Human Brain-Computer Interface

by Al

Let’s face it, the 102 button keyboard is the probably most inefficient method for converting human ideas into written sentences. Now, from Germany’s Fraunhoffer Institute in Berlin comes a human brain-computer interface that converts your thoughts into motions on a computer screen.

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Microsoft to unveil iPod Rival?

by Al

Microsoft console

For months there have been rumours of a new Microsoft product, reportedly known as “Origami” that aims to rival Apple’s iPod multimedia set. Microsoft finally announced today that the device will be officially unveiled at the Cebit technology exhibition in Hanover, Germany, which runs from 9th to 15th of March. Origami is thought be a handheld set with a touch sensitive screen, wireless internet, and capable of playing music, videos …

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Pop-up Power

by Al

Cable Management

This is a simple idea to prevent the need for unsightly plugs and sockets on conference tables and desks. The Poptech is a stainless steel panel that is flush to the desk when not in use, when power or connectivity is required you just press down the front edge and it glides smoothly into view. [Poptech by Cube Industrial Design]

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Atiz Book Scanner

by Al

Book Scanner

The Los Angeles company Atiz Innovation are releasing a new book scanner that can actually turn pages. It does look pretty neat and could certainly save sombebody from a very monotonous job. The one downside is the cost, coming in at over $30,000 (ouch) you can find more info and order online on the Atiz site.

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by Keith

ViewSonic VP930b

Though you may agree that this may be just another business LCD monitor, but the Viewsonic VP930b model has an additional small significant that makes it different from others. In fact, this LCD monitor has a factory assembled base stand, such that it is packed together with the same unit as the screen itself, unlike others that have base stands packed in separately from panel units.

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Cool Wooden Clock

by Al

Wooden Clock on desk

It’s that time again to report on a new cool clock. What makes this clock gadgety, well it’s made out of wood for starters and when not showing the time looks just like a plain old block of timber.

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Sky Gazers Personal Planetarium

by Al

Celestron Telescope

If you enjoy star spotting (sky stars not Hollywood stars) you’ll love this gadget, the Sky Scout. It’s touted as a personal planetarium and must contain more celestial facts than the head of Patrick Moore. It works by using GPS to ascertain where you are and what you’re looking at. It then accesses it’s celestial database to tell you exactly what that bright dot in the sky actually is. This …

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Invisible Touch-less Dimmer Switches

by Al

Dimmer Switch

It’s pretty difficult to get a cool light switch, as at the end of the day it’s just a switch but the company Anigmo has managed it by way of a totally contact-less dimmer switch, the ST2 range (okay the name could of been a bit more inventive). In the old days, if you wanted a contact-less switch you’d need to clap, shout or slam doors. With the Anigmo switch …

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