Ecoblaster Rechargeable Air Horn just keeps on working

by Ally

This is one of those inventions most of the world really would probably wish it was never created.  To be more specific everyone around the person that owns one of these will really really wish that it would just break.  It can be reused time and time again, you’ll never need a refill for it like you would a normal air horn.  Which means misery for all those around the …

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The Solar LED Flashlight

by Ally


Of all eco-friendly gadgets, a lot of the eco-friendly lights are my absolute least favorite gadget.  Specifically the flashlights that are powered by being wound up.  They always seem to be far too dim to actually see what it is you’re doing.  Hopefully since this one is solar powered as opposed to the type that you wind up, they’ll be a little on the brighter side of things.  Certainly the …

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Fast-Food Giving us Energy?

by Mark R


The fast-food industry gets a lot of flack these days. I feel sorry for them. It’s not easy to take the criticism from those who say that fast food is bad for you. These are the same people who probably eat it. It would appear that two of the fast food corporate giants are finding a way to give back. Recently, McDonalds announced that it would install electric vehicle charging …

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TV TrickleSaver saves money on your electrical bill

by Ally


Making an attempt to be a little more eco-friendly isn’t always the easiest.  Especially if you’re not overly into it, you’re just willing to pop in those energy saving bulbs when you can and shut off appliances and lights when you’re not in the room.  While it’s great that you shut off the TV when it’s not in use, that still leaves the gaming consoles and DVD player up and …

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Oregon Scientific’s Eco Clima Control Weather Station

by Ally


Weather stations are one of those gadgets that are always handy to have around.  You don’t have to watch the news to let you know the forecast for the day, instead you can just glance at this gadget.  With this though it even keeps you posted on the temperature and humidity indoors at various places throughout your home.  Which could come in handy in the winter to help you make …

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Brammo Enertia now available

by Edwin


Want to do your bit for the environment? It isn’t as hard as you might think, even for a city folk as the new Brammo Enertia electric bike is able to help you get around various blocks throughout the week without burdening our ozone layer with even more deadly emissions. This $12,000 electric vehicle is no pushover, as it comes with 18 horsepower to move you around, capable of hitting …

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DIY Eco Speakers allow you to decorate and customize

by Ally


There are some that are willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get the top of the line sound and the quality looks that go along with it.  Which for them is fun, but not everyone needs that kind of a set up.  Instead, it’s entirely possible to go extremely minimal with your speakers.  You can now purchase a kit to create your very own DIY speakers.  What …

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Sanyo unveils eneloop lamp

by Edwin


When rechargeable batteries are mentioned, many of us will definitely think about Sanyo and their range of Eneloops that have garnered pretty high ratings from consumers over the years for its reliability and ability to live up to its own advertising in terms of performance. Well, this time round the Japanese electronics giant is back with a new Eneloop lamp – basically a rechargeable light that can function as both …

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