Fishy Cable Organiser

by Al

With a passion for gadgets often comes a passion for cables. In the corner of my living room it looks like somebody has opened an industrial sized can of black spaghetti and tried to hide the contents (unsuccessfully) under my TV cabinet. This simple gadget could make the mess a little more manageable. The Cable Fish – Cable Winder is a simple little gadget that you use to wrap excess …

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USB Turntable (Rip Vinyl)

by Al

USB Vinyl Turntable

Before MP3 there was Cd’s, before that tapes and even earlier still there was vinyl (and somewhere along the way mini-discs came and went). Though vinyl still seems to be alive (just) it’s not the most portable of formats. This latest gadget the USB Turntable helps you rip your vinyl collection onto your PC so you can carry it around in your pocket rather than a rucksack. You connect the …

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PIX visual LED display

by Paz

PIX LED display.

This looks quite a fun gadget from Korea. It’s a palm-sized programmable LED display that you can use to make custom, moving graphics.

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World Cup Hooligan Spy Robot

by Lexia

World Cup Spy Robot

Meet OFRO – the robot who going to be working hard keeping tabs on potential trouble-makers at the World Cup this Summer. OFRO is a mobile security unit that can patrol several programmed routes in both internal and external environments (OFRO is suitably weather-proofed!). OFRO has a rotating camera that serves both to record and tranmit images of hooligans back to the central security response system and helps in the …

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A business card miniature scanner

by Paz

HP business card scanner

This is quite a cool idea. It’s a tiny portable scanner for scanning in business cards into your computer. I collect a dozen or so business cards on every trip, all of which end up in a mess on my top draw, ordered in a sort of last-in first-out filing system. I did a search and found out that the average businessman spends 28 minutes a day looking for lost …

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Extreme Sports Camcorder

by Al

Action Camera

You can’t exactly go skydiving, para-sailing or even go karting with an ordinary old camcorder as you kind of need your arms for other things which is probably the reason why Action camera’s have released the ATC-1000 hands free camcorder.

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Nabaztag Lands at ThinkGeek

by Al


Whilst doing my usual rounds of gadget sites I saw that Think Geek are now selling my favourite wifi gadget, the Nabaztag though only on pre-order at the moment. So you can now get the cute (and some may say useful) tech bunny from Think Geek in the States and Firebox in the UK, though annoyingly I ordered one of these in March from FB and it’s still out of …

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The Outdoor Beer Fridge

by Al

Outdoor Party Fridge

If you’re like us you’ll enjoy the odd tinnie and barbecue in the sunny summer months. When you have guests round it can become a bit of a pain making trips to the fridge when ever peoples drinks run dry. That was until the roll bar came along. The roll bar may look like a cross between a wheelie bin and a dish washer but it’s actually a totally mobile …

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