Three different DIY solar mowers to save you cash

by Ally

With gas prices climbing even mowing the lawn has started to break the bank. So unless you have the world’s smallest lawn getting an electric mower is kind of obnoxious. Besides that, if you have a solar lawn mower you can seem eco-friendly and much more cool than your neighbors. Hopefully you’re good at small DIY projects though, because that is exactly what this is. That or you could slide …

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Pogo keeps Polaroid as Polaroid in the digital age …

by James

Polaroid Pogo

The biggest challenge an instant print company like Polaroid would have in the digital age is how to keep it’s unique and interesting niche in an ever competitive market and not look like just another digital camera company. With Pogo, Polaroid may be doing just that.

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The Kitchen Composter

by AndrewD

Are you an over shopper? No matter how many times you go to the grocery store you always wind up buying too much food. This surplus of extra food eventually expires and is quickly introduced to the trash can. But why? Why do we waste so much food when we can use it for creating something usable? The Kitchen Composter takes all of your leftover or rotting food and composites …

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Solar Powered Drinks Coaster

by Edwin

All coasters are just the same, right? I love those that feature my favorite lager, but this Solar Powered Drinks Coaster will probably usurp that preference . Placing your drinks glass or bottle onto the solar drinks coasters sets off a mesmerizing sequence of hypnotic colors, which illuminate your glass and drinks bottle and will look fantastic in your garden this summer. Eye-catching colors include red, orange, blue, green, yellow …

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Cool your lap with a Log Pillow

by Chris

It’s a well-known fact that many laptops heat up considerably when in use for any long period. This of course has spawned hundreds of devices meant to cool off your notebook using any combination of heatsinks and pads. This Log Pillow takes a different approach to the situation.

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Solar powered speedboat

by Edwin

Solar power looks like it is here to stay, and we have so far seen solar powered cars being the Holy Grail in the fight to be independent of black gold, or rather, oil. Hybrid cars aren’t exactly catching on as fast as environmentalists prefer, and solar powered cars have not made the impact they were supposed to mainly because the technology is not yet there for a powerful, conventionally …

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No more light bulbs with Saazs’s self-illuminating glass

by Chris

If you don’t think the energy saving bulbs are enough, you might give this lighted glass a whirl. The glass is completely self-illuminating, it uses neither light bulbs or electricity. At some point Saazs hopes to replace light bulbs altogether, however, the technology isn’t quite to that point yet, it still needs a bit of improvement.

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Shark Fin Power Sysyem: Inspired From Nature

by AndrewD

Power generation would be so much easier if we could gather up all the fish of the sea and attach mini-turbines to all of their fins. Fish generate a huge amount of power with these things comparative to their size. What we can accomplish is the next best thing. The bioSTREAM tidal power conversion system’s design is inspired by the framework of living animals, specifically, the fins of tuna, mackerel, …

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