Geeky Apparel Gifts

by Al

Bored of buying people a jumper for Christmas, check out our geeky apparel gift guide.

Propeller Beaniech – $4.99

Propeller Beaniech

Our interpretation of the classic Propeller Beanie features alternating patches of bright fabric topped with a silver propeller that spins as you walk (or run)

Warning: You may not get thanked for this gift.

The Propeller Beaniech is available from Amazon for $4.99.


There’s no place like – $9.99

There's no place like

Feeling homesick? Spend too much time in Oz fixing other people’s computer problems? Just close your eyes, click your heels, don this fine t-shirt and all your troubles will flow by the wayside just like those luser files piped into /dev/null.

Black high-quality heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirt with the phrase ‘There’s no place like′ written front and center in white.

The There’s no place like is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


8-bit Tie – $14.99

8-bit Tie

A few of us monkeys at ThinkGeek had this great shared dream a few months ago. In it, the whole world was 8-Bit, just like the video games we grew up on. We found ourselves having to leap from platform to platform, to search for pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and to fight scary mutated plants and animals. The music was awesome (and still stuck in our heads) but the coolest part was what we were wearing: a tie. But not just any tie, an 8-Bit tie!

The 8-bit Tie is available from Think Geek for $14.99.



Here’s Your Perfect Gift this Holiday: Paper Airplane Launcher

by Mark R

Some of you might be stumped as far as what to buy the fellow gadget lover this year, but I was fortunate enough to stumble upon something that is absolutely perfect: the Electric Paper Plane Launcher. Some of you might remember making paper planes in order to pass the time in boring classes. Apparently, some designers at Middlesex University decided to take paper airplane design one step higher when they …

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Gadgety Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

by Al

Looking for a few stocking fillers, gadgets to the rescue!

Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl – $6.95

Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl

This Astronaut Chicken Space Dinner is a complete dehydrated meal and a great way to get those future astronauts to eat their peas. The dinner includes freeze-dried Chicken and Rice, Peas and Instant Chocolate Pudding. It’s easy to prepare and fun for kids, college students, busy adults, everyone! And, yes, the astronauts still eat this sort of stuff on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

The Astronaut Chicken Space Dinnerl is available from Amazon for $6.95.


Japanese Pill Towels – $7.99

Japanese Pill Towels

Each tube of Japanese Pill Towels contains 10 pills. Each pill is really a towel seed harvested in Japan. Just hold a pill under water and it blossoms into a multipurpose towel – perfect for cleaning your hands after each ninja or space mission. And if you want to be super clean, might we recommend also carrying some Dissolving Travel Toiletries (see related items below). Then you can make sure you are always as clean as your mind is. Ok, bad example.

The Japanese Pill Towels is available from Think Geek for $7.99.



Navigon 5100 on sale for $99

by Mark R

This isn’t the first time we have reported about new Navigon GPS navigation devices, as we covered the Navigon 5100 max about a month ago. Today’s breaking news is that the Navigon 5100 (not the max model) is available at a very low price of $99 (with a mail-in rebate). Any GPS that is below $100 is a pretty good deal, especially in light of the holiday season. Navigon sweetened …

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Gift Ideas for the Handyman

by Al

Here are a few coolest gadget gift ideas for the handy man or woman.

Ultimate Package Opener – $7.98

Ultimate Package Opener

Plastic “Clamshell” Package Opener safely cuts through any size or shape product packaging in seconds! Even the awkward plastic “clamshell” curves of electronic, cosmetic and toy packages are no match! No longer use harmful knives, break nails, or chip teeth trying to access contents.

The Ultimate Package Opener is available from Taylor Gifts for $7.98.


Swiss Tech Multi-Tool – $8.95

Swiss Tech Multi-Tool

These impossibly tiny multi-tools will soon become an indispensable take-everywhere item, alongside your keys, wallet, cell phone and SpongeBob Pez dispenser (what, haven’t you got one?). Because let’s be honest, carrying around a full-size toolbox wherever you may roam is impractical, not to mention pretty weird.

The Swiss Tech Multi-Tool is available from Firebox for $8.95.



Gifts for the cool Book Worms

by Al

Have a geeky book worm in the family? Check out our geeky and tech book gift recommendations.

