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Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer makes life easier this summer

by Edwin - on May 29th, 2015

While you are done with your spring cleaning, and would like to continue sprucing up the home this coming summer by trimming whatever hedges there are in the vicinity, perhaps it is time to revisit your toolshed and see whether there are actually improvements that can be made in order to make life more efficient down the road. Now, since everything is more or less taking the wireless route, it would then make plenty of sense to work with the $229.95 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer.

For starters, this cordless hedge trimmer will be able to prune unsightly hedges that are up to 10′ tall as you remain safely rooted on the ground, without having to perform any kind of balancing act – making it the ideal tool for those who feel that they are catching on in age and would like to be more careful with where they tread. The shaft on this device can be adjusted telescopically, where it will then lock in place at any length up to 10′ long, while it has a head that tilts 135° for easy trimming of hedges of nearly any shape or size.

Being wireless also has another major advantage around the home – you do not have to worry about tripping over this particular tool since there are no extension cords to work with. It will instead run on a rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion battery that delivers optimal freedom of movement, where the 16.5″-long blade with 41 teeth that are spaced 0.67″ apart and is capable of generating 2,100 strokes per minute lets it cut through branches that are up to 5/8″ thick, needles, and leaves, in a jiffy. A full charge would allow up to an hour and fifteen minutes’ worth of hedge trimming.

Garmin works with Mio for new heart rate monitoring tech in Forerunner 225 watch

by Edwin - on May 25th, 2015

mio-garminGarmin has long been a leader in the world of GPS navigation devices, and hence it is no surprise to see that they have expanded their business portfolio a long time ago to include more than just traditional GPS navigation devices, but also other hardware such as the fitness or sports watches ala Garmin Forerunner 610. Well, such timepieces are not only meant to take robust activity in its stride, but also to keep track of various health aspects, and since Garmin cannot do it all, this is where their partnership with Mio comes in. Mio would be the ones providing heart rate technology to Garmin’s maiden GPS running watch.

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Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell ensures you know who’s knocking on the door

by Edwin - on May 25th, 2015

answer-anywhere-doorbellHave you had your fair share of “Knock Knock” jokes, so much so that you are sick and tired of trying to figure out the entire bunch? Well, perhaps it would be good if you could have that kind of peephole, allowing you to see who is on the other side of the knock or who pressed the doorbell, except that he or she might look rather distorted thanks to the glass used. How about taking things to the next level, technologically speaking, that is, with the $199.95 Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell?

The Answer Anywhere Video Doorbell happens to be a kind of wireless doorbell which will allow you to see and speak with just about whoever comes to the door right on the comfort of your smartphone, regardless of which part of the home you are at the moment – or even when you are away, halfway around the world and separated by five time zones. Each time the doorbell is pressed, it will send an alert to a free app that displays a HD video feed on your smartphone, letting you have the option to voice chat or not. Talk about merging both convenience and security into a single device! It will also feature a 180º motion-sensing camera that will allow you to monitor your home any time of the day, and to save video clips whenever movement is detected. After all, your house is your castle, so do your best to defend it from intruders!

Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks ensures the Force is with you wherever you are

by Edwin - on May 22nd, 2015

lightsaber_dive_sticksIf there ever was a coolest hand-to-hand weapon in the realm of science fiction and all things imaginary, you cannot get any cooler than the lightsaber. If a Star Trek phaser were to be shot in the direction of a proficient lightsaber exponent, chances are the blasts will be deflected back in no time, and disabling or even killing the blaster wielder instead. Well, there has been many different lightsaber replicas in the past, but this one offers a more creative take to the situation – it is actually a set of two Lightsaber Dive Sticks, retailing for $14.99 per set.

Sporting water-activated light-up action, you will be able to see it light up in green for Yoda as well as blue for Luke Skywalker, not to mention sporting character-specific hilts. Definitely a fun tool to have if you would want to help that little Padawan of yours start to learn how to swim, as you throw this toy into the pool and your little one goes after it as it sinks to the bottom slowly but surely. Best to use these at night, I am sure. Do bear in mind that the use of this Lightsaber Dive Stick should always be monitored by an adult. The thing is, once the button cell batteries are out, you cannot replace them – for safety reasons, of course.

The ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Keyboard is a thing of beauty

by Caitlyn - on May 21st, 2015

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Not too long ago, ROCCAT wasn’t a name many had heard of in the states, but they certainly brought their game faces to the table. They’ve had some pretty awesome peripherals for gamers to geek out over, and never stop making more things for us to want. While we’ve known for a while that the Ryos series was coming to town, we haven’t taken a good look into what they can do.

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Radio-controlled headphone race by Urbanears is worth looking out for

by Edwin - on May 17th, 2015

radio-heads-trackHere we have received word that five famous Internet profiles will be going up against one another to emerge as the winner in what is deemed to be the world’s first radio controlled headphone race. This is a unique race that was created by the Urbanears collective, where players will settle the score using their very own 3D-printed heads on wheels from this coming June 2nd onward. The heads themselves will be controlled through wireless headphones equipped with sound controlled technology, which have been specially developed for the ‘Radio Heads’ race.

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The Couchlet makes being lazy easier than ever before

by Caitlyn


When we clock out from work for the day, we are often mentally and physically exhausted. If it’s a particularly bad day, we hardly want to move. While lounging around the house is a perfectly valid past time, we don’t want to be forced to move from our spot once we’re settled. If your phone or tablet are your main sources of entertainment while you’re being a potato on the couch, you’ll need a power source nearby.

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Uni the Unicorn Night Light paves the way in the dark

by Edwin

uni-night-lightHaving a night light at home is always a good thing, since stubbing your toe against the edge of the bed or cabinet is not an experience that I would wish on even my worst nemesis. Some night lights are pretty ordinary in terms of design, while others do take on a cute expression, such as the Banana Night Light. How about pushing the envelope even further with something that is steeped in magic and mysticism, ala the unicorn? Enter the £9.99 Uni the Unicorn Night Light, where you will be able to take your pick from either pink or yellow shades, with the option to place a pre-order for a white model down the road.

I would think that some folks might even mistake this to be the character of a knight in a chess game, at least until they notice the horn of the unicorn. The Uni the Unicorn Night Light will feature a long-lasting LED bulb and low power consumption, where it will be powered by a trio of AAA batteries. In other words, there are also no worries about you tripping over cables and the ilk. Enchanting as it is, it might not help you score any brownie points with potential girlfriends due to the nature of its look.

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