Winnie the Pooh TV & DVD Player

by Anita

Everyone remembers Winnie the Pooh and even though he is turning 80 years old next year, children everywhere still believe he is as cuddly as ever. He is one character that never ages and remains in the hearts of people once they fall in love with this cute adorable little bear. As a birthday present for turning 80 years old Medion has created the Winnie the Pooh TV and DVD …

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Flying Alarm Clock

by Al

Flying Alarm Clock

I was a bit slow on the uptake reporting on this, however better late than never. Maybe just as annoying as the grenade alarm but hows this for a self inflicted annoying alarm clock, the Blowfly flying alarm clock. The Blowfly works by waking you up with an annoying mosquitoish sound as it flies around the room and the only way to stop it is to get up and catch …

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Gamepod Virtual/Sensory Chair

by Anita


If you are looking for that ultimate gaming chair then look no further than the GamePod Virtual/Sensory Chair. This chair has it all for gamers and movie lovers. All you have to do is plug in the chair to your video game system, DVD player, VCR, TV, stereo receivers, computer, Macs, iPods, or your MP3 player and you are ready for all the action the chair has to offer. If …

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Seagate Pocket Hard Drives

by Keith

Sony Ericsson Walkman 550i

Almost the size of a Flash Drive, but with larger capacity, Seagate has something in store for users demanding elegant, palm-sized drives, portable and mobile, yet capable of storing large business files, music, photos, videos and data, this Pocket Hard Drives is essentially light weight.

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Nokia 770 internet tablet reviewed

by Marc

Nokia internet tablet

Ars Technica have managed to get their hands on the long-awaited Nokia 770 internet tablet. When I saw it recently I noticed there was a delay in switching operations – apparently this is sometimes longer than the few seconds I saw when the device is loaded. On the other hand it’s cheap with an amazing screen and you can’t have everything for $360 You can read the full review here.

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Sony Ericsson W550i – Walkman Phone

by Keith

Sony Ericsson Walkman 550i

When Sony Ericsson released W800i, their very first camera phone designed specifically as a lifestyle gadget with telecommunication capability. The W800i was put together in light of the popularization of MP3 players and a booming industry of online music stores. Although it was not the first camera phone to boast of MP3 playback functionality, it was however the first camera phone to leverage on the Sony ‘Walkman’ branding and along …

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Matchbox Sized Projectors

by Al

Tiny Upstream Projector

Tiny (size not brand) projectors seem to be the in thing at the moment, with the Samsung SP-P300MK Pocket Imager due to be released very early next year. A Finish company Upstream Engineering are working on new projector technology that will make the size of Samsung seem unbelievably large. The picture above is a non-working prototype to demonstrate the size that the Upstream projector will likely be. Comparing it to …

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Genius TVGo DVB-T01

by Keith


Announced lately, Genius introduces TVGo DVB-T01, a portable device that let you experience the most convenient and simplest way to watch TV without a subscription fee or cable line! TVGo DVB-T01 also supports HDTV (High Definition TV), which gives you high TV image quality. Furthermore, users can directly record digital TV while watching digital TV using the Direct Burn function.

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