GoCycle electric bicycle

by Edwin

As information becomes easier to disseminate these days, it is no surprise that more and more people are taking up the environmentally friendly route, making choices that will affect our eco-system positively. While there has been some progress, there remains a whole lot more work to be done in the long run. One of the ways to do your part is choosing green forms of transport, and the GoCycle electric …

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The pizza box goes green

by James


According to recent studies, Pizza is a $30 billion dollar industry. That’s a heck of a lot of cardboard boxes in our landfills. But a Pizza box company has come up with a very simple pizza box design which recycles and reuses the box the pizza comes in with a simple tear along the serrated lines. Bet you didn’t think a simple square box could be redesigned, did you?

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Donut shaped modification makes wind generators more efficient

by James


Wind power is a viable alternative for green energy – particularly in arid areas where there’s plenty of wind, but little of anything else. Trouble is, that wind turbines aren’t as efficient as they should and need to be. A company named Leviathan Energy seems to have a very simply way to improve the efficiency of wind turbines … and it involves donuts.

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Cluster bomb technology used for seed planting

by James


Anti War activists hate cluster bombs – mostly because they can be used to deploy anti personnel mines which don’t get picked up long after the last bullet has been fired. And when they go off, even children are victims. But can the technology be harnessed for more constructive and green purposes? Designer Hwang Jin Wook seems to think so and as such, he came up with the “Seedbomb.”

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Envirobank Gives you Money for Recyclables

by Mark R


This next product is for those who are truly “greening their routine”. I myself usually take a trip to the recycling plant once per week. Sadly, this has nothing to do with my love for Mother Earth. It just so happens that I can save a lot of money on my garbage bill. Envirobank has figured out a way that consumers can deposit their recyclables in a conveniently located machine, …

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The K-Light solar lantern

by Ally


It’s always nice when you go camping and don’t have to worry about packing 15 different types of batteries.  The more solar gadgets you can have around, the less batteries you have to deal with.  Making this K-Light a convenient light to have around when it comes time to go camping.  Instead of worrying about having D batteries lying around, you just have to make sure to leave this out …

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Eizo Nanao New EcoView Monitors

by Mark R


Earth day may have been last week, but that didn’t stop Eizo Nanao from making monitors with an EcoView Sense feature. This feature allows the monitor to enter into sleep mode if no one moves in front of it for 40 seconds. How is this possible? These new Eizo Nanao monitors come equipped with motion detectors that can somehow sense a moving form before the screen at maximum length of …

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Kinesis Industries K3

by Mark R


The last time we covered Kinesis, it was at CES. Back then, we were covering the unveiling of the K2, a charger for mobile devices that uses both solar power and wind power. The company has recently unveiled the K3, a “tribrid” charger. It would appear that three is indeed the magic number as a user can charge their mobile devices three ways. The first method is with simple AC …

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