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Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler lets you have a break on the go

by Edwin - on June 27th, 2016

Golf is not exactly the cheapest hobby in which one can indulge in, but neither does it cost a bomb such as car racing. Still, you would need to have a substantial amount of money to get started, ranging from the set of clubs all the way to a golf club membership if you would like to get serious with things. Having said that, walking the entire course is a surefire way to end up thirsty, especially in the sweltering summer heat, and this means ordering drinks from the club’s restaurant. However, if you are in a pinch this month and would like to save some money on the side, investing in the $89.95 Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler does make plenty of sense.

As its name suggests, the Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler comes with the cooler concealed within a golfer’s shag bag. Sly swingers can then enjoy their chilled libations of choice on the links, saving money in the process. The bag surreptitiously stows enough beverages to keep an entire foursome refreshed over a full round, as it has enough room to hold a dozen 12-oz. bottles or 18 12-oz. cans, in addition to 5 lbs. of ice. It provides a welcome relief to lukewarm refreshments that are smuggled in via shorts pockets, or waiting for what seems like infinity for a chilled clubhouse beverage.

NUU Konnect makes global roaming a snap

by Edwin - on June 27th, 2016

NUU KonnectIf the world is your oyster, and you happen to change passports all too often simply because you have run out of pages for the immigration to chop, then chances are you are also on the lookout for a mobile deal that does not require you to burn a huge hole in your pocket at the end of the trip. While roaming has become a whole lot more affordable than before, it is still not at prices where everyone is able to afford, even more so when it comes to longer stays. Having said that, Hong Kong-based NUU Mobile might have a solution in the form of the NUU Konnect device, which will allow seamless local SIM switching for international travelers to more than 100 destination countries. In other words, the NUU Mobile vision is no less than a world without telecomm borders.

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Elos Touch Advance gets rid of body hair at home

by Edwin - on June 27th, 2016

elos-meWomen do happen to have hair growing from different parts of their bodies as well, apart from their head, you know. It is just that the hairless armpits and flawless bikini lines that you see being portrayed by the media? Those happen to be carefully manicured and attended to by their respective beauty regimes, and has nothing to do with the natural female form. Don’t you know? There is a price to pay for everything, and hair removal treatments are not cheap to say the least. Well, if you feel like you prefer to get rid of bodily hair right smack in the comfort of your own home, perhaps you might want to check out the Elos Touch Advance from the folks over at Elos Me.

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Satechi Multi-Port USB Charging Station juices up half a dozen devices at once

by Edwin - on June 24th, 2016

satechi-6-chargerIn any household these days, there are many different kinds of devices under a single roof, even if it is just the two of you – or heck, a single living there. This means that at the end of the day, many of the power outlets would be fully plugged for the simple fact that these smartphones and tablets will need to be juiced up in order to be ready for yet another full day of action. Thankfully, many device manufacturers these days have decided to settle for a USB charging capability, and Satechi has come up with with yet another multi-device USB charger, which they have called it the Multi-Port USB Charging Station.

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Griffin rolls out their toughest power bank yet

by Edwin - on June 24th, 2016

survivor-power-bankWith many of us sporting more than a single smartphone these days, it goes without saying that there are way too many different kinds of chargers to choose from. However, this does not mean that you need to throw up your hands in the air in despair before you travel as you pack, since there are always solutions for emergencies. Griffin Technology is one of them, having come up with award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, and they have just announced their highly anticipated Survivor Power Bank. In fact, the Survivor Power Bank happens to be the very the first phone and tablet backup battery pack that is not only durable, but also reliable enough to be known as Survivor.

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World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner is whisper quiet

by Edwin - on June 24th, 2016

quietest-acWhat used to be considered as a luxury can be said to a necessity in this day and age – and I am referring to the air conditioner. After all, there are those nights when it is simply way too hot, where even the ceiling fan turned on at full speed with all of the windows opened are simply not good enough. With so many different kinds of air conditioner models in the market, just which particular model should one get? Why not choose something that hums along silently – like the $299.95 World’s Quietest Window Air Conditioner?

As its name suggests, this happens to be an air conditioner model that has been reengineered with internal mechanisms that deliver powerful cool air at the same time producing a gentle hum equivalent to a rain shower. It is more than 1/3 quieter than its clanging competitors, as this hushed window unit incorporates a buffer around the compressor which will muffle sound and absorb vibration. Not only that, a unique horizontal fan is implemented that helps circulate air more efficiently, further reducing drag and noise. The powerful model will boast of three speeds and four modes, functioning as an energy-efficient fan and dehumidifier to boot.

Portable Foot Massager soothes the day’s stress wherever you are

by Edwin - on June 15th, 2016

portable-foot-massagerAfter a particularly long day of walking when you are on a holiday, you know for sure that you too, would want to get a good night’s rest back at your hotel room. Of course, a warm bath is always nice to have, but getting your aching feet massaged is certainly something else altogether. While there are many different kinds of foot massagers around, these are not all that easy to bring with you on your holiday – which is why there is the $29.95 Portable Foot Massager that will fill such a niche.

The Portable Foot Massager happens to be a mobile massager that is not only lightweight but compact in nature for easy portability, but do not judge it by it’s miniscule form factor, as it is full well capable of delivering an intense vibration which soothes tired, aching feet. Measuring all of just 6” in length and tipping the scales at a mere 8 oz., it can slip into a purse or carry-on for convenient use at work or while traveling. The massager is ergonomically shaped in order to match the arch of the foot, and will feature a trio of textured sections that strategically target key pressure points. Five rollers massage each toe, horizontal bars relax the ball of the foot, and round nodes at the bottom ease tension in the heel, and the entire shebang is powered by a pair of AA batteries.

Vizio reveals new home theater sound bar range

by Edwin - on June 14th, 2016

vizio-smart-barWhen it comes to having a decent home theater system, there are many different players out there in the market who are vying for a slice of the pie, which is good news for consumers since this means there are many different options to pick from. Apart from good visuals, one should also look into making sure that audio works great on their end as well. With so many sound bars out there in the market, just which particular model should we choose? Vizio has just the thing this time around, as their all new home theater sound bar collection is revealed, arriving in a new slim design while delivering high performance 5.1 surround sound.

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