D-Link wants to personalize your router

by Edwin

Let’s face it – D-Link routers are dime a dozen, and most of the time they come in that dreary drab grey color. Why not add some spice into your geeky life with D-Link’s Skinit skin? There are thousands of designs to choose from, ranging from your favorite sports teams to entertainment, college, and fashion icons amongst others. Should you sift through the thousands of available skins and find nothing …

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USB Engagement Ring

by Mark R

USB Engagement Ring

Nothing says “I love you” more than the USB engagement ring. Actually, nothing says “I’m too cheap to afford a real diamond ring, but I put a creative twist on this tradition” more than the USB engagement ring. I always did find it odd that tradition that girls wear an engagement ring that may or may not have this really expensive rock that the groom has to take out a …

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LED Tweezers – for instances where you can’t see ‘em

by Edwin


Ever had that strand of hair coming out from your nose, but your fingernails can’t quite seem to get enough grip to pluck it out? Here’s the LED tweezers that makes life a whole lot easier. LED Tweezers is the new fashionable design of stainless steel. It consists of bright LED, tweezers and mirror in a lip stick size which is storable and portable. Let you make up your eyebrow …

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Red Hot Laser Show Brings the Fun Home

by Mark R

Red Hot Laser Show

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy laser shows. I’ve seen some that are pretty impressive, and some that were just a random collection of colored lights. However, I don’t need too much lasers to fill my cup of excitement, so the Red Hot Laser Light Show might be for me. I’m not saying that this product is inferior, but it is advanced for the price you will …

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USB Desk Assortment and Gift Set

by Edwin


The USB Desk Assortment and Gift Set is for the office warrior who has nothing to look forward to each day except slaving away at the keyboard, churning out report after report as demanded by the upper management. Give him/her a respite with this little token of appreciation. What you’ll get in the assortment includes :- Center Base USB (1.1) Hub (each module below connects to it via USB) Center …

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Unique Heart-Endorned Laptop Bags

by Carolyn


Yes, we all know laptop bags can be boring. On the flip side of that coin, it’s nearly impossible to find something that isn’t black, made of heavy duty nylon mesh or both. Nearly all of the bags on the market are boring, and for most people, that’s OK. I am one of those people who needs to have something different, something fun! The people over at Plastic People Design …

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WiFi Detecting T-Shirt

by Edwin


Over here at Coolest Gadgets, we’ve covered the Animated WiFi Detector Shirt last October, and that offering was from ThinkGeek which retailed for $29.99. It came in a cool black shade of various sizes, and is powered by a trio of AAA batteries. Today, we have from Firebox a WiFi Detecting T-Shirt that basically does the same thing as described in the product description right after the jump.

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Louis Vuitton lights up

by Edwin


Now ain’t this a hoot – a cigarette lighter that has been styled after an LV handbag that will definitely impress fashionista wannabes each time you light up. Once you’re out of fuel, that doesn’t mean you can just chuck the $7.99 lighter aside. No sir, there is always the more responsible action of filling it up with butane fuel to smoke even more cancer sticks. Puff away in style. …

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