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Detailer’s Cordless Car Buffer gets the job done in a refined manner

by Edwin - on March 27th, 2015

Those who love their cars do happen to take exceptionally good care of them, and this will involve a whole lot of vacuuming, not to mention washing and polishing, too. Well, polishing and waxing your ride does take a whole lot of effort and time, and if you had a particular gizmo to help you out in the long run, why not take advantage of it? This is where the $69.95 Detailer’s Cordless Car Buffer comes in handy.

As you can tell by its name, this happens to be a car buffer that will feature a cordless design, and this will go great lengths in simplifying waxing, polishing, and other detail work. Not only that, it ensures that the design will be able to free users from working only within reach of an AC outlet or stringing extension cables across a driveway, which means there is no need to worry about holding a power cord out of the way. It will be able to operate at a powerful 3,300 rpm, where the 6″ orbital polisher safely treats all interior and exterior surfaces, regardless of whether it is metal, paint, glass, plastic, upholstery, and leather. In addition, there is a steering bar that ensures comfortable control, whereas the power switch will remain within easy reach on the handle. A 12-volt battery recharges overnight thanks to the included adapter in order to provide 40 minutes of use.

TrackR introduces the bravo tracking device

by Edwin - on March 26th, 2015

trackr-bravoTrackR, a name that is associated as one of the pioneers of the Bluetooth tracker market, has just announced that they will make available the TrackR bravo. The TrackR bravo is special, especially when you take into consideration how it comes across as a beautifully designed brushed-aluminum tracking device which is capable of hunting down lost or stolen items. This particular anodized aluminum TrackR bravo will arrive in various eye catching colors such as steel, black, rose gold and sky blue, where it can be yours for just $29.99 a pop – surely this is a small price to pay, considering the kind of benefits that it comes with!

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MimoPowerTube Star Wars V2 offers a power unlike the Force

by Edwin - on March 26th, 2015

mimo_power_tube_star_warsBeing strong in the Force, if you are a Star Wars fan, would mean that you have a fair number of midichlorians within that allows you to manipulate the Force, and depending on your slant, you could either opt to learn the dark arts, or remain on the Light Side of the Force in order to uphold the tenets of justice and righteousness in the galaxy. Well, things might not be so complicated in real life, as all that you really need to know about the $29.99 MimoPowerTube Star Wars V2 is this – it has nothing to do with the fictional Force, but rather, has everything to do with charging up your tired mobile devices such as smartphones whenever you are on the move.

The MimoPowerTube Star Wars V2 basically works this way – it is but a power bank, except that it will arrive in a variety of form factors that are certainly associated with the Star Wars universe. Each purchase will feature a USB charging cable with multiple tips, just to make sure that it has the greatest degree of compatibility along the way, of course. You will be able to recharge it via USB too if you so desire, and the various models from which you are able to pick from would be Boba Fett, Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, R2-D2, and Yoda, and they boast of a 2600mAh capacity.

Pac-Man Ghost Light offers an alternative lighting solution

by Edwin - on March 25th, 2015

pac-man-ghost-lightRoll back the years to when you were a small kid, and you had heard the clarion call of the dingy looking arcade, where row after row of arcade cabinets and their respective contents commanded your attention – and of course, you had to constantly make offerings of quarters, with the more highly skilled devotee of a particular cabinet paying far less homage to the spirit of the 1980s, simply because he or she had already mastered the art of completing the entire game with a single quarter. Having said that, if your love for all things Pac-Man continues to hold out until today, here is the £19.99 Pac-Man Ghost Light that will definitely pique your interest.

This is no ordinary night light, and it sure looks better than other attempts in the past, as it has been described to be a retro color-changing mood lamp which will be able to phase through 16 different colors. If you would like to spice things up a bit, there is a part mode which will let the light within flash and change color according to the beat. Surely this is a whole lot more exciting as opposed to the ubiquitous Ikea desk lamp. If you would like to have the quintessential Pac-Man experience, then why not gobble down pills and cherries in the dark while you are at it? It will be powered through the included USB cable, and with this being officially licensed by Namco, there is no worry about it not being legit in any sense.

