New BBQ lighter gets coals flaming in seconds

by James

There’s a great debate in the Bar-b-que world that meat only tastes better when cooked over an open flame, and even more so when cooked with charcoal (I prefer Applewood, actually). But historically sspeaking, the charcoal grill has been more of an exercise in frustration for backyard warriors only seeking to start the flame, much less cook on it. The 60 second charcoal starter from Hammacher changes all that. It …

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Water Powered Calculator

by Mark R

Water Powered Calculator

I don’t know if anyone carries a pocket calculator anymore (most cell phones should have one, really), but they were all the rage back in the eighties when they figured out how to make them smaller and cheaper. Most of them became solar at that point, but there was nothing like the Water Powered Calculator. As its name suggests, the Water Powered Calculator uses water or any other type of …

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Don’t drop the soap, use a Soap Bank

by Chris

Soap Bank

It’s been a while since I’ve used bar soap in the shower. No, I bathe on a regular basis and all, but I’ve found it much easier to just use a liquid soap, as you don’t really worry about dropping it, and it always seems to get a better lather. Sure, I could get a soap-on-a-rope, but I’d still have the lathering issue (and a lot of spare rope). Here’s …

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Revolution Door being developed

by Edwin


A door is a door is a door, or is it? Fluxxlab from New York is working on their Revolution Doors that comes with a turbine powered by folks who pass through it whenever they enter or exit the building – sounds like the perfect door to install in all those glitzy casinos in Las Vegas considering the sheer amount of human traffic there. Taking cues from the idea of …

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Utilize the power of the sun for extra talk time

by Chris

Solar Cell Phone Charger

These days people seem to be taking more notice of the amount of energy their gadgets use. I’m not talking about how long their batteries last, but rather they are being more conscious about their impact on the environment. The easiest “green” power source that can be incorporated into many gadgets is from our sun. I’ve seen few practical solar designs for recharging phones, however, this latest product from Strap-Ya …

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Digital camera rain cover

by Edwin


If you think that getting a waterproof digital camera case for your precious photo-snapping device might be a bit over the top, why not settle for the Hydrophobia 300 – 600? This is touted to be the first rain cover that was meant to be pre-mounted for quick deployment. Perfect for those who work in the field and don’t want the unpredictable weather to spoil not only the shot but …

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Unbind Digital Photo Album goes green

by Edwin


Everyone wants a piece of the green pie these days, and it is no different with Peleman Industries who have now come up with Green PhotoBooks that aim to make storing your precious memories less devastating to the environment. Each of these new PhotoBooks are constructed from natural and recycled materials with covers comprised of cotton-flax. These 100% natural books will come in a variety of sizes with special custom …

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Freeplay Companion announced

by Edwin


Freeplay Energy has announced the launched of its new Freeplay Companion, an integrated compact device that uses a variety of energy sources in order to power itself. The Freeplay Companion will harness solar, rechargeable, and human-powered energy in order to convert it into electricity that will subsequently power portable, consumer products to do away with conventional battery powered systems which more often than not, is a burden to our environment …

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