Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps

by Edwin

Christmas is coming, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps? Each Little Taps is a shining star in Japanese toy technology. You see, we are only offering you Jack because he’s the coolest (and because he actually dances to songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas) – but there are many different characters from many different cartoons and movies. And they all plug …

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Mini Bazooka Weapons

by Edwin


If you still have fond memories of being in the Army, then perhaps the Mini Bazooka Weapons is just the gift for you. Time to celebrate your personal relationship with explosions by bringing some 1/6th scale replicas of some of the world’s most favorite bazookas to your office. You’ll get either a Panzer Faust3, an RPG-7, an FIM-43, an M20A1, or an SA-18 – each an exceptional blower-upper. And to …

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Ultra Violet Pen and Light comes with Message Shredder

by Mark R

Message Pen

This next device is for spies. That’s right, for spies. If you are a spy, be sure not to comment, because that message can be traced. However, I found this great product that allows you to write messages with secret ink. And it is much better than that milk and lemon juice that can be seen under an ordinary light. This is some special ink that can only be seen …

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Wear your rank

by Edwin


Web ranking is the geek’s way of throwing his/her weight around – especially when you’re pretty much up there as one of the big fish. Alexa is a popular method to rank your website, and while it isn’t exactly accurate, you also get to check out how others are doing. You can now show off your current stats with these new Alexa T-Shirts which feature some pretty wacky phrases such …

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Gifts for the Excerise Nut

by Al

In our continuing Christmas gift guide series it’s not the turn of the exercise nut, what can you buy somebody who loves doing sport more than watching (yeah strange I know).


Virtual Distance Football

Virtual Distance Football

Every wanted to know exactly how far that killer touch down pass was, now you can with the Virtual Distance Football.

Take your pass to new lengths – and measure your distance – with advanced sensor technology built into this sure-grip football.

  • Sensor accurately determines distance ball is thrown
  • Oversize readout shows distance
  • Comfort grip for throwing ease
  • Durable foam construction
  • Advanced electronics register a distance readout upon impact of the throw
  • Digital LCD display
  • Accurate to within 1 yard

Cost : $19.95
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The Powerball

The original gyroscopic wrist exerciser, the powerball.

The Dyna-Flex Powerball is the Ultimate hand, wrist and arm exerciser! This Dyna-Flex Powerball strength training Gyro exerciser is one of the most effective exercise tools for strengthening wrist and arm muscles. Whether you play sports, an instrument or are just interested in general fitness this Dyna-Flex Powerball is definitely for you. Build strength and coordination as the Powerball generates from 32lbs to 35lbs of torque when speeds of 9,000 – 13,000 RPM’s are reached. By activating the gyro, a dynamism (motion) is created, which will activate its Blue LED lights, located in the interior of the gyro. The faster the unit runs, the brighter the lights will be until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes the ultimate hand, wrist and arm exerciser, the Dyna-Flex Powerball.

Cost : $34.95
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Musical College Snow Globe

by Edwin


Are you a student at the University of Texas, or do you know anyone who is currently studying there? Well, this would make the perfect gift idea. Let them relive their college days with a snow globe that commemorates their alma mater or favorite team, complete with mascot and music! Available from Solutions for $49.95.

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Educational Toys Gift Guide

by Al

All kids love unwrapping toys at Christmas, but if you want to be sneaky and get a bit of education in with your presents here’s a collection of toys that do just that, I struggling to decide between Khet or the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer. If you kids are already academic enough you might be interested in our collection of remote control and robot toys.




If you’ve never played Cranium you’re missing it, it’s a crazy games especially after a few drinks. It just about classes as educational especially the Children’s edition Cadoo.

Spell a word backwards, hum a tune, answer a multiple-choice question, draw with your eyes closed, and more when you play Cranium. Unlike games that focus on only a few skills, Cranium offers 14 talent-tapping activities designed to bring out the best in you and your friends.

Cards from four decks, color-coded to match each of the crazy characters–Star Performer, Creative Cat, Data Head, and Word Worm–describe activities that teams must complete in order to advance around the board. If you choose a Sculptorades card from the Creative Cat deck, for example, you might be asked to sculpt a hamburger from lemon-scented Cranium Clay while your teammates try to guess what you’re creating.

The adult version of Cranium retails at $24.99 but is currently available for $14.44 and you can buy Cranium Cadoo for $13.98.



Hottie Hot Water Bottles

by Edwin


Now this isn’t exactly the coolest of gadgets as it is meant to keep you warm, both inside and outside. Dressed in removable and machine washable turtleneck jumpers, Hottie Hot Water Bottles are cuter than cute, making them a charming gift this winter. Or why not treat yourself? Whether it’s cold fingers and toes, or aches and pains you want soothing, this delightful Hot Water Bottle thaws them all. There …

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