common names …

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Mood Beams Series Three

by Edwin


Here’s the third series of Mood Beams to help spruce up your bedside table or even desktop if you’re one who is prone to working till late at night. ‘Heartbeat’ makes them glow in a single color, but their heart beats occasionally in another color ‘Rainbow’ makes them phase gently through a whole rainbow of colors ‘Strobe’ has them flashing madly like a rave strobe ‘Color Dance’ activates a set …

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Pool Gift Guide

by Tiago

Colorful Float Thermometers

Pool equals to fun, and half the gadgets in this guide create those kind of activities that are enjoyable for everyone involved. From playing sports, to cleaning a pool, and even recording videos while swimming, the following featured products should exist in every pool of the world. Colorful Float Thermometers Instead of using a normal shaped thermometers, these attractive floating animals can do the same job – check the water …

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Gift Ideas for the Office Worker

by Al

Badge Holders

Working in an office can be a pretty dull experience, however thanks to gadgets you can make the cubicle a fun place to be, in our continuing series of gift ideas here’s a list of gadgets for the office monkey (priced cheap to silly money). Geeky Badge Holders If you have to wear an identity badge all day at least you can now make it a little different with these …

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Handyman Gift Guide

by Tiago

The definition of handyman can be seen as “a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks” – something rare to exist nowadays. Right ladies?

Anyhow, the following 10 gadgets are suited for the almost-in-extinction handyman, from cookers to campers, and GPS lovers, we’ve got it all here.

The products are ordered by price, not by usefulness or multi-functionality.


Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMap 76 Handheld GPS Navigator

This Garmin GPS System is made for the handyman that likes the marine life, aka driving boats. It doesn’t have much internal memory, only 8MB that are suppose to be used when adding more data from the MapSource CDs.

Other features include 500 waypoints + maps of rivers, lakes, worldwide cities, and more + computer that shows info about trip distance, average speed, and a timer.

Price: $160
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Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Electric Chain Saw

If this Black & Decker existed 50 years ago, I bet it would be a hit for sure.

The Black & Decker Aligator Electronic Chain Saw has a 4.5 Amp motor, and a 4-inch cut limit. You can use it to cut small (or big) pieces of wood to use on your fireplace, unlike what happens while using a manual chain saw, you won’t get tired.

Take a big bite out of fallen trees, tree limbs and brush with the Alligator Lopper, a revolutionary new cutting tool that provides chainsaw-like cutting performance in an un-intimidating and easy to use tool. With its scissor-like action, the Alligator Lopper’s rugged metal jaws clamp onto logs and thick branches, as well as smaller tree limbs and vines and then saws through them with ease.

Price: $99
Product Page

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