Are You a Geek?: 1,000 Ways to Find Out – $8

Are You a Geek?: 1,000 Ways to Find Out

Let’s face it–we all do geeky things, from checking e-mail obsessively to playing video games to tripping over our own feet. But here’s your chance to find out just how much of a geek you really are. With 1,000 questions for every area of your life–from childhood to lifestyle to entertainment to sex (you met your wife in a Web chat room–3 points), Are You a Geek? helps measure your precise geek quotient. From challenging intelligence quizzes to testing your dating compatibility with “Geekline,” Are You a Geek? lets you in on the secrets that separate the geeks from the grown-ups. Or the nerdmeisters from everyone else…

The Are You a Geek?: 1,000 Ways to Find Out is available from Amazon for $8.


The Sneaky Book for Girls – $9.99

The Sneaky Book for Girls

Let’s face it: girls are sneaky. And they have one advantage to being sneaky over boys – they are girls. Girls out there, you know what we mean: your brains are just smarter or something. We want to help ramp up your sneakiness quotient even more, and this book is it. The Sneaky Book for Girls provides complete how-to instructions and diagrams for sneaky gadgets, survival skills, communication codes, science projects, as well as having profiles of more than a dozen famous women. It also explores recycling and conservation techniques.

The The Sneaky Book for Girls is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


The Sneaky Book for Boys – $9.99

The Sneaky Book for Boys
A bit like the sneaky book for girls but err for boys :) .

The The Sneaky Book for Boys is available from Think Geek for $9.99.



Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveller

by Al

Have a friend or family member that seems to be away more than they are at home, surprise them and show you care with a travel related gadget.

OHSO Pocket Toothbrush – $17.99

OHSO Pocket Toothbrush

OHSO was engineered to be the ultimate travel toothbrush. Besides looking good the OHSO is useful and durable. Toothpaste is stored in the handle for safekeeping and the window shows you how much paste is in the chamber. Turn the knob clockwise and paste is dispensed though the rubber nozzle on the bristle head. Tilt down and paste is delivered directly to the bristles.

The OHSO Pocket Toothbrush is available from Think Geek for $17.99.


Digital Luggage Scale – $19.99

Digital Luggage Scale

The Digital Luggage Scale allows you to pack smarter and avoid paying overweight luggage fees. With an easy-to-read digital display, you can lift up to 100lbs (or 44 Kg), wait for the beep, set the luggage down and read the weight.

The Digital Luggage Scale is available from Think Geek for $19.99.


Universal Power Adapter – $19.99

Universal Power Adapter

Worry no more, ’cause this power adapter lets you plug your device into four different kinds of outlets – British, European, Japanese, and Australasia. Check out the complete country list below to know just how good we are. Yeah, I know. We’re impressive – we try to not let it go to our heads.

The Universal Power Adapter is available from Think Geek for $19.99.



Gifts for the Geeky Home

by Al

Struggling to find a gift for a hard to please geek, then how about a geeky gift for their home, here’s 10 to choose from.

Hidden Bookshelf – $12.99

Hidden Bookshelf

Look at this stack of books… How is it staying up? Is it glue? Velcro? Tractor beams? The secret is a simple and clever little device called the Hidden Bookshelf! An L-shaped wedge of metal holds your books up against the wall while a tiny clip holds the inside cover of the book up, giving your larger books the illusion of sticking to the wall as if by magic!

The Hidden Bookshelf is available from Think Geek for $12.99.


Glow Flow Faucet – $19.95

Glow Flow Faucet

Give your sink a touch of sci-fi chic with this nifty LED faucet attachment that illuminates flowing water in cool blue when it\’s cold or warm red when it\’s hot. Perfect as a warning device for kids or a pretend alien mouthwash dispenser for adults.

The Glow Flow Faucet is available from Firebox for $19.95.


Celebrity Weighing Scales – $34.95

Celebrity Weighing Scales

With these deeply ironic scales you get to compare your weight with the likes of Fozzie Bear, Mr Ed (yes, the talking horse!), Donald Trump\’s Combover and even the Baby Jesus. Just think, with the Celebrity Weighing Scales in the bathroom you\’ll be itching to step aboard, not dreading the prospect. After all numbers are so final, aren\’t they?

The Celebrity Weighing Scales is available from Firebox for $34.95.



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