Guiding Light Mailbox is solar powered

by Ally

This is one of those gadgets that might be useful, but your neighbors are going to hate you for it.  It’s always a pain when you’re trying to find a house and everyone has numbers posted that can barely be seen.  Well with this mailbox you’ll make sure that anyone that can find your house.  It has a bright light behind the numbers, the light will allow for people to …

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World War II Bags with built-in solar panels and iPod controls

by Ally


Vintage is always something that in some shape or form it manages to be in style.  It’s not always the same type vintage things or the same era, but vintage influence is always there.  Well for those that enjoy vintage bags, these durable bags will appeal to your gadget loving side.  These are fully authentic German World War II bags.  They’ve survived this long, so I imagine they can handle …

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Perpetually Rotating Solar Globe

by Edwin


There is nothing quite like a globe to teach your little one some geography as he/she grows up, and here’s a globe that might just be your cup of tea. After all, it is no ordinary globe, being solar powered to keep it perpetually rotating, hence the name Perpetually Rotating Solar Globe. Developed by a team of physicists, this is the globe that harnesses light and the earth’s magnetic pull …

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The eco-friendly 5.11 Tactical Flashlight

by Ally


This is the flashlight to have around if you’re heavily paranoid about running out of juice and being left in the dark.  It does things a bit different than your average flashlight, it doesn’t even contain batteries.  It’ll make sure that you always have a bright light to see your way and does it in an eco-friendly manner.  Sadly there is one serious downfall with this flashlight, it comes at …

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Battery Wizard magically recharges disposables

by James

The Battery Wizard promises it can recharge even disposable batteries.

Although initially more expensive, the advantage of rechargeable batteries has always been that they cut down on buying more batteries and they cut down on depleted batteries clogging our landfills. And as anyone who has tried it can testify, trying to recharge a disposable battery usually ends up in a chemical spewing explosion. But the Battery Wizard claims it has overcome all those obstacles.

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Vers hand-crafted wood cases for iPod and iPhone

by Edwin


Vers has just rolled out eco-friendly hand-crafted wood cases for the iPod and iPhone, where it will merge the natural beauty and strength of Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo into a single product, making them the most environmentally thoughtful cases that are on the market at the moment. The use of wood gives each case its own natural character, and bamboo offers superb toughness compared to any plastic. After all, bamboo …

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Recession Case from Case-Mate

by Ally


This case is definitely for those of you out there that like to keep things nice and minimal while still giving your iPhone at least a little protection.  It also would work great for those of you that spent every last cent you owned on your precious new iPhone and seem to be running short on funds.  No matter what the reason, now you can own an extremely affordable iPhone …

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Solar Power from Human Hair?

by Mark R


One of the problems with getting energy in developing countries is where to get it from. Some have resorted to silicon solar panels, but Milan Karki has found a simpler form of solar power that uses human hair instead of silicon. That’s right, I said human hair. Renewable energy is possible with something that everyone but Lex Luthor has. The secret is in Melanin, the pigment in hair that makes …

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