3-in-1 7-inch Portable DVD Player, TV and game system

by Anita

If you are looking for the perfect gift that just anyone would enjoy then you much try the 3 in 1 portable DVD player. It is not only a DVD player, but it is also a game system and a TV tuner. Or you could just purchase one for yourself. This way you can share your DVD movies with all of your friends while picnicking, riding around in the car, …

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VOIP – Voice and now Video

by Al


Voice over IP (VOIP) has been one of the technology biggies this year with millions of people saving a fair amount of cash off their regular phone bills. Voice calls are pretty cool but video has got to be the way of the future. This is probably why major leaguers Sony have teamed up with GlowPoint to offer free video and voice services. The major problem with this technology is …

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Archos Gmini 402cc Review

by Al

Archos Gmini 402cc

A mate of mine has had an assortment of problems with his iPod Nano, so he’s opted to flog it on eBay and buy himself an Archos Gmini 402cc and he was kind enough to write us a review. Over to you Alex. I’ve had a disappointing experience with Apple and their iPod nanos plus their cheesy tech support. Long story short, Apple is very disappointing and so is their …

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NETGEAR and AIRGO Reveals World’s Fastest Wireless LAN

by Keith

RangeMax 240

According to industry innovator Airgo Networks, Inc., they have announced that NETGEAR, Inc. will ship the world’s fastest consumer wireless networking solution, based on Airgo’s third generation True MIMO chipset technology, a move to meet the needs of hi-speed, long range, wireless networking, to support new multimedia applications, requiring huge bandwidth demand. The NETGEAR wireless product line, named RangeMax 240, consists of router products, USB products for desk top and …

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Getting our Hands on the Nokia 770

by Al

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

For me the best stand of the Stuff show by far was the Nokia stand, and not just because of the Nokia dancing girls. One of the very first posts I made on Coolest Gadgets was a preview of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. At that time I’d only been able to see pictures of it and read about now I’ve finally been able to get my hands on one …

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Logitech G15 Keyboard

by Keith

Logitech G15

Offering gamers an unprecedented level of in-game information, challenge and experience, the Logitech G15 keyboard is state-of-the-art programmable and controllable device, designed especially for gamers. As the first keyboard in the G-series family, the Logitech G15 is equipped with built-in auxiliary LCD display, 18 programmable keys, and packaged with advanced software, making it easy for customising commands for every different game. The adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD can be programmed to display …

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Watch Live TV on your PSP

by Al


I wanted a PSP (PlayStation Portable) before and after reading a press release from Sony I now want one even more (shame I’m a bit skint). Sony announced today that the PSP firmware version 2.5 includes Locationfree application support . Locationfree has been around for a while now (though hasn’t really taken off that much in the UK yet) and allows you to control, listen to and watch your media …

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Remove iPod Nano Scratches for $4

by Al

Scratched Nano

So the story goes something like this: You save up a couple hundred bucks to buy your new iPod Nano. You take it home, open the box, and load your music. It’s a beautiful thing. Then disaster strikes! You decide to carry your iPod Nano in your pocket! Your pocket! How could you?! What were you thinking? An item as precious and delicate as the iPod Nano was not meant …

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