TV Shower Companion

by Anita

This is one cool gadget for anyone that really enjoys taking long relaxing showers but does not want to miss their favorite television shows. I am one of these people, I wait until all of my shows are off before I jump into the shower in the evening. If you prefer to take morning showers you will not miss the weather report or the local news since you will have …

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by Anita


You may believe that dinosaurs were extinct until you see these 32 inch long Roboraptor roaming around your home. It is an advanced fusion of technology and personality. It is not just a regular old robot; this Roboraptor is an advanced artificial intelligence with personality, life like biomorphic motions, controlling features or even free roam modes. If you know, anyone that loves robots or dinosaurs this would be one awesome …

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NOKIA 6282 – High-speed UMTS performance for 3G

by Keith

Nokia 6282

On December 1, 2005, Nokia unveiled one of the industry’s first mobile handsets designed to support 1900MHz UMTS networks expected to go online in the America during 2006. The new gadget features a 2.2 inch, 320×240 pixel QVGA display, a 1 megapixel camera, FM radio, digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD card support, Bluetooth technology and an eye-catching sliding design. Once the markets start offering 1900MHz UMTS service, the Nokia …

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CG Review: Logitech / Harmony 885 remote control

by Marc

Logitech 885 remote

The most common reaction I get when I tell people I’ve invested in a programmable remote control is laughter. “Why?” they ask. Then again, most people don’t have a stack of electronic components 4 feet high to control. Even so, the problem is more common than you might imagine. Think about this: You have a CD player, a DVD player, a TV, a cable box, a stereo and a recording …

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Edifier MP300 2.1 Portable Audio System

by Keith

Edifier MP300

Edifier, a brand established in Beijing, China, has more than nine years of experience in sound production. Lately, they have unleashed a portable audio system – the MP300, to capture the consumer market. The piece of hardware is actually a 2.1-speaker system, manufactured for the mobile users of notebook (laptops) and portable audio players. Design with a heavy emphasis on portability and mobility, the MP300 offer excellent sound quality even …

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Loc8tor – Don’t lose it, Locate it

by Al


Fed up of losing your keys, then you’ll be pleased to hear the answer to your problem, The Loc8tor is very nearly here. The Loc8tor (the domain was obviously taken :)) is one of those cool ideas that make you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” Upon first inspection it looks a bit like how an iPod would of looked if it was made a decade or so …

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Compro VideoMate U900 – USB TV Box

by Keith

Compro VideoMate U900

Some of us may be proud of the world’s biggest plasma screen that we have installed at home. The gigantic, flat-screen panel mounted on the wall at your home, exclusive ownership to the one that owns it wholly, giving its master a treat on the various entertainment channels that it could receive from broadcasting stations. Now, not everything that’s big is smart. Have a go at what Compro claimed, the …

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Transcend USB JetFlash DSC

by Keith

Transcend JetFlash DSC

Are you a Gadget geek? So you usually carry a Digital Still Camera (DSC) wherever you walk? Also, do you bring along a Flash drive (memory stick) wherever you go, to show your fellow friends how “hi-tech” you are? Living on the edge of the technology, have you ever though it would be nicer if you could have one device that performs both functions; to take pictures, and carry your …

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