Lego Wind-Up Dynamo Torch

by Ally

Everyone has had their days where they’d love nothing more than to pick up the toys that they loved so much as a kid and just kill an afternoon.  Which makes me think that this Lego Dynamo Torch will be just as much of a hit among Lego loving adults as it will kids who are currently building various things with Legos.  Even better than it being a Lego themed …

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Halcyon Concept Car: I’ve seen the future, and it’s shaped like this

by Mark R


Picture the first cars that were ever assembled, such as the Model T and what not. They look very different than the cars than the cars of today, right? I suppose that automobile design has a certain (for lack of a better word) evolution to it. So let’s hit the fast forward button to see what the shape of cars will be in the future. I’m not certain what you …

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Ink Cartridges turned into lamps

by Ally


Ink cartridges get tossed in the trash plenty, so one Etsy seller decided to reuse those and turn them into a new form of technology.  These small lamps might not be bright enough to read by, but if you are going to spend the money for novelty lights, you might as well pick up ones that are recycled.  That way it’s a little more eco-friendly.  You won’t have to worry …

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The Suntrica SolarStrap

by Ally


The advantages of having a small solar panel are endless.  I know mine has saved my rear on numerous occasions. However, even though mine is one of the smaller ones out there and it collapses to an even smaller size, it’s still just a little too big.  I don’t like to have a lot of heavy items weighing down my purse and it does exactly that.  Something as small as …

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Boardy the Paper USB flash drive

by Edwin


Just when you thought that you’ve seen your fair share of USB flash drives, along comes a couple of Dutch companies, Hebbuzz BV and Pit Reclame, who are rolling out something unheard of till today – an unique, foldable and recyclable paper USB flash drive known as Boardy. The paper USB flash drive is developed to match the increasing market demand for enviromental friendly products. The production is done in …

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Power Plant Growing Machine

by Edwin


Don’t have green fingers as every single plant that has gone through your hands inexplicably dies off sometime down the road regardless of how much love, care and attention you shower upon it? Things might take a turn for the better with the Power Plant Growing Machine. A result of pioneering NASA technology this mains-powered box of magic lets you grow plants, all season, without soil. A nifty internal microjet …

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SodaStream Soda Maker kits save pop fans on soft drinks

by James

With the SodaStream Soda Kit, soft drink fans can save 75% by making their own Pop.

If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I should probably have stock in Coca Cola since I drink so much of the stuff. I know, I know, worst thing for me. But it’s the one vice I allow myself. Considering a can of Diet Coke can run you over a buck these days, the cost can not only add up, but it’s one of the largest profit margins …

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The Solar Powered Travel Bag

by Ally


While you’re out traveling, especially if it’s in the great outdoors, your gadgets don’t always get the charge they really need.  Which makes having a solar panel around extremely helpful.  Well with this, not only would you have a way to charge your gadgets, but something to store them in as well.  Be it while you’re out camping or just going from work to home, this would make things a …

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