Smartlet Networked Charging Stations at San Francisco

by Edwin

Trust the state of California to be a pioneer in many ways, and among them include the push for a much greener environment through the use of recycling, organic farming, good urban planning with ample public transport as well as the use of environmentally friendly products – that includes naturally made items and vehicles, of course. Electric vehicles are still a long way off from becoming the norm as our …

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Rural Africa to obtain sustainable and affordable connectivity

by Edwin

Orange Guinea Conakry and Ericsson have teamed up for a good cause – both companies are looking to deploying over a hundred base stations that will not require a drop of power from the local power grid, as they will all be powered by harnessing the sun’s rays. These base stations will in turn help to connect remote parts of rural Africa so that folks no longer need to send …

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Hand-crank washing machine

by Edwin

Living off the grid can be quite a challenging lifestyle to adhere to, and what happens when there is a massive power outage for weeks on end in the event of a natural disaster or calamity? There is always room for clean clothes, and this is where the Hand-crank washing machine comes in handy. The washing cycle takes as little as 10 seconds and could be as long as a …

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Sylvania ECOlight Powered by Shower Water

by Mark R

Have you ever tried to take a shower in the dark, like during a power outage? Not a lot of fun, isn’t it? Imagine if you had a light in the shower that is not powered by batteries, but hydroelectric power. That’s right, the ECOlight is powered by the running of water in your shower. It’s like having a dam on your showerhead! I didn’t take that from the Sylvania …

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Solar-Powered DS Lite

by Mark R

Every once in a while, some DIY tech from a site called Instructables displays some homemade tech that should have been created by major electronics companies and not the people at home. Today, it is a Solar Powered Nintendo DS Lite. Yes, someone other than Nintendo has figured out that affixing 60 x 60 millimeter solar panels to charge a power draining device is a good idea. They can create …

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The Wonder Wash saves on water with a bit more work

by Ally

If you’re working hard to make your household chores a bit more eco-friendly, you might look into the Wonder Wash.  It uses even less water than if you were to hand wash a garment and uses a great deal less power than a washing machine.  It’s not going to hold anywhere near as much as a washing machine, so it will take longer to do the laundry.  However, if you’re …

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The Wooden Flashlight from Areaware

by Ally

We’ve all seen the various wooden gadgets that have come out, well now there’s even a wooden flashlight.  The flashlight, I have to say, is looking a bit plain, so it’s most definitely for those that love nice clean lines and no extra frills.  Oddly although this is wooden, it claims to be actually eco-friendly.  It doesn’t much explain why it is able to use such a title though, that …

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Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light

by Edwin

The Sanyo Eneloop range is always famous for its long-lasting battery life, and here we have with another Eneloop device known as the Sanyo Eneloop Solar Light. As you can tell by its name, it receives its power from the sun, outputting lights in arranged LEDs for rooms/emergencies by functioning as a flashlight. In addition, the USB port works great to juice up all your other phones and gizmos that …

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