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Bang Bang solar powered tent offers civilized comforts in the outback

by Edwin - on April 15th, 2014

Going out to the great outdoors and roughing it is not everyone’s cup of tea, and I do admit that more and more people would prefer to spend their holidays or free time at cities and theme parks rather than the peaceful environment outdoors. Others prefer to remain glued to the TV during the entire summer holidays, whether it is watching movies or playing with video games. When was the last time you actually saw the different constellations light up the night sky? Perhaps you and your kids can come to a compromise when camping with the £249.99 Bang Bang solar powered tent.

The Bang Bang is touted to be the first solar powered tent in the world, where it will be able to harvest the power of the sun’s rays throughout the day, storing up precious energy in its battery so that it can be used to charge up various devices even when the nearest building with a power outlet is a good hundred miles away. Made out of lightweight and highly durable materials, the Bang Bang solar powered tent would arrive in two striking printed patterns – “Fool on the Hill” or “Woodstock”. Each tent is large enough to sleep four people comfortably, so let its built-in 5W solar panel do the hard work of juicing your smatphone, laptop, digital camera battery and speakers among others.

AirBulb Color brings mood lighting and audio simultaneously

by Edwin - on April 15th, 2014

airbulb-colorGone are the days when a bulb is well, a bulb, nothing more, nothing less. The AirBulb Color, however, goes one up on its predecessor, the eponymously named AirBulb, where it will be able to stream stereo music wirelessly from your smartphone to a pair of AirBulbs, in addition to sporting three pieces of White LEDs, and an equal number of RGB LEDs to boot. This would mean one is able to instantly change the mood of your room through the accompanying smartphone app as though it was magic. Not only that, the app itself will be integrated with the new “Mood Lighting Mode” and “Disco Lighting Mode” for added enjoyment.

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Parrot Flower Power helps keep your leaved friend happy

by Edwin - on April 14th, 2014

flower-powerIf there is one thing that any cubicle drone would need to spruce up his or her workspace, then a fern or small cactus would be perfect. After all, a little bit of green never hurt anyone, and some green would definitely add color and life to the vicinity. Unfortunately, not everyone has green fingers, which is why when you come across something like the £49.99 Parrot Flower Power, it might be worth checking out.

With the Parrot Flower Power, it is as though there is a highly experienced gardener right on the spot at your disposal. This particular device will be able to discover and tend to the specific needs of your plants, making you more like the helping hand to the device, than the other way around. It is capable of measuring all the important characteristics and details such as moisture, temperature, light and fertilizer levels, before it synchronizes with your smartphone over Bluetooth to let you know what is lacking. For those who find it difficult to even take care of a cactus, then the Parrot Flower Power is the answer to their prayers when it comes to prolonging life in a pot. The Parrot Flower Power runs on a single AAA battery that ought to give it approximately half a year’s worth of battery life.

Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver introduces Bluetooth connectivity to any headphones

by Edwin - on April 14th, 2014

smartbeanThere are times in life when we do not see the need to actually perform an upgrade to our existing hardware or car, simply because we love the current model, and have no need for something newer and better. However, technology moves at such a breakneck speed, that whatever is deemed as top of the range today might end up as obsolete just a short few months down the road. Let’s say you have a really good pair of headphones that you purchased a couple of years back, and love it to bits. Now that everyone’s jumped aboard the wireless bandwagon, what choice have you? Enter the $39.99 Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver, where it is capable of turning your favorite pair of headphones into a Bluetooth-compatible model.

The audio controls on the Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver would let you adjust the volume level, pause, and skip tracks, with the ability to switch seamlessly between audio and phone functions to boot. It will also be able to work with a speaker if you so desire, despite being designed for headphones primarily. Sporting a wireless range of 30 feet, the Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver has a rechargeable battery that delivers approximately 6 hours of talk time on a full charge.

Adesso Tru-Form Media 1500GB Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse unveiled

by Edwin - on April 14th, 2014

adesso-truform-1500There are times when you would need to bite the bullet and actually do something about your existing situation if you do not want the same old mistakes or scenarios to repeat itself. I am referring to the likes of putting up with an old, stuttering keyboard and mouse at your workplace, being frustrated when the cursor does not go where you want it to, as well as keyboards that have keys which do not register with a regular tap. Well, those who are in the market for a keyboard and mouse combo might consider checking out the recently announced Adesso Tru-Form Media 1500GB wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

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Wireless Touch Phone Amplifier – Look Ma, No Hands!

by Edwin - on April 13th, 2014

wireless-touch-phone-ampIt is not every single day that everyone goes out to purchase an amplifier, or at least, are in the market to look for one. Just in case you happen to be on the lookout for an amplifier, you might want to get on with the program and settle for something that keeps up with the times – by being wireless, of course. This is what the $39.99 Wireless Touch Phone Amplifier is all about.

With the Wireless Touch Phone Ampiflier, any avid music lover would be able to play their favorite tunes over it, loud and clear, without having to worry about its audio quality. Sporting a Magnetic Induction Amplifier, your work is actually very simple – all that you need to do is to rest your handset on the tri-sided amplifier, and you’re good to go. In no time at all, the soundtrack of your life will be pouring out out of its snazzy high quality stereo speaker. Forget about Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, it requires none of those, and has a 10 hour non-stop playback time on a full charge. Basically, the Wireless Touch Phone Amplifier will play nice with smartphones and other mobile devices that have external speakers. You can pick from either black or white shades.

Rubik’s Cube Light brightens up the room

by Edwin - on April 13th, 2014

rubiks-cube-lightThe Rubik’s Cube is one of the more endearing puzzles that we have seen in the past, so much so that it remains in existence today. It makes perfect sense – after all, you do not need any kind of batteries to keep the Rubik’s Cube going, and there is also the unique way in which it challenges your brain unlike a standard issue video game. Well, how about paying homage to this old school puzzle with the £29.99 Rubik’s Cube Light?

First of all, I am glad to announce that the Rubik’s Cube Light does not need to be solved first before it can light up – otherwise, you would most probably see this unique light thrown across the room in frustration by many who have given it a go. Still, it is fully playable, which makes it all the more interesting in the first place. This is an officially licensed product by Rubik’s to boot, and it will do its bit to help brighten up your abode with its 80′s retro stylings. Thanks to the included triangular display stand, the Rubik’s Cube Light will be able to light up your home while doubling as a conversation starter. It charges via USB, where a single full charge will deliver up to 2 hours of juice.

Doxie Flip flatbed scanner review

by Edwin - on April 13th, 2014

doxie-flip-reviewDoxie is a company that has made a name for itself in the world of portable scanners, and here I am with one of the latest Doxie scanners – the Doxie Flip. The Doxie Flip happens to be a flatbed scanner that will run on batteries for extreme portability, allowing you to scan just about anything you like on the move in a convenient manner, such as business cards, receipts and the like. Of course, if you are thinking about scanning an entire huge poster, then the Doxie Flip would also be more than willing to be up to the task, as you will find out in the review later.

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