The Wooden Flashlight from Areaware

by Ally

We’ve all seen the various wooden gadgets that have come out, well now there’s even a wooden flashlight.  The flashlight, I have to say, is looking a bit plain, so it’s most definitely for those that love nice clean lines and no extra frills.  Oddly although this is wooden, it claims to be actually eco-friendly.  It doesn’t much explain why it is able to use such a title though, that …

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Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light

by Edwin

The Sanyo Eneloop range is always famous for its long-lasting battery life, and here we have with another Eneloop device known as the Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light. As you can tell by its name, it receives its power from the sun, outputting lights in arranged LEDs for rooms/emergencies by functioning as a flashlight. In addition, the USB port works great to juice up all your other phones and gizmos that …

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Skullcandy’s Wooden Earbuds

by Ally

I always highly appreciate Skullcandy’s variety of color choices when it comes to their earbuds.  Granted, I still bought the black pair of earbuds, but I still like that I had the option to go for lime green or pink.  Well now Skullcandy has created a different style of earbuds, this time in wood-grain.  Making them one of the many to join in on the wood technology trend, which I …

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Solar Climbing Orangutan makes for a mindless yet fun toy

by Edwin

Want to have a toy that goes on and on and on without the use of Energizer or Duracell batteries? That’s not a problem with the Solar Powered Orangutan, although it does look like a carved out piece of Lego from certain angles. All you need to do is set this Orangutan on a piece of string, expose it to some light and voila – it will get to work, …

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Pumgo Scooter powered by…you’ve guessed it, humans

by Edwin

Remember the panic that gripped many parts of the world last year when oil hit record high prices of nearly $150 a barrel? Taking your car out for a spin then was a much slower affair from the days where fuel prices were dirt cheap (or at least, more affordable), as you realized that your foot is not made out of lead after all and there is no need to …

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Printer runs on Coffee Grounds

by Mark R

It appears that not only is coffee good to the last drop, but the dregs are now good for printing a document. Yes, someone has actually invented a printer that uses old coffee grounds as ink, and to make it even more interesting, the printer does not even require electricity. This coffee and manually powered printer was not entirely the product of pure inspiration, but it is an entry in …

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Western Digital unveils first 2TB hard drive in the world

by Edwin

Guess you can’t really have enough storage space in this world, eh? I remember when I was at my cousin’s house back in the 1980s, he has an XT computer running on an Intel 8086 processor with a 2MB hard drive (!), and boy did I have plenty of fun dishing out punishment on zombies in Dungeons & Dragons’ Champions of Krynn RPG in full CGA glory. Those were the …

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Playpump channels the energy of children for fresh water

by Mark R

I’ve always told my wife that the ratio of energy between children and adults is completely disproportionate. It’s like parents need twice as much energy than they already have to deal with half the energy their children already possess. That might sound confusing to some readers, but if you have children, you probably have noticed how easily they can wear you out. Fortunately, there are ways to channel the energy …

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