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When it comes to wearable technology such as smart glasses, we have yet arrived at a situation where there is a truly sentient pair, one which is also capable of letting the blind “see” like the technology showcased in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Well, we will simply have to settle for something like the Olympus EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 smart glasses at the moment, where this compact and lightweight tool has been specially optimized to see action in business applications.

With Olympus having a rich and long history when it comes to developing smart glasses technology, the EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 is now available in the US. Sporting a patented optical system within the EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 itself, users are able to check out its display without actually blocking one’s eyesight. This makes it a whole lot easier to access information as and when required, without the need to pause for a moment and have the current activity interrupted.

Despite being extremely lightweight, the EI-10 has managed to incorporate not only wireless LAN connectivity but also Bluetooth technology in order to have it hooked up to a network or to other kinds of peripheral devices. The EI-10 also boasts of a long battery life while it has hot swap capabilities that enables it to be used for extended periods of time even in the most demanding of business settings. There is also an attachment mechanism that enables it to be mounted onto safety glasses or prescription glasses in a jiffy. The embedded sensors also allow for easy navigation of the user interface as well as applications, where among them include photo and video capture and playback, QR code reader, and utility functions for custom developed applications.

The EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 is available for purchase already at $1,499.99 apiece for those who are interested.

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Oska Pulse would like to help relieve you of your pain Sun, 12 Nov 2017 12:00:19 +0000 oska-pulseLiving a healthy life would also mean not experiencing unwanted pain regardless of what age you are. Some of us have no choice but to learn to cope with a life of pain, perhaps from an accident or injury, or as a result of sickness. Oska Wellness, a company that has committed to develop consumer health and wellness products, recently announced that they are making their Oska Pulse device available for purchase over on The Oska Pulse comes across as a portable and wearable health tech pain relief device.

Greg Houlgate, CEO/President of Oska Wellness, shared, “We are excited that Oska Pulse is now available on Amazon, the premier shopping site year-round, and especially during the holidays. For people living with chronic and acute pain, the availability of Oska Pulse at the world’s foremost online retail outlet will offer additional access to our non-drug, non-invasive pain relief technology.”

As chronic pain currently affects over 100 million people annually, this is definitely one of the main factors that increases the chances of a widespread opioid epidemic. With the Oska Pulse, there is no need to rely on drugs and the accompanying side effects, since this is a safe, easy-to-use, portable and wearable health technology product that has been specially designed in order to assist in the reduction of muscle stiffness while providing temporary relief from minor pain. Not only that, it has also recorded cases of being able to increase mobility for those who have acute or chronic pain.

All of this is achieved through the proprietary eTec Pulse Technology, where it safely optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic technology in order to enable people to live a more active, pain-free and drug-free lifestyle. Each purchase of the $399 Oska Pulse will feature the device itself, a large compression wrap, and a USB cable to help you get started right away.

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Blackboard offers you a new way to write Tue, 31 Oct 2017 13:00:41 +0000 blackboardNo, this is no ordinary blackboard that the older generation grew up with, where the use of chalk and a duster educated millions of children during their formative years. This is the blackboard of the 21st century, where technology has been fused to an ancient idea in order to deliver the best of both worlds. The folks behind the Boogie Board has come up with the definitive Blackboard, where it has been described as an electronic writing tool that features Liquid Crystal Paper, enabling one to write, edit and erase as though one was using pencil on paper.

Arriving in time for the holiday season later this year, the Blackboard has been touted to be the next evolution when it comes to writing. This revolutionary new electronic writing tool is the first of its kind that boasts of Liquid Crystal Paper, opening up new avenues for one to plan, write and design using one’s hand. In fact, it is so comfortable to use with your hand, it might not even feel new at all despite all of the high end technology infused within.

