Give Blood this Valentines

by Al

If you’re struggling to find something “original” to buy your other half this Valentines and they have a taste for caffeine and blood, how about the Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion. Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion is the same color and consistency of real blood. It has many of the same nutrients of the rubicund liquid we love to consume (iron, protein, electrolytes, and caffeine) and has a delectable fruit punch flavor. …

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Lace-amatic solves age old conundrum

by Edwin


Before zippers came along, mankind had to grapple with their arch nemesis – laces. Apart from making it extremely difficult for a hot-blooded male to relieve his consort of her extremely tight corset (which was wound with a knot that proved harder than the Gordian knot), it also proved to be rather messy when you needed it to stay in place the most. Well, the Lace-amatic could offer a dramatic …

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Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

by Edwin


Love all those old, retro games from of yore? Heck, you would most probably be sitting at your now office desk, thinking about your heydays at the local arcade, holding on to the High Score in Pac Man till today. The joys (and pains) of growing up, eh? Why not relive those moments with the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs? After all, any decent office ought to have a well-stocked pantry …

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Love Heart Sky Lanterns

by Edwin


Forget about wishing upon a star – why not do it with a lantern, specifically the Love Heart Sky Lantern from Firebox? After all, this gives you a higher degree of control when it comes to making a wish, as you can always pen down your own personal messages with a marker, and do not have to rely on the weather forecast to make sure that the lantern can be …

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Balance Keeping Bank

by Edwin


If you’re the old fashioned type who loves stashing away all of your loose coins in a piggy bank only to take those coins out from time to time and keep count of the total amount, then the Balance Keeping Bank is definitely not for you. After all, where is all the fun of dirtying your fingers with the smell of old coins, while repeating a tedious task time and …

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Good Nite Lite

by Edwin


Being a parent would also make you wear another hat – that of being a zombie, since when your little one doesn’t sleep, nobody else at home gets their sleep. That’s the way things have been all the while, but with the Good Nite Lite, we hope that the situation would end up being the better for you. It basically teaches your little one the difference between night and day …

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Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs

by Edwin


Do you spend plenty of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious morsels for yourself and the family? Chances are the rite of passage to being a good chef often involves getting burned in the process, and we’re talking about physically as well as the food. With the Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs, things might change for the better, and if you use it from the outset of your cooking ‘career’, …

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Bacteria Assassin Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer

by Edwin


You never know just how many microscopic nasties there are that reside on your toothbrush, and just because your naked eyes can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. After all, roaches and other nocturnal insects who make a visit to your bathroom might also crawl all over your toothbrush, while you unknowingly use it to scrub your orifice each morning with glee without knowing any better. Dispel all doubts …

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