SwissBike Folding System

by Edwin

Seems the getting a bicycle these days is the trendy thing to do. The SwissBike Folding System adds another choice for folks who want to get around places without burning up additional fossil fuel. Most bicycles that claim to be extremely portable, i.e. folding bikes, tend to look really ugly as though a maniac took a hacksaw and had a field day with the bike’s frame, cutting it in half …

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Intellipanel Desktop Computer

by Edwin


Want to do your part in keeping the earth green by lowering your power consumption? You can do so without purchasing a Toyota Prius, thanks to the Intellipanel Desktop Computer which offers you the convenience of standby mode without wasting a single iota of electricity. Plug your PC into the black shaded socket of the 8-way intelligent mains panel and up to seven other peripherals in the remaining sockets. When …

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Eco-Friendly Lingerie Promotes Solar Power and Jaw Dropping

by AndrewD


Lingerie can be used for a variety of tasks. It can improve a woman’s confidence in her body. It can spice things up in the bedroom. But one thing which lingerie isn’t particularly known for is promoting environmental awareness. At least, not yet. The eco-friendly Solar Power Bra integrates a whole lot of green into one complete sexy package. Aptly colored with a green shade, the Solar Power Bra features …

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Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette

by Edwin


I know that New Year’s a distant memory by now, but surely some of you have decided to quit smoking back in January, but failed to do so until now? Chewing tobacco doesn’t quite make the grade for you, so what about the Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette? It looks like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette, it smokes like a cigarette, but it isn’t a cigarette, it contains no …

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Power your cell phone by hand

by Chris

Hand-Crank USB Charger

How many times have you been stranded somewhere with a dead cell phone battery? I’m sure that it’s happened to everyone at least a few times, and it’s always at the most inconvenient time. There are many solutions out there to ensure that you’ll be able to get some extra juice to your phone, but here’s one that is a bit more eco-friendly.

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Pedal Your Gadgets To Full Power

by AndrewD


If you’ve been a reader of CG for sometime, you’ve surely seen an assortment of ways to charge your gadgets in an eco-friendly fashion. Most of the time, these green gadget chargers are powered with a hand crank, which is fine for conventional purposes, but there are some circumstances that might lead to this method not being as effective as others. For example, what if you happen be an amputee? …

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Track your power usage with the Cost Controller Power Strip

by Chris

Cost Controller

I know that I spend more on my electric bill every month than I probably should. But with as many computers as I have running in my house, it’s not really a surprise. I can easily pinpoint where the main power drains are coming from, however, some people prefer to know exactly how much power some of their larger equipment uses. Here’s a cool power strip that will tell you …

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E+ Bike from Electric Motion Systems takes you far without much effort

by Chris

E+ Bike

With ever-soaring gas prices, alternative modes of transportation such as bikes can seem more appealing than they used to. Sure, if you live out in the country, you probably wouldn’t want to ride all the way to work every day, however, if you only need to get less than a mile, it might not be so bad. If you do still live a good distance from where you need to …

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