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Remote Control Deadbolt Activator makes life more convenient

by Edwin - on April 22nd, 2014

Life is all about convenience these days, is it not? Look at the number of instant TV dinners that we have, where meals which used to take hours to prepare, now require mere minutes in the microwave in order to deliver the very same taste. As for the nutritional content in such TV dinners, well, that remains questionable compared to the original, but hey, at least it saves us time in the long run, right? Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work, where you just want to make a beeline for your favorite couch and kick your shoes off. After sinking into your couch, you realized that you have not locked your front door. Fret not, there is a remote for that, in the form of the $79.95 Remote Control Deadbolt Activator.

As its name suggests, the Remote Control Deadbolt Activator is a patented device that enables one to operate an existing deadbolt with a remote control. Installation is a snap, where it requires no permanent alterations made to your door, where all that you need would be a screwdriver, and that’ sthat. The thumb-turn mechanism is replaced, where you will have a radio frequency remote control to “play” with, as it has a working range of up to 80′ away. The activator enables residents to unbolt the lock for guests (and re-bolt it when they depart) without having to make the long trek to the door. A quartet of AA batteries will power the device for up to a year, where you can choose from brass or nickel shades.

DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys are fun and cheap

by Edwin - on April 21st, 2014

lunar-modules-lightup-paper-toysNormally, when we talk about papercraft, most of the time it would have nothing to do with electricity or the ilk, as a pair of scissors and some glue would be able to do the trick. Well, the $15.99 DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys might be something that parents would want to check out, especially when you take into consideration just how expensive some childrens’ toys can get these days. The electric papercraft that you see here will come combined with an electronics kit, where you will be able to toy with a trio of landers, namely the Spaceboy, Alien Girl, and Tabula Rasa (which is blank, in order for you to jazz it up with your own art).

The DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys have been described to be a perfect combination of papercraft and electronics, where it is officially known as “papertronics.” These are paper toys with electronic circuits within, and turning on your DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys would make them cool night lights that kids would love to own in their room, or adults at their special project bench in the basement or up in the attic. All that you need is some imagination, some artistic ability and a little extra tape, and you’re good to go. Each purchase comes with a trio of Lunar Modules, 3 resistors, 3 LEDs, 3 strips of metal tape, 3 batteries (CR 2032), and the relevant instructions.

Port Solar Charger helps you juice up naturally

by Edwin - on April 21st, 2014

port-solarThere is nothing quite like relying on nature to provide us with nourishment and sustenance – after all, that has been the way for far too long, and even until now, mankind continues to take what is free and turn it into a profit-making enterprise. Well, you might want to do your bit to help ease the consumption of power from the grid by relying on the power of the sun, using the £49.99 Port Solar Charger in your household, charging up those energy thirsty devices while you are on the move.

For instance, there is an integrated suction cup that allows you to stick it to any window, and it will connect to any other compatible device thanks to an integrated USB port. The Port Solar Charger is extremely light in nature and would be able to fit into just about any pocket easily, making this the ideal device to carry around on your travels. The Port Solar Charger comes with a 1,000 mAh battery that delivers an additional 65% charge to mobiles. If you’re going to travel outdoors this coming summer for long periods of time, I would like to think that the Port Solar Charger is an indispensable piece of equipment to own.

L.E.D portable charger functions as a lamp, too

by Edwin - on April 21st, 2014

led-portable-chargerid America did introduce a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month that targeted the LED light-equipped portable charger of theirs, which has been called as the L.E.D. Nearly half of the goal amount has already been raised in the first week of the campaign alone, which is definitely an encouraging sign – hopefully it will be able to meet the funding goal in the coming week. The L.E.D portable charger is best described as a combination portable charger for personal electronic devices, while doubling up as an adjustable LED lamp to boot.

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DeLorme announces inReach Explorer

by Edwin - on April 21st, 2014

increach-delormeWhen it comes to dedicated GPS navigation devices, this seems to be a sunset industry, considering the navigation capability that smartphones and tablets alike these days sport. Well, I am quite sure that it has ended up as a niche market. Case in point, DeLorme has just unveiled their latest generation of inReach devices, calling it the inReach Explorer, which will target stores some time in early May, where it will builds on DeLorme’s award-winning technology in order to ensure that outdoor adventurers, offshore boaters, hunters, aviators, travelers and workers will be able to remain connected regardless of where they go.

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Ride the Olympic Ceremony Monowheel in your home

by Edwin - on April 18th, 2014

olympic-ceremony-monowheelWant to own a little bit of history? That can be arranged, of course, but you will need a fairly fat bank balance if you want to do so. The Olympics have long been revered to be an event that is held once every four years, where the indomitable human spirit is celebrated, and everyone comes out as winners in their respective disciplines. How about getting hold of the glow-in-the-dark, pedal-powered monowheel that was used during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics? This is made possible as long as you have $7,000 to part with, where you can then own this piece of history in the form of the Olympic Ceremony Monowheel.

The Olympic Ceremony Monowheel sports a spinning outer ring of bright LEDs that surround a shadowed cyclist right at the center, and you can be sure that riding this bad boy down the street would be able to bring just about everything to a standstill, just like how it mesmerized spectators six years ago. All that you need to do is to position yourself on the padded seat within the inner ring’s circumference and grip the handlebars for balance, and you’re good to go. The pedals will operate the outer wheel, where it will be surrounded by a rubber tire which maintains contact with the ground as it propels the monowheel forward.

420 Audio announces new High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

by Edwin - on April 18th, 2014

420-speakerJust when you thought that the design for wireless Bluetooth speakers could not get any more generic, here we are with an offering from the folks over at 420 Audio – with their spanking new High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Just in case you were wondering, 4/20 happens to be the holiday that cannabis enthusiasts have been waiting to celebrate across the country on April 20th. This would mean the unique design of the High-Fi speaker flows with the celebration, where the form factor itself expresses your affinity for the green goodness.

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Heated Lotion Dispenser keeps hands clean and warm

by Edwin - on April 17th, 2014

heated-lotion-dispenserWe humans operate best at an optimal temperature, too cold and it would be inefficient for us to walk around all wrapped up like a puffed up mummy, too hot and the sweltering heat would just about sap one’s energy away before doing anything in the first place. Going to the washroom is something that most of us do every single day, and after we’re done with our business, it is time to wash them hands. During the winter, your hands might get cold very fast, which is why the $39.99 Heated Lotion Dispenser does its bit to help by making your hand lotion warm, soothing your digits as you spread the lotion all over.

The Heated Lotion Dispenser is a snap to use – all that you need to do is fill up the 16 oz. reservoir with your favorite hand lotion or body lotion, where the coil heat design will ensure that the lotion inside will warm up (without spoiling or altering its chemical make up) in a matter of two minutes thereabouts. Of course, it will need to be plugged in in order to work, and there is an LED power indicator light to inform you that it is turned on, alongside a 5′ cord with an on/off switch.

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