Sony’s Eco-Friendly Vaio LZ

by Carolyn

Is your inner tree-hugger waging war with your inner gadget freak? Are your buying decisions made based upon the “eco impact” of the product rather than the features? Do you pick the more amazingly tricked out item regardless of it’s environmental friendliness? Well, the next time you buy a laptop, you can buy the Sony Graphic Splash Eco Edition Vaio FZ notebook and satisfy both sides of your battling brain.

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Green Motor Oil … safe for the environment?

by James


High gas prices and global warming fears could be a thing of the past at for motorist who choose a special “green” motor oil that’s biodegradable. A company called Green Earth Technologies has created G-OIL™, the “first bio-based, high-endurance motor oil to provide superior performance during the maximum oil change interval recommended by vehicle manufacturers”. The oil, which isn’t really oil at all but tallow from cattle ranchers also has …

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Wind Up Phone Charger Keeps You Connected

by Carolyn


We’ve all had it happen to us. You’re out running errands and the battery in your Motorola RIZR dies. You’re at work with no charger and your Nokia N95 is chirping its low battery alert pathetically. You swear to the deity of your choice when you just can’t find the right charger for your Samsung M300. Or the worst of them all, you’re in a power outage and need to …

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The Matra MS1: Maybe the first practical hybrid bike

by Andi

Matra MS-1 Electric Bike

Lately, more and more light electric vehicles pop up. Whether they’re skateboards, wacky skates or whatever, they all share low speeds and ranges, and the need to drag them with you when the juice runs out. Then, there was the Pi Bike, which looked good, had an electric motor, and pedals to back you up. That one had a pretty short range, and above all an enormous price, and thus …

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More Bio Gas alternatives coming online for small business owners

by James

Bio Box 1

With oil prices soaring to over a hundred dollars a barrel, it only makes sense that small business operators to consider alternative forms of energy to power their small-moderate sized fleet of cars or trucks. Deliveries can be expensive. So why not jump on the bio diesel bandwagon and convert that used French fry oil into energy? Up until now, the stumbling block has been the home brewed movement was …

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BiCygnals makes cycling safer

by James


With gas hovering around three dollars a gallon (US), it only makes sense that more and more commuters would chose to get some exercise and ride their bikes to work and school. But with Daylight Savings time right around the corner (Sunday), most will end up coming home riding their bikes in the dark. When riding a bike, you need to be able to signal the cars behind you in …

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