POWERplus Eagle Solar Charger & Torch

by Edwin

Don’t you just hate it that when your life revolves around gadgets and gizmos, one of the most irritating things would be to have that particular device die on you during the most inopportune moments? Well, why not do your part and charge your cell phone as well as portable media player before heading outdoors so that you can have maximum enjoyment of said devices before returning home, but what …

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Solar powered pond fountain

by Edwin


So you love decorating your home’s lawn with garden gnomes and the ilk, but surely you’re not going to let them die of thirst? Hence, the presence of a pond in the middle of your garden to further enhance the overall look of your very own personal space in this big, big world. Why not make it spring to life (literally) with the solar-powered pond fountain? Cordless solar powered pond …

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Smart Animals Scanopedia

by Mark R


I’ve noticed that a lot of educational toys are always based on animals. I suppose that kids need to learn about animals before they learn that the real world has nothing to do with them. Okay, that was cynical. Yeah, I know there are many careers available for those who have an interest in animals, and now parents have a way to develop their children’s interest in animals with the …

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Egg cartons turned into pendant light shade

by Ally

If you celebrate Easter by coloring eggs, you’ve probably tossed a decent amount of egg cartons.  Which means it’s a perfect time to try out creating this light.  Although, those that don’t use this specific type of carton won’t be able to pull off the same effect.  The egg cartons are also great for musicians trying to keep their practice sessions quiet, but for those that aren’t so musically inclined …

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Dad helps kids invent solar oven for third world

by James

Cool dads are the ones who spend time with their kids playing and creating stuff. REAL cool dads are the ones that help their kids change the world. And Jon Bohmer is a REAL cool dad. Working with his two girls, Jon has created a solar oven out of about five dollars worth of cardboard, foil, and acrylic which can generate so much heat, it can bake bread and even …

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Sanyo announces new AWD-AQ4000 washing and drying machines

by Edwin

Sanyo does not only make great rechargeable batteries in the form of Eneloop, they are also environmentally conscious with their new range of AWD-AQ4000 drum type washing and drying machines known as Aqua. These new versions comes with a built-in ozone (O3) generator, which helps increase the amount of ozone generated to double that of its current product, the AWD-AQ3000. In addition, during the rinsing process for washing out detergent …

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The eco-friendly Bagalight table lamp

by Ally

This is one of those gadgets that I kind of wish they were kidding, sadly, they aren’t.  If anyone were to see this on your table, they’d likely think you had a small child that made an attempt at some arts and crafts one afternoon.  Although despite the fact that it does look a bit ugly, it is said to be an eco-friendly table light.  Actually the people at Liquidesign …

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Tweet-a-Watt Shows Your Power Consumption Online

by Mark R

This next product is a combination of two products. Some of you might remember when we reported on the Kill-A-Watt, a device that will give you a digital and numerical readout of how much power you actually use. Now there is the Tweet-a-Watt. This is a Kill-A-Watt that is able to go online with Twitter. Now, everyone who is following you on Twitter will know exactly how much power that …

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