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Satechi slim aluminum wireless keypad merges form and function

by Edwin - on October 21st, 2016

Many modern day notebooks these days are pretty nifty as they are not only lightweight, but also relatively slim and small in nature. This makes such notebooks a snap to tote around, being particularly useful when you are on a showfloor trying to cover as much news as possible without ending up with a strained shoulder and bad back afterwards. More often than not, compromises have to be made, and most notebooks have long ditched the keypad. Bean counters might not be used to this when working on a notebook, and rather than lug around a full sized USB keyboard whenever you travel with your notebook for work, why not settle for something far smaller — and more convenient? Satechi has the answer with their latest slim aluminum wireless keypad.

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KNBOR brings Wi-Fi connectivity into your ceiling lamp

by Edwin - on October 20th, 2016

knborSo you have just moved into your spiffy new home — and are wondering just what kind of interior design features that you would like to throw into the mix. The thing is, you are pretty sure that setting up a Wi-Fi network is one of your main priorities — and to get that right, you would need to make sure that you have a decent Wi-Fi router in place. The thing is, there might be some issues with dead spots in your home — especially if it is a spacious one, where cement walls and doors block the Wi-Fi signal. The KNBOR ceiling lamp intends to relegate that issue to the history bin, as it delivers Wi-Fi connectivity alongside your ceiling lamp.

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JikoPower’s Spark ensures you have electricity even during a disaster

by Edwin - on October 18th, 2016

jiko-sparkAnyone who has been to an area that has been badly hit by a natural disaster such as a typhoon, flood, or earthquake would find it difficult to describe the situation there. It is an amalgamation of emotions all rolled into one, as the sheer scale of devastation starts to sink in. Getting those who are able to safety is of the utmost importance, and most of the time, there would be a disruption of the basic necessities — food might be in short supply, and there would most probably not have any kind of water or electricity supply. With so many of us reliant on our mobile devices to carry vital information and remain connected, a power bank is not going to do the trick in a post-natural disaster scenario. JikoPower figured out that their Spark is the better alternative.

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This Heated Floor Mat will help with circulation in your feet

by Caitlyn


When you have circulation issues, you know how important it is to keep on top of the blood flow in your legs. If you don’t take precautionary measures, varicose veins will start popping up like crazy, and your legs will constantly feel weighted, sore, and restless. It is completely possible to lose sleep over this sort of thing (speaking from experience), so you’re either going to do something about it or look into how much it costs to have your legs chopped off.

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ASTI LectroFan Micro is a wireless sleep sound machine

by Edwin

lectrofanSome of us do find it difficult to get some much needed shuteye at night, and this could boil down to many different reasons. Among them include plenty of stress during our waking hours, so much so that it is nigh impossible to rest our minds at night. Others might be financial or relationship issues that keep us awake, and when you have tried so many different ways to get some precious rest, none of them really work for good. ASTI might have something different which you can look into for sweet, sweet sleep: the LectroFan Micro.

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Satechi Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter is a digital accessory you need to have

by Edwin

satechi-slim-4k-multi-port-adapterWhen it comes to computer peripherals or digital accessories that are in the market, there are many different devices to choose from, but one particular name that we can all agree on which provides plenty of quality, it would be Satechi. Satechi’s latest arrival in the market is the Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter. Satechi holds the distinction of being one of the first leading brands that made a foray into the growing Type-C accessory market last year, and they have not looked back since. With the Slim 4K Multi-Port Adapter, its Type-C accessory line is expanded, since it will play nice with new products such as the new 12” MacBook and Chromebook Pixel.

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Circulation Enhancing Heated Floor Mat keeps your toes nice and warm

by Edwin

circulation-enhancing-floor-matWhen the mercury drops during autumn and the bitter cold of winter sets in not too long after, remaining nice and warm is always essential. While we might look into heating solutions that could rack up a hefty utility bill at the end of the month, perhaps there are other ways of getting the job done? The $79.95 Circulation Enhancing Heated Floor Mat is one of them. As its name suggests, this is a heated floor mat that emits far infrared energy across its surface. Doing so will help it to help improve foot and leg circulation.

The mat will reach its consistent temperature of 110° F in just 15 minutes through undetectable heating coils which will be able to provide penetrating warmth. Such warmth will enhance blood flow and help ease foot fatigue and leg lassitude. With its poly textile top, it mimics the feeling and texture of a typical area rug and its non-slip bottom prevents sliding on hard floors. You can use it with both socks or bare feet, and do not fret too much as its 6.5 feet long cord can plug into an AC outlet.

Scosche delivers two new MagicMount accessories

by Edwin

magicmount-wall-chargerScosche is a very well known name when it comes to rolling out accessories for the road warrior, and it is no different either with the latest two devices that it has in store for the masses. I am referring to a pair of new MagicMount accessories: the MagicMount Wall Charger and the MagicMount PowerBank. Both of these are magnetically mounted portable power for Type-C devices, and have recently been unveiled. Their main function? To be able to keep consumers’ mobile devices juiced up, propped up and connected regardless of the location as well as situation.

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