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Satechi R1 aluminum foldable stand

by Edwin - on July 15th, 2017

Satechi knows just what it is like to provide accessories for different kinds of hardware, and they have come up with yet another mobile accessory for the road warrior this time around in the form of the Satechi R1 aluminum foldable stand. The R1 aluminum foldable stand is unique in a sense that it will elevate a range of gadgets and devices, from tablets and smartphones to laptops, delivering an optimal viewing experience in the process.

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Nuguna Neckband is an environmental awareness device

by Edwin

nugunaNow here is a wearable device that will certainly change the way you view things — the Nuguna Neckband. This is no ordinary piece of neckband, but rather, it is an environmental awareness device that could very well be the first of its kind. The Nuguna Neckband has already surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, and is more than ready to meet whatever orders that come its way. Specially designed for those who have hearing loss, the Nuguna Neckband is a device that is worn around the neck. Whenever there is a high-pitched sound that happens around the wearer, the device will alert them to the sound’s direction.

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Kiwano reveals new KO1 electric scooter

by Edwin

ko1Are all electric scooters created the same? Not quite, as Kiwano would like to prove otherwise. Kiwano has come up with what it deems to be a revolutionary ‘one wheel handheld electric scooter’. Now that is certainly a mouthful, right? Known as the new KO1 Electric Scooter, this is a one wheel scooter that will rely on a totally custom-designed and patented wheel. Thanks to a patented drive system, it is capable of delivering the ultimate level of performance, managing speed, torque, and power without missing a beat.

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cnct reveals the intelliPLUG

by Edwin

intelliplugThe intelliPLUG’s claim to fame is being the smallest and most affordable smart plug in the world. Yes, you read that right. It looks like the whole world is moving towards having a smart home and a smart office, so it would also make perfect sense if a smart plug is part of the corresponding setup as well. Enter the intelliPLUG from cnct — where it will help your house become a smart home for the fraction of the cost, all the while offering one the ability to enjoy control of any plugged-in device directly from a phone or tablet.

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Wacom Clipboard intends to turn your business paperless

by Edwin

wacom-clipboardWacom is an old name when it comes to digitizer tablets as well as styluses that simply work, and work well. This time around, the Wacom Clipboard has been revealed to transform your business into a more paperless environment. Granted, one can never end up with a truly paperless environment, but there is the possibility of minimizing whatever use of paper wherever possible. With the Wacom Clipboard, such a vision becomes easier, since businesses are able to transform paper documents into the digital format — in real-time.

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BETO Sleep Coach is another example of IoT done right

by Edwin

beto-sleep-coachThe Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly one prime example of how technology has made life a whole lot better and easier for everyone, and one of the great things about IoT is the way it is able to change the way we interact with things in and around the home. For new parents (or seasoned parents, it does not matter) who have just welcomed the latest bundle of joy to the home, you know that one thing is guaranteed. Your sleep pattern is going to go out of whack for one simple reason: baby’s sleeping time will be the one that dictates how much sleep everyone else gets in and around the home. Enter the BETO Sleep Coach, a device that merges IoT with artificial intelligence technology in order to optimize baby sleep patterns so that everyone will turn out better for it.

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TrackR Pixel might be smaller, but it is louder than ever before

by Edwin

trackr-pixelSome of us have memories like elephants, where we never forget a single face, name, or person, but when it comes to the remote control at home, it tends to go missing — especially when you are not the only one living under the same roof. Well, here is the TrackR Pixel which will offer a smaller, lighter, and louder version of the original TrackR tracking device. It will not only sport a loud ringer that ought to make it easier to pick up where your item is, there is also a bright LED light thrown into the mix in addition to a long Bluetooth range.

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Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD is now available

by Edwin

belkin-thunderbolt-express-dock-hdWhen it comes to accessorizing your MacBook Pro or iMac, there are plenty of accessories out there in the market for you to choose from. However, it is all too easy to be spoilt for choice, so if you are working with a limited budget, it would be far wiser to choose your battle, so to speak. Belkin has long been a trusted name when it comes to rolling out accessories for the computing workspace, and this time around it is no different, either, with the availability of the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD.

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