The Blackboard will write and erase electronically without requiring the use of ink or paper. Not only that, there are also new innovations which have been thrown into the mix, not the least of it being the proprietary Liquid Crystal Paper feature set that results in the most comfortable and natural paper-like writing experience to date. There is no lag or delay to worry about, and neither do you need to turn it on or plug in, which means no charging is required. The button cell battery has been touted to last for a good 5 years before a replacement is required, now how about that? If you want to get your hands on a 8.5″ x 11″ Letter-sized, semi-transparent writing surface, then the $44.99 Blackboard is right up your alley.

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Satechi Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote Mon, 30 Oct 2017 13:00:31 +0000 satechi-bt-remoteWhen it comes to accessories for mobile devices, one particular brand has always managed to stand out on its own, that is, Satechi. Satechi’s range of accessories always have a single objective in mind: to be able to make everyday life a whole lot more convenient, and their latest release arrives in the form of the spanking new Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote. The name of this remote control says it all — you are able to effortlessly control media even though the numerous digital devices that you own happen to be out of reach. Featuring a couple of different modes, Media and Presentation, the Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote ensures that users gain complete freedom and control when it comes to handling music, movies, videos and presentations without having to look for different devices.

When one is switched on to Media Mode, the Satechi Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote will offer total media playback control. This means the user wields the power to skip or go to the next track, pause or play media, adjust the volume level, mute when the need arises, or access the Home button, all directly from the remote itself.

As for Presentation Mode, the versatility of the Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote shines through. Presentation Mode ensures that this nifty little remote is able to be transported from the home directly to the office, where it can then be used to take control of and manage presentations. The wireless remote will enable users to easily walk around a room while maintaining the all important eye contact in order to command the attention of the audience. This lets them remain engaged without losing connection or having to “point-and-shoot” the screen. Majority of the productivity applications are supported, including PowerPoint and Keynote, so that your next presentation has maximum chances of wowing the audience.

It has a 10 meter range with a battery life of up to 45 hours of use on a single charge. There is a LED status light indicator and a USB charging cable that helps you power it when the battery level starts to run dangerously low. The Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Remote will retail for $44.99 as it arrives in silver, space gray or jet black shades.

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Mitte smart healthy water system Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:00:15 +0000 mitteThere are many different kinds of water purification systems out there in the market, with some of them even having special plates that will increase the alkaline count of the water, claiming to be able to play a role in alleviating certain illnesses and sickness. Mitte would like to jump aboard the water purification bandwagon, but offer a twist to the situation instead by being a smart healthy water system. In other words, it will make use of the distillation process to purify your water, but also offer customized mineral enhancements that ensures each cup of water you drink is healthy.

Tap water tends to carry its fair share of impurities and is not the best barometer for life giving water, while traditional water purification systems simply purify but do not enhance. Mitte will offer the best of everything, resulting in a mineralized and contaminant-free water wherever it is installed. Gaining inspiration from nature, Mitte will feature mineral cartridges that replicate the naturally occurring process whenever pure water flows through rocks at the source, picking up minerals as it flows. With Mitte, users have the option to personalize their daily drinking water via 3 different mineral cartridges that will carry varying levels of natural minerals and ingredients.

Right now available as a Kickstarter project, it can be yours for as low as a pledge of $234. This is definitely a new solution that will help to go up against a long term global issue: access to pure, healthy drinking water. The trio of mineral cartridges offered include Alkaline with a high pH level, a Balance cartridge that will add basic minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium so that a softer water with a neutral taste is created to deliver better tasting coffee or tea, while the Vitality cartridge offers a higher concentration of such basic minerals in addition to a dose of trace minerals like manganese, iron, selenium and zinc, targeting those who live an active lifestyle and would like to survive on a healthy diet. Each cartridge is able to produce 400 liters of pure and re-mineralized water.

