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Sceptre announces SoundBase TV Audio System

by Edwin - on January 25th, 2015

Sceptre, a name that many of us are familiar with when it comes to rolling out high performing LED HDTVs, LCD HDTVs and PC monitors. This time around, they have introduced their latest offering which will not be visual in nature, but rather, to appeal to the aural senses. Basically, the Sceptre SoundBase TV Audio System is an attractive mix of a Bluetooth speaker and a sound bar, being able to transform regular TV programming into an amazing audio entertainment experience as it hooks up sans wires to just about any Bluetooth device for music streaming.

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Mini Tens helps relief you of pain

by Edwin - on January 24th, 2015

mini-tensThere is only so much punishment that one’s own body can take before it starts to break down – or break apart. Needless to say, if you were to push your own body too hard in an exercise session, or when you have overstretched yourself when shifting some heavy stuff around, you will most probably end up with aches the next day – or perhaps a couple of days after that. There are various remedies that you can then undertake, including going for the right kind of massage, or you can also opt to pick up the likes of the Mini Tens.

The cordless Mini Tens unit will be able to target as well as relieve both pain and muscle tension using gentle electrical pulses. Each treatment is able to last for 20 minutes, where it will feature two phases of alternating therapy, alongside 15 levels of intensity which can be easily adjusted alongside the touch of a button. It will boast of lightweight and flexible design so that it can contour to just about any part of the body. It does claim to be able to relieve pain associated with arthritis, sore muscles, joints, and back pain – all without the use of drugs. After 20 minutes, it will turn itself off automatically. There will be a couple of reusable self-adhesive electrode pads included which can be used up to 30 times.

Convertible Headphone Speakers delivers dual functionality

by Edwin - on January 24th, 2015

convertible-headphone-speakersIn life, there are times when you wish that you could have your cake – and eat it, too. Of course, not all times will be binary in nature, where it is a case of either this or that, but rather, it could be inclusive – taking all in. If you would like to have the best of both worlds, and think that having various functions to converge onto a single device, then I am quite sure that the $119.95 Convertible Headphone Speakers is your cup of tea.

The Convertible Headphone Speakers will be headphones that sport a simple twist in order to transform it into stereo speakers. The headphones’ earcups will be able to rotate 180°, where it automatically turns on the built-in, battery powered amplifier in order to have it generate crisp sound through 1.5″ neodymium speakers. When it is in speaker mode, the unit would be able to produce up to 98 decibels of sound, which is a whole lot of volume when it comes to music playback that will be able to cater for an entire room of music enthusiasts. Whenever the earcups are rotated back to headphone position, the amplifier will turn itself off. These headphones make use of proprietary technology so that one can enjoy a crisp, clear high-definition listening experience. There is also the presence of soft memory foam interiors that hug the ears for optimal comfort during extended wear. A 3-hour charge results in up to three hours of playback.

The HotLogic Mini Oven is perfect for fresh hot meals on the go

by Caitlyn - on January 23rd, 2015

 The Hot Logic Mini Personal Oven

It’s hard to work a 9-5 day at a physical location. Being prepared ahead of time is a must when it comes to food, unless you want to be forced to order take-out and buy snacks every day. Whether you bring leftovers, a frozen meal, or food cooked the day of, you’re going to want to reheat it. Of course, there’s not exactly a frying pan or oven sitting around at work (most of the time), and you’re forced to use a microwave.

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Instant Hot Or Cold Pain Relief Wand treats aches and pains in double quick time

by Edwin - on January 23rd, 2015

pain-relief-wandAs one grows older, one does not only get wiser (hopefully), but you would most probably notice that the vigor of your youth would have started to disappear – slowly and surely. No longer are you able to party all night long without suffering from a terrible hangover the next day, but your body might not be able to stand up to the strain of intense physical activity without aching all over the place when you wake up the next morning. The traditional method of treating aches and pains would be to make use of ice packs or microwavable heat packs, but those lose their temperature in a short while, making the $59.95 Instant Hot Or Cold Pain Relief Wand worth checking out.

It does work in a manner different to that of the Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever, but there are added advantages to the Instant Hot Or Cold Pain Relief Wand. This will be a cordless handheld device for added freedom, and it will be able to instantly emit cold or heat to treat aching muscles and joint pain, thanks to its special dual thermal system that will cool to 43º F in one minute for inflamed joints or heats up to 104º F heat in order to relieve pain and help stimulate circulation. The wand can be comfortably held in one’s hand, and the user can apply pressure to hard-to-reach areas without any worry. The entire shebang will run on a couple of AA batteries, so I would strongly recommend making use of rechargeable batteries in the long run to save even more money.

CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier offers moist and clean air

by Edwin - on January 23rd, 2015

cleantopIt is nice to see that there are advancements being made to the world of home enhancing devices, such as humidifiers. After all, air that is too dry is not good for our skin, as it would make our skin look tired, where they crack and peel at the same time. Of course, it would be a whole lot better if the humidifier in your home has more than one function, right? I am referring to the $139.00 CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier that will not only keep the air around you moist, but it will also ensure that the air ends up clean, too!

In fact, the CleanPot Tank-Less Ultrasonic Humidifier intends to change the way you control the humidity levels in your home. This particular humidifier will be different, since it contains no water or air filters, and it is easily dismantled to facilitate an easy clean up. In order to clean this humidifier, you would not have to fret too much, since it is about as easy as doing the dishes. Needless to say, do not send this product to the dishwasher! There is an adjustable regulator that enables one to determine the humidity level that you best prefer.

Polar A300 helps detail your fitness regime

by Edwin - on January 23rd, 2015

polar-a300When it comes to fitness devices, especially wearable bands and the ilk, you know for sure that a name like Polar is extremely well known. After all, they have come up with their fair share of fitness bracelets in the past, where among them include the Polar Loop activity tracker. Well, this time around, there is the Polar A300 which will herald a new era of fitness monitors. Apart from the inclusion of Polar’s familiar Smart Coaching features that are based on heart rate, the A300 will also see it deliver 24/7 activity tracking.

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Casio EcoLite XJ-V1 projector targets the education and business sectors

by Edwin - on January 23rd, 2015

casio-lampfree-projectorWhen I think about the brand Casio, most of the time my mind would return to the days when I was in high school and college, where algebra and calculus classes required me to make use of a scientific calculator, and Casio was one of the brands out there worth relying on, apart from the likes of HP and Texas Instruments, of course. Casio does deal with other kinds of consumer electronics too, ranging from compact digital cameras to projectors as we have seen in the past. This time around we have a spanking new projector model that will target both education and business sectors – the Casio EcoLite XJ-V1 projector. What makes this projector special is the fact that this will be a lamp-free model.

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