The Mini Hydro Clock

by Ally

If you like having a clock around that you know you can rely on, this one will stay powered even after the power has been out for a month.  The clock has no fancy extras, it doesn’t do any interesting tricks, it doesn’t even double as an alarm clock.  It just displays the time, which isn’t that exciting, but the way that it keeps powered is the interesting part.  We’ve …

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Ford Unveils Earth-friendly Dashboard

by Mark R

I believe it was Al Gore in his book Earth in the Balance who said that an ordinary car is one of the greatest threats to the environment. Clearly, all automotive companies need to be thinking about Mother Earth the next time they roll their next model off the assembly line. I suppose this is why Ford has come up with a new dashboard that literally shows you how earth-safe …

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The Daylight Solar Lamp

by Ally

If you’re into quirky lighting, you’ll love this solar light. The Daylight looks like a normal glowing light shaped like a lamp during the night. Yet when you want it to charge during the day you flip it over so that the solar panel is exposed. These brightly colored lamps would brighten up any home or patio. They’ll work for indoors or outdoors and you’ll never have to deal with …

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nPower PEG gives you more power than you can shake a stick at

by Mark R

I believe that if we could harness all the kinetic energy from all things that are in motion, we would have no trouble powering any of our technological devices. This concept has now been applied with the nPower PEG personal energy generator. All that is required is that the user plug in their electronic device, and shake the stick. Or, if you want to be practical about it, go for …

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The TG341S Solar LED Flashlight II Small

by Ally

Different eco-friendly flashlights have been seen before.  The ones I have seen most often are the hand crank type, which never seem to be as bright as I’d like.  Well instead of being stuck with a hand crank that after 20 minutes of cranking, you get a few miniscule minutes of light, you could go for the solar route.  Having a solar flashlight is a lot more convenient, since you …

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The solar-powered Bugbut named Nigel

by Ally

It’s an ugly gadget kind of day apparently.  First it was the strange USB speaker, now it’s this mystery gadget.  After staring intently at the three different pictures, I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to be.  Gathering from the name, it’s some sort of bug that the creator cooked up in their head.  The creator was kind enough to state that he’s a goth bug, because he loves to …

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The Solar-Energy FM Radio

by Ally

If you’re attempting to go green, this cute little radio will help you along the way.  It seems a little outdated to me, just purely because I recently wrote up the Active Trax Solar Audio Player.  Which had a solar panel and a hand crank, as well as being a speaker and being able to play the regular radio.  This new gadget comes a little short of that, not by …

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CES – Day 3: Thin is in

by James

As America has been gearing up towards the digital TV handover on February 19 (which may now be delayed if Obama gets his way), the obsession at CES over the past few years has been bigger is better in HDTVs. Panasonic is currently the king of the kill with a mammoth 150 inch LCD screen (so huge, it needs it’s own cargo plane and a team of technicians to ship …

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