Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

by Edwin

Electric shavers are a whole lot more convenient than standard ones, except for when they run out of batteries – then you’d wish you had carried with you a spare, ordinary shaver that does its job even when the whole world’s power supply is cut off. Then again, nobody would be there to look at your growing stubble when there is no light, right? The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver works …

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Inlet-Outlet Gives Power Back

by Mark R

There is some commercial that says: “We are a nation of consumers, and there is nothing wrong with that”. Every time I hear that, I can’t help but think: “yes there is, consumers use up energy, and we shouldn’t use up all the energy in the world!” After all, every home has several outlets that do nothing but suck up a lot of power and increase the consumers’ bills. Granted, …

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Ikea now offering Solar Powered Lights

by Ally

I am one of the many living on a budget that adores Ikea.  Sadly for me, the closest store is in the next state over and they don’t usually offer many of their products online.  Well now Ikea has a new line for the green loving gadget crowd.  They are offering up solar powered lighting, they’re going to start releasing several different lights, most are meant for outside, but not …

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Roll N’ Grow Miracle Garden

by Edwin

Do you think that you lack the magical green thumb, considering even a cactus is able to die under your watch? For folks who do not give up that easily, here’s another remedy to help you maintain a lush, green garden – the Roll N’ Grow Miracle Garden. Like its namesake, all you need to do is roll this over a patch of soil, give it some water and let …

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Solar Underground Pest Deterrent

by Edwin

You never know just what kind of underground pests you’re going to run into, so why not stay safe rather than sorry? The Solar Underground Pest Deterrent device won’t harm the environment in any way, and it won’t add to your monthly electricity bill since it comes with a built-in solar panel. Powered by the sun, it will help help drive away underground pests including moles, voles, and gophers. The …

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Energy Detective helps you save money

by Edwin

Want to go on an environmental friendly drive in your home but don’t know where to start? Well, instead of overhauling your entire home’s consumer electronics equipment, why not purchase this Energy Detective instead? This meter is able to help you shave off anywhere from 10% to 20% of your electric bill simply by measuring just how much juice you’re using at the moment. Once you have an idea of …

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Water Powered Alarm Clock

by Mark R

Have you ever been late because you forgot to set your alarm? Your boss might buy that excuse, but imagine telling him or her this one: “Sorry I’m late, but I forgot to pour water into my alarm clock”. Yes, it does make sense if you own the Water Powered Alarm Clock. This is one of those eco-friendly gadgets that doesn’t require a battery or power cord. All you need …

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Rapid No Turn Composter

by Edwin

Want to go green in your lifestyle but am not too sure where to continue after getting that hybrid car for the family? How about purchasing items that use recycled material as packaging, as well as turning your food scraps into compost for a much more fertile garden afterwards? Instead of making the compost yourself using the traditional methods, you can always harness the power of today’s technology to help …

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