NukAlert Radiation Alarm (keyring)

by Al

There must be a geiger counter craze going on at the moment. Following on from the geiger counter watch we reported on a few days a go you can now buy a Radiation detection device that can be attached to a set of keys, otherwise known as a keyring. The keyring chirps like a proper geiger counter (remember them from school) when radiation levels above the norm, with the frequency …

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Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera (DCS-6620G)

by Keith

D-Link Wireless Internet Camera

As one of the leading provider of wired and wireless IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, D-Link once again introduces another new member of the SECURICAM Network family of the Internet Cameras: the DCS-6620G. Featuring Wireless G capability (802.11g wireless connectivity) with 10x optical zoom lens, this Internet camera also features dual codec support, built-in microphone, and low light-sensitivity. With its small size, it sits easily undetected in a corner. This device …

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NOKIA 3250 – Music on the Move

by Keith

Nokia 3250 gives the Twist

Over the weekend at an electronic music festival that took placed in Berlin, Germany, this exquisite Nokia 3250, Nokia’s latest music phone, captured the spotlight of Nokia Trends by several people who attended the festival. Given a unique design, the mobile phone added a twisting axis down the centre of the phone, to transform a traditional phone keypad into dedicated music keys. In addition, it can store up to 1 …

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JVC Everio G hard drive camcorder

by Marc

JVC Everio G

I have to confess it’s been a long time since I looked at camcorders. I always preferred still to video footage for some reason. This cought my eye though – JVC now have a camcorder with a built in hard drive instead of a tape / optical storage system. There are two models, with 20gb and 30gb discs giving 7 and 10.5 hours recording at DVD quality and considerably more …

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Dell DJ Ditty

by Keith

Dell DJ Ditty for $99

A music player aimed to challenge Apple’s iPod, Dell recently developed a portable media player in an attempt to break Apple’s dominant on the portable music market. Expected to be released on Tuesday, this music player comes with 512 MB of storage.

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The Geeky Belt Buckle

by Al

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

I was browsing around Think Geek and came across this cool LED powered belt buckle. It consists of 147 LED lights that you can program to display scrolling messages. Whether you’d want to be seen in public wearing one is a different matter.

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Nintendo Reveals next generation’s Revolution Controller

by Keith

Nintendo Revolution Controller

During the recent Game Show at Tokyo, Japan, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata revealed the next generation of Nintendo Revolution Controller. Untypical of the traditional physical appearance of past Nintendo controllers, the new design is set to see how gamers may react to the new innovation. To avoid competition with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has come up with their own sleek design of Gaming Controller, designed specially by Nintendo’s visionary designer …

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NEC Water-based Cooled Desktop Released

by Keith

NEC Water-Cooled Desktop

Water-based cooling systems have been known to be part of today’s electronic equipment, such as cars and automobiles. However, Japanese PC makers, NEC, feels that consumer PCs should also benefit from same technology, especially with extreme high heat dissipation from fast processing chips. Over-clockers will find this very useful.

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