Air Purifier uses plants to clear the air

by James

1971. Apollo 13 almost didn’t make it back home. We’ve all seen the movie. But it wasn’t the explosion that nearly killed the astronauts, it was rising levels of CO2 which would kill them within hours. They had plenty of oxygen, but the filters that scrubbed the atmosphere in the lunar model (now a lifeboat) were quickly becoming saturated and the filters in the dead command module wouldn’t fit. So, …

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Christmas Trees go wireless

by James

Wireless Christmas Tree

If you’re going to lay out $400 for a Christmas tree this year, why not buy a tree with LED lights that can light wirelessly? It’s an exciting technology. Nearly a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla envisoned a world where power could be broadcasted all around the world. And now, coupling low power LED technology with RF frequency technology is bringing a smaller scale version of that vision to the …

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SolarRoll keeps you charged in the great outdoors

by Chris


In case you hadn’t noticed, Summer is long gone. However, when it’s sunny and warm out, I like to take my laptop outside and try to do my work in the outdoors. It’s a great change of pace from sitting in my office every day. The only problem is that when my laptop is feeding off of the WiFi access, my battery tends to run down a little faster than …

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Solar-Powered LED Holiday Lights

by Carolyn


It’s that time of year. Where people spend hours setting up all the outdoor holiday lights to create a light display that could signal alien ships currently circling around Neptune to come land on their front lawns. The lights are festive and create a great atmosphere for the holiday season, however, the downside is your increased electric bill for the month of December. The folks over at X-TremeGeek offer a …

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Bachelor Gift of the Holidays … Your own Neon sign

by James


Every bachelor has the bar fantasy for their bachelor pad. Pool table, big screen TV with NFL Sunday Ticket, Girls dressed in Dolphin shorts serving up brewskies, and that flashing neon sign that says “Joe’s Place.” Well, the DYI Neon sign can’t help you with the Dolphin dressed drink servers, but it does allow for the creation of custom neon signs at a very affordable price.

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Solar powered headset lets you talk indefinitely in direct sunlight

by Chris

Sun Bluetooth headset

There is one problem that plagues all mobile technology: battery life. Sure, some gadgets will last through many hours of use, but with most you are limited to a significantly shorter time. This is why I’m happy to see companies such as Iqua implementing alternative energy sources into their mobile products. Take their Sun Bluetooth headset for example.

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Grow your own stuff

by Edwin


So you think you’re a hidden green finger at heart? Why not prove it with Grow Its! The Chilli Kit comes with five different varieties of chilli seeds, including Tepin, the world’s hottest for the truly brave. The Herb Kit comes with basil, parsley, chives, rosemary and thyme, so you can get a proper mini kitchen herb garden going, and the Bonsai Kit too has five different varieties of Bonsai …

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Environmentally Sound Toilet Seat from Toshiba

by Mark R

Toshiba Toilet

I’m not certain why anyone might want this product, but perhaps it has something to do with our constant need for comfort. Toshiba has come up with a toilet seat that really is the ultimate in luxury for those who want it in the place where it might not be. There is much to be said for this, like its use as a warm water bidet. I presume that it …

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