Vista Slideshow Digital Frame

by Anita

The holidays are coming and you many be searching for that perfect gift that you can give to anyone or gift to someone that has everything. Well, the Vista Slideshow Digital Frame will be a gift that would be loved and not returned the day after the Christmas. The digital frame showcases pictures directly from a memory card – no computer, camera or Internet connection necessary. This would be perfect …

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Ambient Orb

by Anita


If you desire to keep up to date on the stock market and know if it is up or down without reading the newspaper, checking online, or waiting for the daily news on television then this unique Ambient Orb is for you. This wonderful new technology will give you up to the minute reports just by changing colors. When it glows red the stock market is down and green means …

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XBox 360 Prices are Out

by Al


Microsoft have released the prices of their new console the XBOX 360 and it should be out just in time for Christmas.

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Preview: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

by Al

Nokia 770

Nokia are most renowned for their mobile phones but that may soon change with the up and coming release of the new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet It runs on Linux and can be used to browse the web at broadband speed via it’s inbuilt Wi-Fi or when Wi-Fi isn’t available you could connect using any compatible blue tooth phone. The GUI is controlled via stylus (like PDAs) which for browsing …

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BBC Promise TV

by Al

It looks like the BBC is finally going to put up some competition to TIVO and Sky Digital. They are working on technology that will automatically record 7 days of television. This means all TV will effectively be on demand and you’ll never miss that favourite show again. I’ve also heard rumours (from a respected source) that channel 4 are planning to make all of their archive program footage available …

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