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Gamber-Johnson reveals trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 docking stations Thu, 26 Oct 2017 12:00:44 +0000 gamber-johnsonWhen it comes to tablets, the general trend of this particular device has been on a downward spiral for quite some time already, but there is still a decent enough sized market to keep new models rolling out from time to time. It is useful for such tablets to feature a dock, since there are times when you simply want to stop working and relax, and watching a movie on a tablet is far more enjoyable than on a (relatively) tiny smartphone display. A docking station would then come in handy, and for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 owners, Gamber-Johnson has come up with not one or two, but a trio of docking stations that have been specially designed in order to safely and securely mount the all new tablet.

These docking stations will also play nice with the other Gamber-Johnson range of mounting equipment, and are well known to specifically work in vehicles like police cars, ambulances, OTR trucks, utility trucks, and forklifts. The new collection of products will continue to underline support by the company for its Android initiative, ensuring affordable accessory solutions when it comes to rugged Android tablets. Niche market segments like transportation and logistics that tend to require more rugged devices compared to traditional commercial products will definitely benefit from this.

Three different versions are available for this docking system version: a lightweight and low-cost cradle, a fully loaded docking station with a USB port to power your keyboard or mouse, and a kit version that will also be able to replace your tablet’s battery. The Gamber-Johnson cradle version helps to keep things nice and simple, tipping the scales at a mere 0.46 lbs, it will let you access all the features while keeping the Tab Active2 safe.

While no pricing has been announced, all three will be available soon, having passed Gamber-Johnson’s extensive rugged environment standard, undergoing cycle testing for 30,000 times before being released to ensure the utmost level of quality.

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Taechyon Septaer features a wraparound display Tue, 24 Oct 2017 13:00:24 +0000 taechyon-septaerNow here is a particular device that not many homes will have, and it is all too easy to free up some space in order to place the Septaer from Taechyon. After all, a normal lamp or electric-powered lantern is nothing to shout about, but with the Septaer, you get a full wraparound 360-degree display as well as a full 360-degree camera built inside, sporting a design that is guaranteed to see people ask questions on where to get one.

In fact, Taechyon’s Septaer will no doubt be an eye-catching centerpiece when it comes to family and home entertainment. Specially designed to be viewed from just about any side courtesy of its omni-directional display technology, it comes accompanied by large high-end speakers while allowing space for users to control the room ambiance and environmental lighting depending to a user’s mood. To get on with the program that incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence), Septaer will also boast of existing smart speaker AI capabilities of an Alexa, Google Home or Cortana.

Not only that, users can also take advantage of Septaer-to-Septaer full room video conferencing ability, use it as an entertainment device, as well as share user-created interactive characters and content. There is no word on pricing, but it seems that the first Septaer shipments are set to kick off by summer next year.

Steve Favis, CTO of Taechyon Robotics Corporation, shared, “Instead of everyone staring at a TV or phone screen, users will be facing each other when interacting with the Septaer instead of looking away from each other. Modern games can be played as the centerpiece of the table like traditional board games. Other flat-screen devices seem to pull attention away from family interaction. I am hoping families facing each other interacting with a single device viewable from all sides will bring families closer together.”

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G-Bike is the first carry-on style electric bicycle in the world Mon, 16 Oct 2017 20:00:28 +0000 g-bikeWhen it comes to bicycles to get around for the urban commuter, there are many different kinds of models to choose from. Many of us would settle for a regular two-wheeler with a fair number of gears in order to help us tackle the trickier uphill segments along the route. However, regular sized bicycles are normally not allowed to be carried on board trains, making end-to-end connectivity a wee bit more challenging. Portable bicycles or foldable ones, on the other hand, do not really offer the same kind of “kick” as a regular sized bicycle. Enter GreenWheel’s G-Bike, the first carry-on style electric bicycle in the world.

The G-Bike will boast of a sturdy, secure frame with a trio of folding points at the back wheel, mid body, and base of the handlebar stem. This special design will enable the bike to neatly collapse down to its carrier form, where you can then bring it with you right behind like an obedient puppy, or a luggage carry-on.

