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Pyle Audio reveals the PBPK42 5-in-1 Car Jump Start Emergency System and Power Bank

by Edwin - on December 21st, 2014

When it comes to car problems that crop up without you realizing it, there are none worse than a blown radiator – at least you can replace a punctured tire, am I right? However, to have your car battery die after returning to it from your holiday with your ride parked in a long term parking lot can be quite a bummer, too, especially when you are just too tired out from all of that traveling, that you really only want to go home as soon as possible. Pyle Audio might just have a solution for frequent travelers who worry about your vehicle’s battery being flat after a while – and that solution arrives in the form of the PBPK42, which so happens to be a 5-in-1 car jump starter and power bank.

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JINS MEME to arrive in the US next year

by Edwin - on December 21st, 2014

jins-memeI am sure that many people are making the relevant preparations when it comes to this year’s Christmas celebrations, where there are just a few more days left to go before it all culminates this December 25th. Having said that, JINS, an eyewear company that is based in Tokyo, has just announced that it intends to deliver JINS MEME, which happens to be a brand new class of smart eyewear, to the U.S. market some time next year. This particular move is a strategic one, where it intends to expand the company’s reach to countries that are outside of Asia.

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Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera rolls back the years

by Edwin - on December 20th, 2014

sx-70-foldinDo you like to go retro when it comes to the world of gadgets, just like you do where fashion is concerned? If you have answered in the affirmative, then it would bode you well to check out the $319.99 Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera. This is a refurbished SX-70 Black Sonar camera, where it will come with manual focus (take that, all of those who want nothing but automated devices in this day and age!) with a wheel, with the option for autofocus via sonar. Apart from that, it will also be compatible with SX-70 film alongside 600-type film whenever it makes use of an ND filter.

This is certainly the ideal tool to have when it comes to introducing the younger generation to what we call a Polaroid camera, or instant photographs. After all, before the digital camera revolution came about, the instant photograph was truly a wonder to behold, and Polaroids were the ones to make it popular, as there was no longer any need to head to a dark room to develop your photos. The Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera might be refurbished, but it is as good as new, offering shutter speeds from >5 sec to 1/180 with an aperture of f/8f/90.

Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit is a refurbished shooter

by Edwin - on December 19th, 2014

polaroid-one-step-flashWhen we talk about cameras these days, you can be sure that all of the conversation will be centered on the digital format – there will be no more of such discussions concerning the film format, at least not like in the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Well, if you would like to experience what it was like in the past, perhaps you can always take a peek with the $139.99 Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit.

The Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit will come with an integrated flash, fixed focus ability and an electronic shutter, with this being a refurbished 600-type camera. Apart from that, this also means that it will be compatible with all 600-type film. Kudos to members of The Impossible Project who purchased the last Polaroid production plant in the world so that they can continue to roll out new film products for the thousands of Polaroid cameras that are still being used outside. For those who do not have a Polaroid camera, the Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit gives you a chance to be part of the past, where it comprises of a couple of PX 600 Color film packs and a single refurbished 600-type camera, which is either the 640 or the all-black One Step Flash.

Hot Air Roomy Heater Feet is perfect for this winter

by Edwin - on December 18th, 2014

hot-air-roomy-heater-feetThis winter, just like any other winter in the past, you would definitely want to keep yourself nice and warm. Of course, doing so can be achieved through a variety of ways, where the cheapest of the lot would be to ensure that you are properly clothed to meet the freezing temperature around you. However, if you do not want to be bundled up with so many layers of clothing, why not settle for a decent heating solution at home? Sure, that is going to cost a whole lot more at the end of the winter season due to your electricity bill, but the freedom of movement and convenience! Wearing a pair of heated slippers might be a good idea if you tend to move around quite a lot at home, but if you simply want to snuggle on a sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and some marshmallows on the side, then the $467 Hot Air Roomy Aroma Feet Warmer would get the job done.

All that you need to do is to slide your legs into the Hot Air Roomy Aroma Feet Warmer, and let it do its job. The unit will heat up your lower half, all the while releasing relaxing fragrances into the air. It has been specially designed to blend into a range of home interiors, where it will send warm air all around the feet pockets, so that you get to enjoy fast and all-encompassing warmth in a matter of just 2 minutes thereabouts. You will be able to pick from red, white or brown shades for the Hot Air Roomy Aroma Feet Warmer.

Jeans That Blocks Wireless Signals Offer Extra Security

by Edwin - on December 18th, 2014

anti-fraud-jeansI am quite sure that just about all of us happen to have a pair of jeans that we absolutely love. While the iPhone 6 Plus and a pair of denims do not really go down well together, it is an essential piece of clothing that everyone ought to have in their wardrobe. However, living in the digital age does have its fair share of dangers and pitfalls – with information theft being one of them. This unique pair of jeans will contain material that is capable of blocking wireless signals, where it is currently being developed with the help of the anti-virus firm Norton.

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Liberty Games introduces Internet Meme Themed Pinball

by Edwin - on December 17th, 2014

internet-meme-pinballThe pinball machine is one of the classic “toys” so to speak, that hail from the U.S., and I am quite sure that your parents would have busted their fair share of quarters while they were much younger. Having said that, Liberty Games intends to rekindle a love affair with the pinball machine with their latest creation that bridges the gap between the old and the new – thanks to the Internet Meme Themed Pinball machine.

Liberty Games is an old hand at creating hundreds of customized games in the years gone by, where this latest creation of theirs would make use of an old pinball machine, but they have given it a new lease of life along the way. Adding onto it is a full vinyl wrap as part of the restoration process, and you will find that it offers more than just images of Internet memes on the side, where 3D printing technology was used to roll out the likes of Grumpy Cat, Doge and an Actual Advice Mallard to be placed inside. The table also sports the Raspberry Pi, where it will make use of the Pi & the Pi-Face interface board in order to hook up the electro-mechanical relays, so that the LCD display can be connected, where specific in-game actions would lead to the playback of meme related videos.

Pretty surreal, don’t you think so?

The Hemingwrite keeps you on task by taking an old-fashioned approach to writing

by Caitlyn - on December 16th, 2014


We communicate with the world through our phones and computers. Thanks to social media and apps, we’re constantly in the loop. It sends us alerts and puts notification pop-ups in your peripheral, which makes it quite difficult to stay on task. Writing a paper or keeping up with an online journal or blog takes a fair amount of focus to be coherent and succinct. Getting a new alert every three seconds is going to make that difficult to do, as something that might take 30 minutes will often take an hour to an hour and a half instead.

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