Limefuel has a brand new USB Type C Macbook charger

by Edwin - on March 24th, 2015

limefuelIt is always great to move along with the times, and hardware as well as accessory manufacturers know this if they are to remain at the cutting edge of things. Having said that, Limefuel has just announced a brand new Macbook charger that has been specially designed around the new USB Type C technology in order to deliver quick, efficient charging of newer devices. Basically, for those who would like to travel without having to worry about the presence of a power outlet nearby, the spanking new 24,000mAh portable Apple Macbook charger from Limefuel ensures that your precious laptop will be able to keep going all day long.

This portable Apple Macbook charger holds the distinction of being the first portable charger which will be able to support the brand new Type C standard for the recently announced 12” Macbook. This new charger will boast of a pair of Type C ports as well as a quartet of USB ports which can be used to juice up other mobile devices, too. In addition, there is the pass-through technology that will pave the way for multiple devices to be charged simultaneously – isn’t this a game changer and a time saver, all rolled into one? Expect the Limefuel portable Macbook charger to be available some time later in the second quarter of the year for $149.99 a pop.

Press Release

LG delivers new Minibeam projectors

by Edwin - on March 23rd, 2015

LG_Minibeam_Pro_PF1500LG, a name that is famous in the realm of consumer electronics, also has another area that they are interested in – that of the projector market. Granted, the projector market – being a niche one, is split into two; where one of it would cater for the pico projector masses, while the rest would prefer something more traditional, with both of them having their own strengths and weaknesses to iron out. This time around, LG Has delivered a pair of new portable projectors that will see the expansion of the popular Minibeam range, with the Minibeam Pro (Model PF1500) being touted to be the perfect portable home theater solution, whereas there is the smaller Minibeam TV (Model PW800) which will be marketed as an on-the-go TV solution.

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JOBY introduces new Action Grip and Action Grip & Pole accessories

by Edwin - on March 22nd, 2015

job-action-gripWhen it comes to shooting videos or photos with your smartphone camera, more often than not the angles will be limited, due to the fact that you cannot set a timer and place your smartphone on just about anywhere since there is not much thickness on the handset’s chassis itself for that to happen in the first place, quite unlike a dedicated digital camera. An action camera might be thicker than a smartphone, but it does have its fair share of limitations, too. Having said that, there are accessories out there which will make creative photo shooting with your action camera possible, and JOBY is one such company that does just that. In fact, they have just introduced the new Action Grip and Action Grip & Pole accessories that will be able to play nice with any action cam, as it enables consumers to expand their reach and create new perspectives for action shots.

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Smart High Heel Shoe boasts of an e-Ink display

by Edwin - on March 19th, 2015

volvoriiNot all displays are created equal, this is for sure, and for those who are keen to check out just how much more fashionable clothing can be with the advent of technology, you would most probably be keen to see these Volvorii shoes become reality. Right now, it happens to be an Indiegogo campaign, where it is a shoe that boasts of an e-Ink display alongside a Bluetooth module. The reason behind these implementations on a piece of footwear is this – one will be able to alter the way the shoe looks in terms of its external pattern with but a single press of a button.

Imagine hooking up your shoes to a smartphone that has a compatible app running on it, where you will then make your choice of available patterns in order to match whatever you happen to wear that day. While color panels are out of the question at this point in time, leaving us with just black and white choices, it ain’t too shabby, either. After all, it is not as though the entire shoe is covered in an e-Ink display, but just partially. The Volvorii shoes will come with a pair of fasteners (one in front, the other in back) so that you can bring the level of customization even further. A $249 pledge accompanied by a December delivery date are what you can look forward to if it is realized.

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