The retro Philips Digital Camera doubles as webcam

by Ally

One of the downsides of a digital camera, is it seems like they don’t look nearly as fun as the retro cameras out there.  Well Philips apparently agrees, because they’ve decided to come out with a digital camera featuring a classic retro design.  It’s obviously smaller than the original retro cameras, so it will be a lot more portable while still holding to that retro look.

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Efergy Elite helps reduce carbon footprint

by Edwin

In an effort to reduce your overall carbon footprint on this earth, why not take the unconventional route of checking out which appliance in your house is the biggest culprit? The new and improved Efergy Elite electricity monitor allows you to take control of your energy bills while saving you money in the process. Using a small unit that hooks up to your electricity meter and a portable handheld device, …

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Scosche SolCHAT

by Mark R

I think we all know that what the world needs now, is solar power, sweet solar power. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be stealing old classic songs and adding green messages to them, but what the heck, it is quite true. Scosche has recently unveiled a new solar-powered endeavor with the SolCHAT Bluetooth Speaker phone. It is designed to be used in the car, so you can chat and drive without …

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LEDs that could run on mud

by Mark R

Dutch designer Marieke Staps may have figured out a way of saving energy by harnessing the power of mud. The picture that you see here is the power source for this soil lamp. It uses a chemical reaction of copper, zinc, and the moistened mud to power a single LED. I suppose this uses the same principle as plugging tiny electrical units into potatoes for power. You will notice that …

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Apartment sized solar cells could be a boom in the inner city

by James

The advantage that houses in suburbia have over apartments in the City is that homeowners can install solar panels on their rooftops to save money on the every rising cost of electricity. Some can even take surplus energy produced by their solar panels and sell it back to the electric company at a tidy little profit. Most apartment dwellers don’t have that option as they don’t have a rooftop with …

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Rent a scooter gives a new take on public transportation

by Ally

A greener and cost effective way to transport people is always an important issue.  Well this design was entered into the Australian Design Awards competition.  It’d be great for heavily trafficked tourist areas or just spots where a lot of people tend to go on foot.  After a while, walking can become tiring when you’ve got a long walk.  Plus these scooters will get you there slightly faster than they …

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Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver

by Edwin

Electric shavers are a whole lot more convenient than standard ones, except for when they run out of batteries – then you’d wish you had carried with you a spare, ordinary shaver that does its job even when the whole world’s power supply is cut off. Then again, nobody would be there to look at your growing stubble when there is no light, right? The Freedom Dynamo Electric Shaver works …

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Inlet-Outlet Gives Power Back

by Mark R

There is some commercial that says: “We are a nation of consumers, and there is nothing wrong with that”. Every time I hear that, I can’t help but think: “yes there is, consumers use up energy, and we shouldn’t use up all the energy in the world!” After all, every home has several outlets that do nothing but suck up a lot of power and increase the consumers’ bills. Granted, …

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