Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 (Intel Presler) CPU Released

by Keith

Most of today’s computing processors we use are Intel processors. Aimed at marketing high-end processors for PC enthusiasts, the prices of these high-end Intel Extreme Edition (EE) processors are quite unreasonable for most applications we use today. As such, most end users turn towards AMD’s high-end Athlon 64 x2 as alternative choice. Back in the tug-of-war, Intel officially released the Pentium Extreme Edition (EE) 955 chip (Intel Presler) to replace …

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Latest All-in-One P7200 Mobile by LG

by Keith

LG P7200

Recently, I caught up with the latest release of mobile phone from LG. Impressive, yet irresistible in multimedia mobile phone technology, the all-in-one P7200 mobile is a must have for those who want the best out of their handset. The 180 degrees free-rotation swivelling sensation screen enables users to take pictures in any desired angle just as they would, just like one holding a digital camera. Outdoing itself, LG has …

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Electronic Glass Scale with Blue LCD Screen

by Anita


If you have been searching for a scale that will not wear out and will give you an accurate weight in pounds or kilograms then you should purchase the Electronic Glass Scale with Blue LCD Screen. This great scale will give precise weight in increments of 0.2 pounds or in kgs. There are no springs or other moving parts that can wear out or rust which will save you money …

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20 Questions Electronic Game

by Anita


Animal, vegetable, mineral, or other is the first question you must answer to try and stump this cool gadget. This gadgets uses artificial intelligence and will ask up to 20 questions to try and figure out what you object you are thinking of, if it does not get the correct answer in 20 questions it will ask 5 more and then declare you the winner if it did got get …

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Kingston 15-in-1 CF/SM/MMC/SD/MS/MD Reader

by Keith

Kingston 15-in-1 Reader

With recent developement of several different media (memory) cards, it sounds so tedious to keep up with the hardware installation, not to mention only keeping upgrading our knowledge with the latest functions of types of memory cards. Improved with technology, the latest device readers have been adopted and implemented by Kingston – introducing the 15-in-1 card Reader. Supported with USB 2.0 hi-speed compliant regulations, the device is also backward compatible …

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Kingston CompactFlash (CF) Ultimate – 1GB, 2GB and 4GB

by Keith

Kingston CF Ultimate

When it comes to flash memories, nothing is more popular than Kingston, one of the leading Flash Memory chip makers. With flash memories utilised is so many different applications these days, from cell phones and PDAs, to MP3 players and digital cameras, these small devices have become almost part and parcel of everyone’s daily life. In about 5 years ago, 8MB flash memory devices were considered to be high-technology applications, …

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Winnie the Pooh TV & DVD Player

by Anita


Everyone remembers Winnie the Pooh and even though he is turning 80 years old next year, children everywhere still believe he is as cuddly as ever. He is one character that never ages and remains in the hearts of people once they fall in love with this cute adorable little bear. As a birthday present for turning 80 years old Medion has created the Winnie the Pooh TV and DVD …

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Flying Alarm Clock

by Al

Flying Alarm Clock

I was a bit slow on the uptake reporting on this, however better late than never. Maybe just as annoying as the grenade alarm but hows this for a self inflicted annoying alarm clock, the Blowfly flying alarm clock. The Blowfly works by waking you up with an annoying mosquitoish sound as it flies around the room and the only way to stop it is to get up and catch …

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