Wind Up Radio 3-in-1

by Edwin

Everyone wants to go green these days as it is an added bonus whenever you try to market your product, and the Wind Up Radio 3-in-1 looks set to be a suitable candidate as it doesn’t require any batteries or wires, but just some muscle power. Targeting those who love to spend time outdoors, this rugged splashproof wind up radio will also come with an integrated torch and emergency siren. …

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Wind Up Walkie Talkies

by Edwin


For folks who want to pick up a pair of walkie talkies for your own use this summer, why not take on an eco-friendly stance with the new Wind Up Walkie Talkies? After all, there really isn’t any reason to fill up our earth with even more batteries, and on the other hand you will get some decent amount of exercise once you’re done juicing up your Walkie Talkies. Powered …

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Sailboat uses kite power to move on land and in water

by James

Sea Quad may be the first "Kite-A-Maran" but it also works with sails on or off the water.

Harnessing the power of the wind to travel is nothing new. America was discovered thanks to it, goods travelled all over the world for eons as a result of it, there’s even a super bowl of sailing in the world’s oldest athletic competition (the America’s Cup) which couldn’t happen as a result of the wind. And cargo ships are even considering using giant kites to travel on the wind as …

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Supermarket Parking Lot makes its own power

by Mark R


At Coolest Gadgets, we love to report on new ways to make energy from methods where energy goes to waste. About a year ago, it was the Revolution Door, a revolving door that is connected to a turbine, harnessing the energy for when people walk through the door. Here is a another gem of an idea when it comes to energy conservation: a power-generating parking lot. It works with a …

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Supermarket to be powered by cars in parking lot

by James


The effort to keep business expenses low while trying to transition to a more green lifestyle has prompted a British super market to look to their parking lot to power their lights and run their cash register. And the idea may catch on for other power needs as well.

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Office in the Woods

by Mark R


I think that most of us can relate with Dilbert, who works in a world with no background except for the occasional cubicle. This comic strip is a definite commentary on how the workplace is an almost unnatural place to work at, a near-hellish oblivion that sucks the life from you. Perhaps this was the reason why Spanish architecture firm Selgascano designed the “office in the woods”. Without overcomplicating its …

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Samsung announces first solar powered GSM Cellphone

by James

Crest Solar, Samsung's first solar powered headset

Samsung is going green with it’s first solar-powered GSM cell phone. Known by the catchy moniker “Crest Solar,” the E1107 (as it is officially known) has a large solar cell on the back of the handset and can provide up to 10 minutes of talk time for every hour it sits in the sun charging up on your basic sunny day. In addition to it’s environmental bonafides, the camera is …

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Sony Ericsson goes green with GreenHeart phones

by Edwin


It is nice to see companies taking more responsibility in keeping the planet clean with each product release without sacrificing on performance, such as LCD monitors and now, cellphones. Sony Ericsson just unveiled a couple of GreenHeart pioneer products that underline the efforts the company is taking when it comes to environmental sustainability, featuring eco-friendly products that won’t compromise on product design and functionality. The two handsets on parade today …

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