Amazon Kindle – The Wireless Electronic Book

by Al

It looks like electronic paper is finally going to become reality thanks to the Amazon Kindle and I must admit it looks pretty cool. Three years ago, we set out to design and build an entirely new class of device—a convenient, portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. The result is Amazon Kindle. We designed Kindle to provide an exceptional reading experience. Thanks …

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Musical gifts: Real or fake music? Guitar Hero or Ukulele?

by Andi

musical notes

I couldn’t help but notice the success of Guitar Hero, Karaoke games, and the general transition to simulated music. Because such a game becomes rewarding very quickly, many ‘play’ the simulated instruments instead of choosing to make real music. This pains me a lot, even more so because I’ve been playing the guitar for years. This summer however I discovered a great little instrument, that becomes rewarding in the first …

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Posable LED Desk Light

by Edwin


Most desk lights aren’t worth taking a second glance, but the Posable LED Desk Light is different as it not only offers some useful features but comes in an interesting design as well. This clever figurine has posable arms and legs and its hands are designed to hold a writing implement, photograph, business card, or note paper, while its LED head sequentially displays a series of seven colors. The magnetic …

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Christmas Light Storage

by Edwin


Storing Christmas lights after the merry season is always a hassle, as you know that you’re in for a time of frustration again in the near future as the Christmas lights gain a mind (and life) of their own, getting themselves all tangled up. Never struggle with your Christmas tree lights again! No more tangled lights! This ingenious kit lets you funnel a string of lights into a long plastic …

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Cological Marble Run Construction Set

by Mark R

Marble Run Set

Ever heard of Rube Goldburg? I’ve discovered that people who don’t know who Rube Goldberg is know of his work. He was the one who drew these odd contraptions that worked in odd ways, such as a roller skate attacked to a needle, which pops a balloon, which in turn does something else. Goldburg’s contraptions always started with a ball rolling, and that is what the Cological Marble Run Construction …

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Anti-gravity Floating Globe

by Al

Anti-gravity Globe

I’m a sucker for cool looking gadgets and this one certainly fits the bill, the anti-gravity globe. The globe floats as if by magic a few inches above the base, which will likely be the coolest ornament in a room, but how does it work? It’s simple really. The globe itself is very light in weight. There is a precisely placed magnet located at the inside top of the globe. …

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PhotoVu rolls out new wireless digital photo frame

by Edwin


PhotoVu has long been a household name where digital photo frames are concerned, so when word of a new 17″ widescreen digital photo frame from the company rolled out, naturally one would be excited at the prospect of having a decent display instead of those puny 7″ photo frames that aren’t too easy on the eyes after a short while. The “culprit” in question this time is the PV1765w, and …

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Singing Elvis Magnet

by Edwin


The King is still rocking on, being one of the highest earning dead celebrities still many years after his passing. I suppose that has something to do with folks who keep on picking up knick knacks like this Singing Elvis Magnet. Stick this Singing Elvis Magnet on your fridge and listen to a Elvis tune at a push of a button! This ”Suspicious Minds” Singing Elvis Magnet makes a cool …

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