Recession Case from Case-Mate

by Ally

This case is definitely for those of you out there that like to keep things nice and minimal while still giving your iPhone at least a little protection.  It also would work great for those of you that spent every last cent you owned on your precious new iPhone and seem to be running short on funds.  No matter what the reason, now you can own an extremely affordable iPhone …

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Solar Power from Human Hair?

by Mark R


One of the problems with getting energy in developing countries is where to get it from. Some have resorted to silicon solar panels, but Milan Karki has found a simpler form of solar power that uses human hair instead of silicon. That’s right, I said human hair. Renewable energy is possible with something that everyone but Lex Luthor has. The secret is in Melanin, the pigment in hair that makes …

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Solar Powered Bamboo Dollhouse

by Edwin


While houses are getting greener, here’s the Solar Powered Bamboo Dollhouse that takes eco-friendly to a smaller level, especially when you have many daughters under your roof. Forget about the traditional dollhouse that is made out of wood or plastic – this one uses sustainable bamboo and even boasts solar-powered LEDs that can be used to illuminate its fully furnished interior for added effect. An adjustable solar panel housed in …

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Surge Solar Case for the iPod Touch

by Ally


There is never a shortage of various portable ways to charge the iPhone, mostly due to people being very unhappy with the battery life.  However, for those of us using an iPod Touch, it seems like there are far less options.  Which is bad for those like me that are notorious for forgetting to charge their iPod while they’re at home.  This Surge case will help out those that are …

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The USB Sun Drive Solar Charger

by Ally


Solar chargers are thankfully getting smaller and smaller, which is good for those of you that prefer to use renewable energy every chance you get.  It’s also great for those that just would like to have a small solar charger in case of an emergency.  This one is plenty small enough that it could even easily fit into your pocket.  It’s ideal for all of your smaller gadgets to give …

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The Renewable Energy Experiment Kit

by Ally


Renewable energy is something that has become an important part of technology, which makes it important to teach the younger generations about it.  This isn’t one of those kits that only teaches about solar energy, instead it helps children to compare more than one type of of renewable energy.  Allowing for them to see for themselves how well each one works.  This experiment kit would be great for any kid …

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Smart Solar Roto Basket Hook spins your plants

by Ally


My gardening talents have always been somewhat limited, it seems that every year I kill a few less plants, but I’m still definitely not skilled.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that envies the perfectly symmetrical plants that hang at the homes of people that aren’t so bad at gardening.  Well now instead of attempting to remember to rotate your plant, you can have a gizmo to do it …

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Naturmobil Car requires horsepower….literally

by Ally


I can’t decide if this horse powered car is moving forward with the times or taking them back to a time before cars.  Yes, you’re in a car and it has wheels, but it’s powered by a literal horse.   Which is not much better than planting yourself in a horsedrawn carriage.  Admittedly this is actually faster than a buggy would be though.  A buggy goes about 5-10 mph, whereas this …

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