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The Everbright will let you play with toys while looking sophisticated

by Caitlyn - on August 25th, 2015

Being an adult is hard. You have to commit yourself to a job to make money to pay for food, gas, rent, a mortgage, college tuition, and a myriad of other little things that all add up. Most of our time is dedicated to working, and it’s hard to find time for leisure activities. Regardless of where you work, you need to take breaks now and again. It’s always a good idea to do something that takes your mind completely off of the task at hand, and while video games and movies are fun to take in, you probably shouldn’t have them at work.

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Plane, train, & automobile Solar Backup Battery lets you juice up no matter where you are

by Edwin - on August 25th, 2015

solar-backup-batteryI suppose it is not too wrong to think that the modern buzzword at the moment would be “going green” or being “eco-friendly”. In fact, anything that has four wheels and have the word “hybrid” plastered on it is given the thumbs up, as such vehicles consume far less gas than the average car with a high capacity engine. Well, when it comes to charging up our mobile devices, the power bank is a good idea, but others have decided that a solar powered charger would also be able to get the job done. Enter the $69.95 Plane, Train, And Automobile Solar Backup Battery that is pretty much self explanatory.

From the name itself, you will be able to know that this solar backup battery will work regardless of whether you get from Point A to Point B using a plane, a train or an automobile. As long as the sun shines, of course, it will be able to work just fine. The thing is, on a plane, you would most probably want to close them shades in mid-flight, at least on economy class as the bright light in the middle of the day can be quite a distraction to the other people who are on board. This device’s built-in solar panel charges the internal 1,000 maH lithium-ion battery by harnessing the power of the sun, and it takes up to two hours to fully recharge via USB if the weather is not being co-operative. Five LEDs located on the rim will indicate internal battery capacity.

PowerSquare knocks on the US with world’s first position-free, Multi Device Wireless Charger

by Edwin - on August 25th, 2015

powersquareWhile we have wireless networks, wireless keyboards and mice, and even wireless speakers, the world of chargers do seem to be pretty much tethered down. In fact, wireless charging does seem, on paper, to be the way to move forward (such as Samsung’s monitor that supports wireless charging), but this does not mean that the idea of it all has caught on. In fact, wireless charging can be said to be in a very niche position at this point in time, but thankfully, there are companies out there that continue to endeavor to bring changes – positive ones, to the industrial landscape, and PowerSquare is one of them as they deliver what they deem to be the world’s first position-free, Multi Device Wireless Charger to the U.S. market.

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Kidizoom Smartwatch DX ups the ante for the little ones

by Edwin - on August 24th, 2015

smartwatch-dxThe smartwatch industry looks set to be one that is going to go through a boom, although there are several cautious steps that will still need to be taken if a manufacturer were to make it big, including choosing the target market carefully, among others. While more established players like Motorola with their Moto 360, Apple and the obviously named Apple Watch, as well as LG with the LG Watch Urbane LTE look pretty comfortable at where they are at the moment, there is virtually not a single smartwatch that caters to your little ones. Well, that perception is going to change now, thanks to the folks over at VTech who have come up with the all new Kidizoom Smartwatch DX.

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Polyera unveils the Wove Band

by Edwin - on August 24th, 2015

polyera-woveThe world of consumer electronics have become so advanced these days, that there are plenty of new developments as well as items that will not fail to amaze any one of us at all. In fact, here we are with what we call the Wove Band from the folks over at Polyera, which is deemed to be the world’s first flexible display product. It does seem to be a rather odd claim, as there are other flexible displays out there, but perhaps those have not been fully developed to realize their commercial value, and we also have curved displays, especially on the higher range TVs that are in the market as well as smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Well, back to the Wove Band – it features a flexible display which can either be flat or wrap around a wrist, now how about that for coolness?

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Scosche strikeLINE Rugged LED Charge & Sync Cables now available

by Edwin - on August 21st, 2015

scosche-strikelineWhen it comes to accessories for the mobile world, you can be sure that Scosche is right up there with the very best of them, more often than not providing us with offerings that are a whole lot more than what we would expect. This time around, the 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree known as the Scosche strikeLINE Rugged LED Charge & Sync Cables, have been made available to the masses, where those who are interested will be able to choose from two different lengths – they are either 3 feet or 6 feet in nature.

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Epson Runsense SF-110 knows where you are, tracks your fitness details

by Edwin - on August 20th, 2015

epson-runsense-sf-110When it comes to fitness watches as well as GPS watches, there are many examples out there in the market for the discerning consumer to pick one from, but it can be a rather tricky thing to do if one is not too sure of the reason for purchasing one – perhaps even out of peer pressure. Well, just when you thought that all Epson did was to roll out printers and projectors, here we are with the Epson Runsense SF-110 that is said to merge daily activity monitoring alongside GPS capability into a new fitness and running wearable piece of tech – a location knowing, fitness calculating timepiece, if you will.

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Watteam’s PowerBeat released at an affordable price point

by Edwin - on August 19th, 2015

watteamThe PowerBeat from Watteam happens to be the very first add-on, professional-grade power meter that is available to the masses – and without requiring them to break the bank, too, as it comes with an asking price of $499 a pop. This particular package will include both a left and right power meter. The tiny, non-intrusive PowerBeat will be able to offer riders with normalized, average and maximum power data in addition to exact cadence. Cyclists will find this easy do-it-yourself solution to be a boon, as PowerBeat works on hollow aluminum cranks, regardless of the year or make, with an aluminum and carbon-compatible version set to release in 2016. It is perfect for road cycling, so that the PowerBeat delivers reliable data regardless of the environmental condition, and will independently deliver both right and left leg force measurements.

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