Eternity II won’t take that long to solve

by Edwin

If you love puzzles, why not pick up the Eternity II and give yourself a chance to become a millionaire two times over should you be the first person to solve it. Well for starters this infuriating geometric head-scratcher took yonks to design. Secondly – and more importantly – the first person to solve it wins $2 million. You heard, $2 million! If you’re a complete puzzle-dunce, don’t despair. According …

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Money Miser does the counting

by Edwin


Remember Uncle Horace who does not trust banks, counting all his pennies and quarters every day to make sure they aren’t missing? Put him out of his misery with the Money Miser. This idiot-proof motorized coin-sorting machine organizes change so that you don’t have to. Simply feed in a handful of coins, press the button and voilà! The semi-automatic Money Miser sorts out your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and …

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Boxing Grannies go head-to-head

by Edwin


As if racing is not enough, this pair of Boxing Grannies are willing to go all out to punch each other’s dentures (they have no more teeth, remember?) out of their mouths! All that lifting of tea cups and hefty biscuits has given them some great upper body strength, and the time has come for them to find out who’s the top Granny. With an upper cut to strike terror …

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Flameless Candle

by Edwin


This might be a little late in coming, but if you happen not to have any fire insurance, then the Flameless Candle would be the better choice to use in your home this holiday season. Candlelight makes any occasion special. This battery-operated candle is crafted of real wax that will never blacken, melt, or start a fire. Its flickering wick creates the look of a burning candle. Uses 2 AA …

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Last Minute Gift Idea – Print Your Own Gadget Gift Certificates

by Al


If you’ve left your Christmas shopping a touch on the late side you can either go and battle in the shops on the last shopping day, or if you’d rather do your last minute shopping from the comfort of your PC you can order gift vouchers and print them yourself (unfortunately you do have to pay for them first). You can order gifts vouchers from the from the following gadget …

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Sale and Last Orders at Think Geek

by Al

Think Geek Sale

I’ve just had an email from Think Geek and there is time to order presents and still get them before Christmas, the last order day is Dec 20 and not only that but you can get a $10 discount if you order is $50 or more (use the offer code w00t). Details: Think Geek Offer

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High Tech Kids Gift Guide

by James

Rock Band Bundle

MTV Rock Band Special Edition

Letting gamers go beyond air guitar to fulfill their rock n’ roll fantasy, MTVs Rock Band ups the ante over Guitar Hero by including master lead guitar, drums, and a microphone for vocals to get both your grove and your game on. Very similar to Guitar Hero, the band can not only master recordings from legendary artists, they can do it in career and world tour modes.

Cost : around $250

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Power Tour Guitar

Power Tour Guitar, Les Paul Edition

If your kid wants to go beyond 5 buttons and game play to grinding with a real axe with real music, the Power Tour Guitar Les Paul edition may be the perfect way for him/her to learn. The Power Tour Guitar uses lights, rather than strings, to teach the user how to play several legendary classic rock songs. The lights flash indicating where to place fingers and strumming actually plays the tune digitally. Hook it up to the optional amp and you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Cost : around $50

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Gift Ideas for the College Student

by Al

Have you got a student in the family and you’re stuck on what to buy them for Christmas, well you could give them money and wash them spend it in the nearest bar or buy them one of these cool gadgets, no contest.



Titanium Spork

Save on washing up with the is it a fork, is it a spoon, no it’s the titanium spork.

The Titanium Spork is ready for the challenge. Titanium is known for its great strength, corrosion resistance, and light weight, which makes this spork a valuable asset around feeding time. Imagine how much more food you could shovel in at your local buffet if you didn’t have to worry about the strain of picking up a heavy fork or spoon. Your food consumption can become the stuff of legends.

Cost : $8.99

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Inka Pen Travel Pen

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years and it comes in so handy always having a write anywhere pen (even underwater and outerspace) on me, the Inka Pen.

The Inka Pen stores in its stainless steel case as a harmless looking keychain fob. A quick pull, and out pops the carbon fiber pen with its pressurized ink cartridge. Because it is pressurized, you can write at any angle, at any altitude, even underwater! And if you’re going to be writing for some time, you can unscrew the stainless steel fob and reconfigure your pen into Full-Size mode (that means it is, well, full size). There’s even a hidden stylus! The Inka Pen is the ultimate in portable writing.

Cost : $14.99

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