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Activity Smart Tracking Hat keeps tabs on you

by Edwin - on May 3rd, 2015

There are plenty of smart devices out there in the market, ranging from smartwatches to smartphones and even smart cars and smart homes. The thing is, who would have thought that the world of wearables would see the inclusion of yet another member, and this time around it is known as the smart cap? Well, life imitates art, and the $99.99 Activity Tracking Smart Hat is something that might appeal to those who would want something that is discreet, functional and yet looks elegant.

Basically, the Activity Tracking Smart Hat works as it is called – it will connect to your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, where from there, details concerning your heart rate will be picked up by the built-in sensors before being sent to the handset. Not only that, the Activity Tracking Smart Hat can also figure out just how many steps you have taken as well as calculate the number of calories burned to your smartphone or fitness watch, sans the straps and metabolic implements. The 100mAh internal battery ought to deliver up to 17 hours of “work”, which is ideal for the entire waking day, and it will also be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

VTech reveals Kidizoom Action Cam for your active little ones

by Edwin - on May 3rd, 2015

kidizoom-action-camMost of the time, action cams are something which adults use – simply because a select segment of adults happen to do a whole lot of adventuring, and since a picture speaks a thousand words, how about using a video to tell the entire story of your latest adrenaline pumping adventure rather than to verbally let everyone at the table know? What if your children, who do happen to have a streak of adventure in them as well, would like to get some adventuring done? This is where VTech comes in with their latest innovation, the Kidizoom Action Cam that will deliver their parents’ technology to a new generation of active kids.

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Ivation Precision Watch Winder has own alarm clock built-in

by Edwin - on May 1st, 2015

ivation-watch-winderSo you are rich enough to actually own one of those fancy timepieces that come with plenty of moving parts within – so much so that they are all handmade, and most of the time, it would be some place in Switzerland that gets the job done. The thing is, some of these precious timepieces will need to be wound, and there are different ways of getting the job done. If you happen to want something that is on the cheap, how about considering the $69.99 Ivation Precision Watch Winder?

This particular device is meant for a single automatic timepiece, where it will be accompanied by an integrated IC timer alongside a red LED alarm clock. After all, as long as it gets the job done, one should be happy with the price point, right? Today’s most exquisite timepieces happen to be fitted to advanced automatic, perpetual movements, so to mate that to an automatic watch winder is imperative in order to maintain long-term accuracy. One particular main feature about this device is, you can choose between a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, which will depend largely on your watch’s particular winding requirements. Using it regularly will keep your automatic watches wound and ready to wear when you need them. Not only that, the built-in alarm clock come in handy to help you get up at the right moment, making this a win-win situation for all.

The Flyte – a levitating light that blends old and new aesthetics

by Caitlyn - on April 30th, 2015

Flyte Levitating light

When you decorate your home, you want to choose things that will inspire you to think outside the box, fit your aesthetic, and be multi-functional. It’s not necessary to have every single item be five things in one, but it is nice to have the option. If you want something that is going to wow guests, look awesome, and be functional for your everyday life, you should know that sort of item is going to cost you a pretty penny.

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Ivation high capacity household icemaker is the perfect summer addition

by Edwin - on April 30th, 2015

ivation-icemakerAs the summer arrives, you can be sure of two things – it is time to put on your pair of sunnies, and of course, revel in the sheer number of summer blockbusters on the silver screen. As the mercury rises, you can be sure that there will be more demand than ever before for an ice cold drink in the midst of the sweltering heat. Ice cubes can be purchased at a store, but if you are traveling to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, perhaps it might be wiser to carry this $169.99 Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Icemaker with you.

This is no ordinary ice maker, since it will come with easy touch buttons that keep up with the times, letting you be familiar with digital operation, as what many other modern day devices do these days. Making ice while you are on the move has never been easier, and all that is required of your time would be half a dozen minutes to get the job done, now how about that? This is a whole lot less time required than to swing by the nearby store or gas station. All that you need to do is to pour some water into the bucket, press a button and you’re good to go. At maximum output, it is capable of producing up to 26.5 pounds of ice in a single 24-hour cycle.

Space Saving Desktop Shredder is perfect for the modern home

by Edwin - on April 29th, 2015

space-saving-shredderIs it me, or does it feel as though we are running out of space to live in these days? After all, land in the city is getting more and more scarce, and with that, the price of each living space continues to go up – with no signs of abating, although it does slow down from time to time where the economy is concerned. Having said that, here is a unique device that will find a place in any modern day space-starved home, which would be the $79.95 Space Saving Desktop Shredder.

This is no ordinary paper shredder, and as its name suggests, this particular device would be able to fit in unobtrusively on a desktop, while offering you the opportunity to enjoy convenient disposal of sensitive documents. The shredder itself will require as little space as a desk lamp, now how about that for being really, really portable? It will do its job by cross-cutting paper into unreadable scraps, and no matter how much patience you have, it is close to impossible to piece together everything. Capable of shredding up to half a dozen sheets simultaneously, it will go through 7′ 7″ of paper every single minute. The shredder itself can also be set to automatically start shredding whenever paper is placed in the slot, while a reverse setting comes in handy to clear paper jams. It will also feature an integrated handle that enables one to tote it around to a nearby wastebasket, where getting rid of the shredded paper is as easy as opening the bottom panel.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart wearable device for musicians – live to the beat of your internal drum

by Caitlyn - on April 28th, 2015


If you started learning how to play any instrument, then you know how annoying a metronome can get. The constant tick-tock of the old-fashioned ones and the ear-piercing beep of the digital ones is enough to make a person go crazy. Of course, using one of these is mandatory for making your own internal rhythm better.

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Prometheus’ Powerpot 10 delivers hot and happening charging capability

by Edwin - on April 28th, 2015

prometheus-powerpotIn this day and age, we do happen to carry one particular mobile device that can be considered to be our lifeline – the smartphone. Not only does the smartphone function as a communications device (through phone calls, instant messaging, text messages, video calls, social networks – the list goes on), it also doubles up as our portable media player, not to mention navigation device. Hence, it is not surprising to see a power bank keep a modern day smartphone company. How about taking a slightly different approach to the situation with the $149.99 Prometheus’ PowerPot 10?

The Prometheus’ PowerPot 10 is a unique device in the sense that it will be able to charge up your thirsty USB device(s) over any heat source, now how about that? Being a thermoelectric generator with 10W output, the Prometheus’ PowerPot 10 will come with a pair of 1A USB ports. This would allow you to use it in most places, just make sure that there are no smoke detectors in the vicinity just to be safe. All that you need to do is to plug in your device(s), and watch them charge just as fast as from a standard outlet as you heat the pot over a stove, campfire, wood stove, propane/butane heat source, home range, or even a hot spring!

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