Cool 40% Off the Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow

by Al

We reported on the cool Sound Asleep Pillow a couple of years ago (ouch doesn’t time fly), the pillow connects to your music player so you can unobtrusively listen to tunes while your going to sleep. We’ve just been informed it is currently heavily discounted, Amazon has a whopping 40% off, so if you fancy starting your Christmas shopping early need we say more.

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Star Trek TNG Dustbuster Hand Phaser Prop Replica

by Edwin

Dust bunnies tend to congregate even with a short amount of time whenever you are not around, or having gone off for a really long holiday. Unfortunately, with this Star Trek TNG Dustbuster Hand Phaser Prop Replica, it will not even suck after you throw down a cool $499.99 for it, making this one for the Star Trek fanboys only. This highly collectible limited edition boasts LED lighting and sounds, …

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Build Your Own Roller Coaster, COOOOLLLL!

by Al

Roller Coaster Kit

This has got to be the coolest kit out there, make your own fully functioning roller coaster, I don’t know what father would not want one of these for upcoming fathers day (if my daughters reading this then please start saving) It includes the classic roller coaster loop and for added realism the shoulder restraints automatically move up and down at the operating station. The included software lets you ride …

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Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar

by Edwin

Fans of Dr. Who will definitely find the Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar to be worth checking out, even more so when you have kids at home who prefer to spoil their appetite just before dinner by sneaking in a couple of cookies into their stomachs without you knowing. However, with the $26.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar, it will emit authentic TARDIS sounds as long as there …

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Floating Sofa looks relaxing

by Edwin

Sofas are meant to be relaxing, and sinking your tired body onto a comfortable one is one feeling that not many others can beat. Well, how about having the sound of some water flowing in the background to further enhance your relaxed mood? That is now made possible thanks to the Floating Sofa, measuring 68″ in diameter. This inflatable waterborne sofa is able to comfortably seat three adults – could …

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Slingme frees up your hands when shopping

by Edwin

A full day’s worth of shopping can take its toll on you, no matter how seasoned you are. Slingme aims to come in and help, as it will make walking back from the shops a painless affair while freeing up both hands to help you perform other more important functions such as holding onto your child, talking on a cellphone (there’s a Bluetooth headset for that), hold an umbrella when …

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Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

by Edwin

ThinkGeek is back with their Magnetic Accelerator Cannon which will play on the laws of Newtonian science, where it will definitely be something kids won’t mind checking out if they have a budding scientist’s mind. After all, it really isn’t that hard to put together, and does a pretty great job at illustrating what a magnetic accelerator would look like. It can be ready and armed within minutes without the …

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Cadence 4-bit binary watch

by Edwin

This is one interesting timepiece that ought to keep your friends admiring at your taste for the finer things in life. We’re talking about the Cadence Watch Company that has put up their 4-bit binary watch on pre-order for $99 a pop, although if you decide to delay that purchase decision, it will cost you a more hefty $135 instead. You won’t find hard to decipher Arabic or Latin numerals …

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