Orange Foot Pump can Charge a Cell Phone

by Mark R

I used to have a rubber raft that required a foot pump to inflate. It took a lot of foot motion to get that raft inflated, and I never really thought about using that energy to power a mobile device. It would appear that the UK cellular company Orange has figured out how to channel the power of a good idea. In fact, this device can “generate enough energy to …

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Hand Winding Solar Camping Lamp with Charger

by Ally


I truly hate lanterns and for one simple reason.  They take about six different D batteries to stay powered.  Who honestly keeps D batteries around?  I don’t think I even own any gadgets anymore that require that particular type of batteries.  Well if you really don’t want to have to stock pile batteries, this small lantern uses other forms of power to make sure that your activities stay well lit.

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Electric vehicle charging posts implements billing system

by Edwin


Electric vehicles will no doubt be more and more commonplace in the future, and you know what this means? More and more gas stations would have to learn to co-exist with these types of vehicles, resulting in each pump offering both electric charging as well as regular fuel. I do think that this isn’t such a good idea after all, since a slight spark in an electrical charging system could …

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iUnika GYY Solar-powered Notebook

by Mark R


Netbooks are good to have around, aren’t they? And solar-power, that would save us a lot of energy if we used it on more of our mobile devices, wouldn’t it? Okay, enough of the rhetorical question lead-ins, what am I getting at? A solar-powered netbook, of course. A European technology company known as iUnika has perfected one, and this product, also known as the GYY, is certainly nice enough to …

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The Dynamic Lamp is spin powered

by Ally


I’ve seen numerous lights that utilize the winding of a handle in order to give the light power.  They work, but they aren’t in the least bit creative, it’s been done time and time again.  This globe shaped light will shine on your work and books all night long, just as long as you keep it charged.  To do that, you just spin the globe round and round just as …

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Water Watch Spray Nozzle tracks water usage

by Ally


Everyone could probably use being a little more mindful of water usage.  Even knowing exactly how much it is you use on different things is helpful.  One big way water can get away with you is when watering the lawn or flowers.  It’s just easy to do when you’re not paying close attention.  Which is where this nozzle comes into play.  Not only would a nozzle make things a little …

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GoCycle electric bicycle

by Edwin


As information becomes easier to disseminate these days, it is no surprise that more and more people are taking up the environmentally friendly route, making choices that will affect our eco-system positively. While there has been some progress, there remains a whole lot more work to be done in the long run. One of the ways to do your part is choosing green forms of transport, and the GoCycle electric …

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The pizza box goes green

by James


According to recent studies, Pizza is a $30 billion dollar industry. That’s a heck of a lot of cardboard boxes in our landfills. But a Pizza box company has come up with a very simple pizza box design which recycles and reuses the box the pizza comes in with a simple tear along the serrated lines. Bet you didn’t think a simple square box could be redesigned, did you?

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