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Witti Design introduces Notti smart light

by Edwin - on October 22nd, 2014

Do you feel as though manufacturers these days tend to have the pressure of having a smart this and a smart that to be part of the naming convention whenever a new device is introduced to the market? We have smart cars, smart homes, and of course, the most common of them all would be the smartphone that just about everyone has one – and heck, you might even be reading this on your smartphone at the moment, too. Witti Design intends to spark things up with what they call an intuitive smart light, which is also known as Notti.

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LG unveils their new HD MiniBeam portable projector

by Edwin - on October 22nd, 2014

lg-ph300Portable projectors do come in an extremely niche market, and thankfully for the few different companies that are involved in this device, it has not gone the way of the netbook – at least for now. In fact, there continues to be progress in the world of portable projectors, and LG has stepped forward this time around with their model PH300, which is also known as the LG HD MiniBeam portable projector.

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Arch Lamp delivers light – in style, too!

by Edwin - on October 21st, 2014

award-winning-arch-lampLife is full of options, and generally speaking, the more money that you have, the more options you will be able to have at your disposal. Having something that is purely functional is no longer good enough, as these days, it pays to have something that is also aesthetically pleasing. In this case, if you were to be on the lookout for a lamp that is able to light up your home, then you might want to consider picking up the $129.95 Arch Lamp from Hammacher.

The Arch Lamp happened to have picked up the gong for Interior Design’s Best of Year Honor, where the arch-shaped lamp (as its name suggests) is capable of providing soft omni-directional light. It was specially created by acclaimed industrial designer Peter Ng, where the lamp’s 28 miniature LEDs are more than capable of producing 250 glare-free lumens of light which will emanate from a seamless plastic shell that has been formed into a stylized lowercase letter “n”. Making sure that it remains within the boundaries of a minimalist design, the lamp is turned on, off, and dimmed through the simple press of a touch panel – which can be done on either side of its base. The shadeless lamp will also take up a minimal amount of space, be it on a side table or nightstand, and not only that, it is also extremely lightweight that it can be balanced on a single finger for easy relocation. Using 5-watt LEDs which have been rated for 50,000 hours, you know for sure the Arch Lamp is going to last you a good, long time.

Polar M400 GPS training watch revealed

by Edwin - on October 21st, 2014

polar-m400Activity trackers as well as GPS enabled timepieces are extremely niche market products, and Polar is a company that has just rolled out their Polar M400 GPS training watch that comes with the ability to track your activity all round the clock. Wha makes the Polar M400 so special for runners (or basically anyone who is willing to get engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle) would be the fact that it has a slew of products and apps which will ultimately help one to understand one’s body, letting you get fitter – in a faster time period too, of course.

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Sen.se unveils Mother and the Motion Cookies

by Edwin - on October 21st, 2014

mother-senseFirstly, I would like to establish the fact that Mother and the Motion Cookies is not the name of a new band that plays retro music, although it might sound very close like one. Sen.se is the one behind Mother and the Motion Cookies, where they happen to be a bunch of smart devices that will keep the smart home company. The main objective of Mother? To help make life safer, healthier and a whole lot more fun. Mother can now be purchased from Amazon.com with free shipping anywhere within the US. Let us take a closer look at what Mother and the Motion Cookies are capable of right after the jump.

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Contour ROAM3 action camera grabs the best shots possible

by Edwin - on October 19th, 2014

contour-roam3Action cameras are starting to pick up the pace in terms of popularity, and for a very good reason, too. After all, we live in a generation where selfies and even “we-fies” saturate social media, as we love to share a good story with the rest of the world – and what better way to do so than to have a picture speak a thousand words on your behalf? Trying to explain the exhilirating feeling of an adrenaline pumping ski route to a beginner is pretty difficult, and with the help of an action camera, your task is more or less done. Contour has just announced their latest action camera, where it is aptly known as the Contour ROAM3 action camera.

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Zipper Pull Watch tells the time in a jiffy

by Edwin - on October 18th, 2014

zipper-pull-watchNow that we are well in the middle of autumn, not to mention the fact that winter too, will follow suit not too long after (especially when you take into consideration just how fast time flies these days), it is time to break out all of those various jackets and clothes that will help keep us nice and warm. Many jackets do come with a zipper as you wrap yourself up tightly in one of them, so why not augment the zipper on your jacket with the $12.98 Zipper Pull Watch?

After all, most jackets do come with a long sleeve, and you would want to do all you can to keep the cold out, so looking at your watch too often might not be a good idea. With the Zipper Pull Watch, you will not only be able to give your zipper a better grip, it also comes with a built-in clock for you to tell the time in a jiffy. Oh yeah, did we mention that this puppy also comes with an integrated light? That will certainly be handy if you need to rummage through your handbag in the cinema, or simply need an emergency flashlight. Using it is a snap – just twist to turn it on. The Zipper Pull Watch is waterproof and thankfully, it uses replaceable batteries, making this one for the long haul.

Nautiz X8 rugged PDA takes everything that you can throw at it

by Edwin - on October 18th, 2014

nautiz-x8While there are many positives to be taken from the ongoing development of smatrtphones and tablets, one of the more notable advancements in my humble opinion would be the increasing durability of smartphones – especially those that come with a waterproof ability. After all, it is not every day that you dunk your phone into a pool of water, but when that happens, you know for sure that all of your lovingly captured photos and videos will still be intact, unless of course, you happen to have left the waterproof flaps open. Well, mobile computers too, had a tough edge to them, and the Handheld Group has just announced the launch of its latest Nautiz X8 rugged PDA. The Nautiz X8 rugged PDA (continuing from where the Nautiz X7 left off) happens to be a handheld computer that features superior processing power, screen performance and battery life, and has been built to last.

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