Get the most out of your tube of toothpaste

by Chris

I’ve always thought that toothpaste tubes were poorly designed. Try as you might, you’ll never get all of that stupid gel out of there. Crest had a design about 10 years ago that actually seemed to work rather well, it basically had a bag of toothpaste inside of a plastic pump. I don’t think I’ve seen those in some time though. If you’re really dead-set on getting every last bit …

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Earth Day Gadgets: Skullcandy Hydration Backpack

by Carolyn


In my second gadget for Earth Day 2008, this gadget is one that will help your pocketbook. In this time of soaring gas prices and the desire for people to find alternative ways of getting around (biking, walking, etc.) the one need with all these alternative forms of transportation is hydration. With the latest news coming from the Nalgene/BPA controversy, people are confused as to what types of water bottles …

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Earth Day Gadgets: Universal Solar Cell Phone/iPod Charger

by Carolyn


With today being Earth Day 2008 here in the United States, I thought it would be good to highlight some eco-friendly gadgets for all the gadget lovers out there who want to do their part for the environment. Doing something good for the environment doesn’t involve having to live in a mud hut, sustaining yourself off wheat grass and tofu and wearing only hemp clothing. You can be on the …

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Thirst Aid for safe drinking water

by Edwin


Traveling to Third World countries might be cheap for those living in the West, considering the much lower standard of living, and the sights and smells are often exotic as well. Unfortunately, all that comes at a price, sometimes safe drinking water is hard to come by, and to rely on bottled water wherever you go is pretty inconvenient. Enter the Thirst Aid Pouch that makes it easy to filter …

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Moped Runs on Air

by Mark R

Moped Runs on Air

I have seen the future, and contrary to what Al Gore thinks, it is actually a convenient truth. One day, we all will drive vehicles that will run on air, and will actually produce healthy emissions instead of pollutants like carbon monoxide gases. I had my brief glimpse into this Earth-friendly future when I heard about Jem Stansfield, a former shepherd now turned inventor who has designed an air powered …

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Bye Bye Standby

by Edwin


Most electrical items in our homes are electrical vampires – even when they’re in standby mode, they tend to suck up power which could add up to a rather substantial amount at the end of the month. The Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit offers a simple, cost-effective and convenient way to cut wasteful standby power while controlling electrical devices and reducing monthly electric bills. This action will not only …

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Torpedo Solar Spotlight

by Edwin


What better way to lower your monthly electricity bill than rely on good ol’ solar power that never runs out (at least until our sun decides to explode)? The Torpedo Solar Spotlight makes a good candidate to spruce up your garden long after sundown at an affordable price. Make a walkway safer, uplight a tree or highlight garden art without the hassle of running extension cords or digging trenches for …

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HyMini uses wind power to charge your gadgets

by Chris


People have been paying more attention to the impact that their technology use has on the environment. Thus we’ve had a slew of of gadgets that take advantage of the sun’s rays for power. However, there are other sources of renewable power that are untapped. If you want to be the coolest eco-friendly tech lover on the block, you might look into the HyMini.

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