As for its technical specifications, they are rather impressive. Boasting of a long lasting battery life of up to 55 miles in range (this will also vary depending on the steepness of the slopes involved, among others), we love the incorporation of puncture resistant tires that feature an integrated puncture guard in order to deliver all-terrain access. The 36V 250W motor is able to provide significant torque and speed to handle any kind of slope, while the battery can be removed to recharge, taking a mere 4 hours to do so. There is also a high quality LCD display that showcases important details such as speed, distance, and battery life remaining, while Shimano Nexus Gears delivers easy riding with the feel of a 3-speed bike.

Expect the G-Bike to retail for $1,799 apiece if you are interested in going green in style.

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Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser calms you down with smells Thu, 12 Oct 2017 13:00:39 +0000 renaisscentThe modern day lifestyle might bring its fair share of perks, but there is also a great number of factors that could be detrimental to our health. Stress at the workplace (and at home) can be a major contributing factor, which means we need to find different ways to combat our stress, including eating right, sleeping well, and getting a healthy amount of exercise. Another way to soothe those frazzled nerves would be through aromatherapy, and here is the Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser which brings forward a modern day take on an ancient method.

What makes the Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser so different from other kinds of aromatherapy methods? For starters, this is an economic alternative, and it is also eco-friendly with a unique capsule design that carries high quality fragrances which will be able to provide care for your well being as well as bring comfort to your moods.

Renaisscent’s system will comprise of a quartet of different series of fragrance capsules, where these four are Relaxation, Oriental Meditation, Attractive Sensuality, and Cosmopolitan. Each individual Renaisscent fragrance capsule will be accompanied by a trio of various aromas, bringing it to a total of a dozen options as though you have twelve different bottles of essential oils. All of this without having to break the bank, now how about that? Once the different capsules are placed into the smart diffuser, the Renaisscent app that is connected to the diffuser will be able to recognize the capsules within three seconds, where the fragrance icons are shown on the smartphone screen. From there, the diffuser is able to diffuse fragrances according to your designed configuration. Not only that, the app can also be customized to mix and match the types of fragrances, in addition to the density and duration of diffusion.

The internet is also another useful tool to remotely control your Renaisscent fragrance diffuser as you are making your way home, letting you open the door to a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere. There is also an aromatic reminder that works with the alarm function, so that it can dispense the fragrance of roses and lavender to inform you that it is time to retire for the day. The Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser is recharged via a microUSB cable.

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Laurastar Smart is the first connected iron in the world Thu, 12 Oct 2017 12:00:28 +0000 laurastar-smartJust when you thought that the home has had enough smart devices lying around, Laurastar decided to introduce something new and different to the market: the Laurastar Smart. What makes the Laurastar Smart special compared to a regular iron? Why, it is not only able to make sure your business meetings will have you look your very best, it will also ensure that you can boast to the rest of the neighborhood that you have the first connected iron in the world.

The Laurastar Smart will take advantage of Bluetooth patent-pending technology in order to have it connect to an application on your smartphone. There is a built-in sensor within the Laurastar Smart that will help it optimize your ironing technique. This is made possible as it compares your ironing movement to that of the one shown on the interactive video that the app provides. Over the course of time, you will be able to keep to the perfect gesture, hence increasing your skill when it comes to straightening out the creases on a shirt, a jacket or skirt.

There will be three personalized tutorial levels that accompany the app: “beginner”, “advanced” or “expert”, and regardless of the level selected, you will enjoy a fun and effective accompaniment where ironing clothes at an optimal level of care. The entire system acts as your ironing coach, so that you end up as an expert over the course of time. You can also evaluate your progress via the application’s time tracking capability and “reward” system.

Even better yet is the Laurastar Smart’s ability to capture movements while triggering steam on its own. Being this intelligent and autonomous means there is no longer any need to adjust the temperature since the thermostat has been specially programmed to adapt to different kinds of fabrics on its own.

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